The Clean Beauty Starter Kit & My Go To Products #whatsavvysaid #cleanbeauty #beautykit #cleanbeautykit #nontoxicbeauty

The Clean Beauty Starter Kit & My Go To Products

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After almost a year into my clean beauty journey, I’ve tested quite a few products. There are many I’ve loved and even more that haven’t met my standards. Chances are if you’ve been around the blog, you’ve heard about most of them. But I’ve developed a solid routine that I come back to time and time again. So if you’re looking to take the leap into clean beauty, I hope my clean beauty starter kit will give you a place to start. 

Please note I tend to have more than one product in each category because I like to use specific products to target certain skin issues. Feel free to pick the ones best suited for you. However I wanted to share them both so you’d know the best options. I’m still in the process of testing products that are under $30 so there will be an affordable version of this in the future. But for today these are my go to products and everything you’d find in my own makeup bag* daily.

The Clean Beauty Starter Kit & My Go To Products #whatsavvysaid #cleanbeauty #beautykit #cleanbeautykit #nontoxicbeauty


I have two primers that I love equally. Coola’s Dawn Patrol primer* is my pick for days where my makeup is going to be put to the test. It has a more silicone feel to it while still being clean. This one also has SPF in it so it’s a good extra layer of protection. Honest Beauty’s Everything Glow Primer* is the other staple in my clean beauty starter kit. I reach for this more on days where I don’t want the white flashback in pictures or for my heavier makeup nights. Plus it adds a bit of moisture to the skin. It definitely gives a bit of glow and maintains my makeup all day long. 


My foundation drawer is packed with products I like to mix and match. But I always come back to my same foundation time and time again: Crunchi’s Beautifully Flawless Foundation. It’s full coverage, smells amazing and is filled with amazing ingredients. If I’m only taking one foundation on a trip with me, it’s this one. The shade range isn’t ideal. So if you’re going to grab it, I’d suggest getting the sample pack to color match. I’d also recommend snagging the Crunchi foundation brush. It’s my favorite way to apply this by far.

I’d say this one is medium to full coverage. It also sits somewhere between being matte and dewy. I like to set my makeup in thin layers so I found a small bit of powder cancels out any overly dewy spots you might not want. Nevertheless I haven’t been this obsessed with a foundation in ages. It’s been key in helping me get my hormonal acne in check and is easily one of my favorite discoveries of the last year.


Amazingly enough, there are a lot of good clean beauty concealers on the market. But there are two I use consistently and for different reasons. RMS Beauty’s Un-Cover Up Concealer* is perfect if you like lighter or dewy coverage. I don’t like to have a ton of product packed around my eyes. This concealer gives me brightness, a decent amount of coverage and works well with my setting powder as a primer. Plus it doesn’t cake or make my under eye area look dry. I also find it works well on no makeup days.

The other concealer I use in my bag is Fitglow’s Conceal*. This is hands down the best covering concealer I’ve tried. If I’m doing a more intense eye look, I’ll swap out my RMS for this one. But in my everyday I’ll use it to conceal spots or acne scars. On mornings I’m not feeling fab about my skin, I’ll dab a little bit on and spread this with my Crunchi foundation brush before the gym. A little goes a LONG way, so it’s easy to over do it with this one. However, it blends amazingly and makes my skin look naturally flawless. Worth every penny.

Setting Powder

I’ll admit I was super hesitant to invest in this product originally but I’m now obsessed. Kjaer Weis products are by no means the most affordable. However, they do cost less for the refill than the initial buy in. My go to setting powder in my clean beauty starter kit is Kjaer Weis’ pressed powder. Finely milled and translucent, it’s perfect for setting my concealer or for lightly setting my cream contour before I apply powder. There are tons of products I look to test other versions of in my routine. But this one is a staple that won’t be budging for a long time. A little goes a long way so despite the upfront investment, you’ll get months of use from this brilliant setting powder. 


If I could only pick one contour product for my bag, I probably could do it. I just happen to like my options so I’m going to share two. For my cream contour loving gals, I use Vapour Organic Beauty’s foundation stick* in the shade 135. It’s darker than my skin tone and works great at giving me that extra defined cheek look. However, if you’re a powder loving gal, I’ve also got an option for you. Lily Lolo’s Contour Duo* is one of my favorites in my collection. On the days I want extra definition, I’ll layer the two products. But you can easily achieve a solid contour with either choice.


