How to Avoid Energetic Whiplash and Stay in Alignment

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Let me tell you a little story that might sound familiar. It’s a casual Monday (or Tuesday or whichever fits your fancy) and you’re deep into your manifesting journey. You’ve been trying this for a bit now. Learning as you and tweaking along the way. You start the morning journaling, getting into alignment and feeling really connect with your goal. But a few hours in, you suddenly feel side swiped. You’ve been jolted a bit and need a bit extra to get back in alignment.

Except this day isn’t just one day. It’s every day. And it happens again and again. Until you realize, you’re doing all this work to get in alignment. But you’re also making it SO MUCHER HARDER to stay there and you don’t even realize it. Enter: energetic whiplash. 


cover for how to stop giving yourself energetic whiplash


In today’s episode, we’re diving into yet another way we make it harder on ourselves to reach our goals. The unintentional ways we knock ourselves out of alignment and the conscious choices we can make to be kinder to ourselves in the process. Sometimes we think know the things until we really know the things. So even it if it seems obvious, we aren’t ready to observe and make the changes.

Energetic whiplash for me has been the realization of how often I’m consuming content or actively choosing to interact in a space that is going to add more doubt rather than reinforce the energy I’m trying to establish. It’s also been a great reminder for me of just how much emotional whiplash can come from a 5 minute scroll on tiktok. Which I love but it’s something to be mindful of as you’re retraining your brain for newer, higher & better beliefs.

As always, I’m so excited to be sharing the pieces that are helping me expand and grow in my journey of manifesting more money, creating abundance and living my happiest life. Ps. If you want more good vibes in your week, be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter

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