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Products I Won’t Be Repurchasing

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If you ever end up at my current house and use my bathroom, you’ll notice 2 things. Firstly, we really need to remodel. And secondly, there are always two reusable bags floating around. In one of those bag, you’ll find product empties. Doesn’t matter who finishes the product, if it gets used up, it goes in the bag for me to share our final thoughts with you gals. This bag gets shared and cleansed pretty often because two females using one bathroom means we go through a lot of products. 

However, the other bag is the one I don’t share as much. It tends to build up over time and results in a massive post of disappointing products. So before I break down the list of products I won’t be repurchasing, let’s give a bit of a disclaimer. Though I don’t love these products doesn’t mean I don’t love others from these brands. You’ll know if you follow me on instagram or youtube, I love quite a few products from the brands I’m mentioning. But these products specifically didn’t work for me. And hopefully I can tell you exactly why so that you can save your cash for other amazing products. Let’s chat about the products I won’t be repurchasing. 

Products I Won't Repurchase #whatsavvysaid #cleanbeauty #burtsbees #sundayriley #tula #beautycounter

Burts bees sheet masks*

If you’ve been here for long, you’ll know that I’m a massive fan of the Pacifica Sheet Masks*. Affordable, amazing ingredients and they are super hydrating! So when I saw that Burts Bee’s added sheet masks to their product line, I was intrigued. And into the cart they went.

I tried to love these. But I think sometimes you just can’t make a product work for you. Maybe they hydrate and do more than I give them credit for. Personally I couldn’t get past the rough texture of the sheet mask. The sheet felt like a sheet of paper rather than a soft cloth. It didn’t sit comfortably on my skin and it definitely didn’t feel like it did anything for me. All in all, I appreciate the price point but the product didn’t preform. I haven’t and wont be repurchasing this one. 

Kristin ess extra gentle shampoo*

I have tried so many Kristin Ess products over the last year. My shelves are packed with her stuff. But this shampoo just didn’t seem to be a winner for me. It didn’t lather like I wanted it to and my hair didn’t feel as clean. I really love her One Signature shampoo*. But I just couldn’t get behind the extra gentle version. I think I still have a bottle I’ll mix with other stuff to use up. Nevertheless, I don’t see myself buying this one again.

Kérastase resistance shampoo*

I went through a bit of a freak out a few months ago when I realized just how damaged my hair had gotten. Looking back through pictures for 2018, I noticed a serious change in the quality of my hair. One of the biggest reasons for the change was that I stopped using my Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle* in lieu of trying other stuff. But I had a moment where I decided to make massive changes in my routine to try to repair my hair again. 

To be honest, I’m not sure if there’s anything 100% wrong with this shampoo. However I’ve recently noticed my neck having a bit of a rash after using it. When I bought it at the time, I didn’t realize it wasn’t sulfate free. I also don’t feel like it made any major changes to healing my hair. So for me it’s going to be a pass on round 2.

Products I Won't Repurchase #whatsavvysaid #cleanbeauty #burtsbees #sundayriley #tula #beautycounter
Products I Won't Repurchase #whatsavvysaid #cleanbeauty #burtsbees #sundayriley #tula #beautycounter

TULA Gylcolic Gel*

So many people love Tula’s products. I get it. They market as a gentle brand and seem very approachable for everyone. But for me this toner didn’t really perform. It wasn’t enough to exfoliate and it didn’t really hydrate my skin. In my routine, I just couldn’t find a place it really worked.  


Remember the time I said I’d tried a million products for my acne prone skin? Well here is another one that I won’t be repurchasing. I bought this after hearing Samantha Ravadhal mention it in a video. I’ve found certain products do help with my hormonal acne. This just didn’t happen to be one of them. It’s a nice oil but if you’re looking for something to help your acne, this might not be it.


I really really really wanted to love this product. It’s still floating around in my bathroom for the occasional attempted use. But it’s easily at the top of the products I won’t be repurchasing list. To be quite honest, it just doesn’t perform. I need something that can truly remove whatever eye makeup I’m wearing and this one doesn’t seem to do it. There are tons of other Beautycounter products I love, however, I won’t be recommending this to a friend.


I ended up snagging this serum when I’d actually really wanted to try a different one. The consistency of it is unlike any other serum I’ve tried. It’s much thicker and almost looks like sludge. Plus you don’t really use it all over your face. I’ve heard great things about so many Kypris products. So I definitely want to try others from the line the future. Unfortunately, I didn’t find that this one made any difference in my skin. I’d rather splurge on a different higher end serum instead. 

Products I Won't Repurchase #whatsavvysaid #cleanbeauty #burtsbees #sundayriley #tula #beautycounter
Products I Won't Repurchase #whatsavvysaid #cleanbeauty #burtsbees #sundayriley #tula #beautycounter


If you’ve read my Tula Cleanser vs Beautycounter’s Countercontrol Cleanser, you already know why this is on the products I won’t be repurchasing list. Although it’s affordable and incredibly popular amongst influencers, it didn’t work for me. I found it to irritate my neck and just wasn’t helping my skin in the way I’d hoped it would. No love lost just another product that isn’t my fit. 


I snagged this in the Lydia Elise Millen x Cult Beauty box last year. There wasn’t anything particular I was hoping to get from this cleanser. So my expectations weren’t all that high. However, after I snagged a sample of the Tata Harper Clarifying Cleanser, I quickly realized this product had been drying out my skin. I still use it occasionally to take off makeup at night. But for me it doesn’t seem to suit my skin. 


There are so many products that I can credit influence as the reason I bought them. This is one of them. After hearing one of my favorite bloggers rave about it, I decided to give it a go. I didn’t find it irritated my skin. But I also didn’t find it life changing. And somewhere in the time I was testing this out I made the massive shift to a full clean beauty routine. Again, no love lost. I just personally didn’t find this product life changing enough to repurchase it. 


What about you? What’s on your list of products that you won’t be repurchasing? Leave me a comment below and let me know! Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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