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When it comes to fitness & health trackers, it seems these days that we can track almost everything. Our sleep. Our cycles. Our workouts. So in a land of all of the options, what makes the Oura Ring different? And is it worth the hype?

After almost 3 years of testing, 2 plus with the gen 2 ring and more recently with the gen 3, I’ve seen it all. The things that make owning and using an Oura Ring worth it as well as the features that were lacking in the previous version. Today’s Oura Ring review is about giving you all the information so you can make the most informed decision in the pursuit of your own health and wellness goals.

And while the reasons to buy may be more obvious: tracking your sleep, getting feedback on your recovery, and using it with Natural Cycles as a non-hormonal birth control option. We’ll also discuss where the data lacks, what you need to get the most out of your ring and the subtle things your Oura Ring will teach you about your habits.

woman holding coffee and sharing oura ring review (oura ring gen 3 in heritage gold)

Oura Ring Review

What exactly does the Oura Ring do?

The Oura Ring is a sleep, recovery, activity, and overall wellness tracker. The science-backed algorithm uses your collected data to analyze your sleep – how well you slept, how long in each cycle, your HRV, and blood oxygen sensing to detect breathing issues. Readiness – how well you’re recovering, advice for resting and restorative time. Activity – based on your goals and daily levels of activity, Oura ring gives workout insights, provides 24/7 heart rate tracking, counts your steps as well as recovery time.

Is The Oura Ring Worth It Without The Subscription?

There are a lot of basic things you can track without a subscription. Things like sleep, heart rate and basic recovery. However, the insights and access gained with the monthly fee have been well worth it for me. It means I can use the ring with Natural Cycles (a major selling point for me & my audience). It gives me a detailed understanding of my heart rate, daily body temperature in alignment with my cycle as well as helping me to prioritize restorative time. 


Currently, it’s $5.99.

What is the lifespan of the Oura ring?

I’ve used my generation 2 ring for 2.5 years with no issues. The battery life was still strong although a bit shorter than the gen 3. But I’ve had zero issues even with the gen 3 launching only 2 months after I purchased the gen 2. I haven’t done any deep swimming but every day shower and water usage have been fine for me. Overall, the ring is really durable. After 2 + years of wear, there wasn’t an insane amount of scratches. No discoloration or peeling. No signs of breaking down.

Oura Ring Review

What finger is best for the Oura ring?

I personally find that my middle and pointer finger work best for the Oura ring. If I have to, I’ll swap to my ring finger but only if my hands are puffy. The ring itself is a bit thicker than your traditional ring. So I find it feels a bit too much on the slimmer finger. But it’s also too wide to wear with a another ring directly next to it.

Are oura ring sizes standard?

The Oura ring sizes are standard if you aren’t accounting for the additional space needed for the sensors in side the ring. With my original ring, I went up a size. I highly suggest getting the sizing kit so you can test the options.

With my newest ring, I went up another size again so that I would have the option to wear it on more than one finger. After a few years of wear, it felt very limiting to only be able to wear one ring on my hand because the Oura ring took priority. This time I sized it for my pointer finger and swap it around daily along with my other jewelry.

Is oura ring FSA eligible?

Yes, it is HRA,HSA & FSA eligible.

How much does the oura ring cost?

Oura Ring prices start at $299 for the heritage and $349 for the Horizon. However, they do offer Affirm as well as have recently partnered with Best Buy where I’ve frequently seen $50 off deals and other payment plans.

app results for oura ring review (oura ring gen 3 in heritage gold)
app result of oura ring review (oura ring gen 3 in heritage gold)

Which ring is best?

I personally prefer the horizon style over the heritage. It tends to blend a bit more with everyday looks. My original ring was a black heritage. And while it was nice, it clashed with many outfits and limited my accessory options. 

The horizon (featured today) has quickly won me over. While I love the gold, I do think the rose gold would be equally as lovely. But whichever option is going to work with your preferred metal selection is probably best.

How does oura ring work with natural cycles?

Oura ring is consistently collection data but in order for it to be used, you have to sync your ring. Making this a part of your morning routine is essential. Once you get your gen 3 ring, you can set up an account with Natural Cycles. Without the ring, NC will only allow you to set up a paid subscription – no trial.

Natural cycles uses a specific algorithm to read the Oura ring data allowing you to exclude any days where you’re sick or hungover. It will also exclude any large outliers from the larger data if it anticipates there’s another reason your temp might be off. I recently took a muscle relaxer and it altered things enough that NC opted out of the data the next morning.

But on a very basic level, you’ll need an Oura Ring membership and Natural Cycles subscription. You sync your data each morning, provide any notes as needed and it helps track your cycle (or fertility or pregnancy). You choose. It’s incredibly easy to use and one of my absolute favorite things about the Oura Ring. And based on conversations with many friends, it’s also incredibly reliable. 

How do I use the Oura ring?

Open the Oura ring app every morning to sync your data. You can allow data to be read across multiple apps such as apple health and strava (my preferred running app). But there’s also the option to utilize meditations, making notes about your overall wellness, recording a HR workout, etc within the app.

Personally, I find the sleep data and period tracking the most helpful. I’ve learned so much about little tweaks when it comes to my habits and my sleep quality from what I see each morning. The impact that mouth tape has on my sleep quality, how my temperature fluctuates throughout my cycle as well as the impact of alcohol or eating late on my overall sleep.

woman sharing oura ring review (oura ring gen 3 in heritage gold)
natural cycles + oura ring app results

How often do I charge it? 

I tend to charge my ring every 5 days but you could go longer. If you travel a lot, it’s worth snagging an extra charger from the Oura ring website. Because I prioritize collecting data overnight, when I need to recharge it I’ll do it while getting ready in the morning and it’s ready to go with 90 minutes. 

Can you use more than one oura ring at a time?

No, you can’t. If you’re a fellow fashion girl like me, this was slightly disappointing to learn recently. In order to add a new ring, you have to replace the old one in the app. So definitely make sure you get one you’ll want to wear often.

Do You Really Need A Membership?

If you want the most from your ring, yes. The way my data is used now having both Natural Cycles and Oura Ring together is worlds different than before. Without the knowledge of my cycle, the predictions felt generic whenever my temperature deviated rather than recognizing they were a part of a bigger piece of the puzzle.

Now both the ring and I understand what’s happening with my body so I can make more informed decisions. I can see how my body is recovering but also where I’m at in my cycle and if it’s on track for me. Ex. when my cycle has been short, it’s reflected in the way my temperature regulates throughout the month. I can see ahead that things are a bit off. But none of that is possible without the extended information from the membership.

Have you made the Oura Ring jump yet? If you enjoyed this Oura Ring Review, let me know in the comments below. And if you have any additional questions, be sure to drop them there as well. If you’re into style and living your best life, be sure to join the newsletter so you never miss a post. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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