Now that I’ve finally gotten my base makeup routine down, I really fallen in love with one bronzer. And surprisingly it’s been my go to for a better part of the last year. My Lilah B. Bronzer* is easily the most used and loved in my clean makeup starter kit. It’s a half & half duo with a cooler toned side and a more orangey side. I swirl my brush into both for my daily use. It also makes for a great eyeshadow if you’re opting for a minimal look. This bronzer is perfect for adding warmth to any look year round. It’s the best!

The Clean Beauty Starter Kit & My Go To Products #whatsavvysaid #cleanbeauty #beautykit #cleanbeautykit #nontoxicbeauty
The Clean Beauty Starter Kit & My Go To Products #whatsavvysaid #cleanbeauty #beautykit #cleanbeautykit #nontoxicbeauty


There are quite a few highlighters floating around in my collection simply as plus ones to other products. But by far my favorite one was chosen as an individual product. I love Pixi by Petra’s Glowy Duo*. Again you can go with one color or both depending on what you prefer. I like to mix the two for my daily highlight. It definitely gives you that dewy glow and lasts for quite a while. A solid budget buy in my clean makeup starter kit.


I’ve never been much of a blush gal. Did I use them? Yes. But do I find myself wanting to buy them all? Eh not really. However I did finally find one blush that rivals any others I’ve stumbled across. Every time I try to wear a different one in my collection I wish I had opted for this instead. Antonym’s Certified Organic Baked Blush in Rose* gives your cheeks the perfect pinky hue. It blends out well and also looks great in the crease of your eyeshadow.


Late last year, I made the swap over to a brow pomade. After one too many Brow Wiz pencils broke on me, I’d had enough. So I decided I would invest in a new product which lead to another product and another product. And here we are now. I’ve tried a few and I definitely think that brow products are very specific to how you like to do your brows. Using a pomade took me a while to master but nowadays I enjoy it. Plume’s Brow Pomade* is my go to for every day use. Again it’s an investment product but a little goes a long way so it lasts for ages. It does a nice job at adding shape and fills in my sparse spots well. 


If you read last week’s post on Aether Beauty, then this one won’t come as a surprise to you. But to come my bases, I think it’s best to include two products here so you can decide what works for you. The Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Eyeshadow palette* is a favorite of mine. I love the mixes of shimmers and mattes. Plus the added pink hues are right up my street. However, if you’re more of a traditional brown eyeshadow gal, I think Beautycounter’s Velvet Eyeshadow Palette in Classic* will be for you. There aren’t as many light tones in it but it’s perfect for everyday use. 

The Clean Beauty Starter Kit & My Go To Products #whatsavvysaid #cleanbeauty #beautykit #cleanbeautykit #nontoxicbeauty
The Clean Beauty Starter Kit & My Go To Products #whatsavvysaid #cleanbeauty #beautykit #cleanbeautykit #nontoxicbeauty
The Clean Beauty Starter Kit & My Go To Products #whatsavvysaid #cleanbeauty #beautykit #cleanbeautykit #nontoxicbeauty


Truth be told, I haven’t fold an eyeliner I’m obsessed with yet. But for the days that I need one, I’ll use the Zuzu Luxe Liquid Eyeliner*. It’s not the richest of black colors as far as liner goes. So I like to add a black shadow on top to deepen the color. It’s been the best option I’ve found thus far in my hunt for a solid liner choice. 


My mascara goals are very lofty. I want thick, full and long lashes. This means I tend to reach for more than one mascara any given day. And while I’m still on my hunt for the perfect mascara in life, there are two in my clean beauty starter kit that stand out: Fitglow’s* & Lily Lolo’s mascaras*. The wands are nice and the mascaras wear well. I don’t find crazy smudging happening or end up with mascara all over my lid. Paired together they help my lashes look full and dark which is what every blonde haired gal wants her lashes to be right?


I could and will probably do a full blog post on this because everyone has different preferences here. But for the sake of simplicity, I’ve chosen a nude and a red lip option. For a nude lip, I like Zuzu Luxe’s Lipliner in Fresh* paired with Kosas’s lipstick in Rosewater*. It’s a beautiful wash of color and adds a nice hue of pink. And my red choice will be no surprise to anyone: Beautycounter’s Intense Red Lipstick* paired with Gabriel’s Red Lipliner*. It’s my go to choice for a red that works with tons of skin tones.  


I’ve been using Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray for years and I found it hard to let go. Luckily I’ve found a budget buy I truly enjoy and recommend to friends. Pacifica’s Pineapple Matte Mist* is the perfect topper to finish off makeup. It sets everything in place without overdoing anything on the skin. And it’s another affordable clean beauty starter kit find which I love!

What about you? What’s in your clean makeup starter kit? Do you have any products you’d love and recommend? I’d love to know! Be sure to comment below so we can all try them out. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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