Seaside Farmers Market: What You Need To Know

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With the weather warming up, I’m more excited than ever to find things to do outside. And one of my favorite weekend activities is going to the farmers market. I love finding new ones whenever we travel but by far one of my favorites is on 30A. So if you’re looking to check out the Seaside farmers market this spring or summer, I’ve put together a mini guide for you. Everything you need to know from parking to what you will and won’t find is in today’s post. Happy shopping babes!

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When & Where

The Seaside farmers market happens every Saturday from 8am-12pm central time in the middle of the Seaside square.

What To Expect

Lots of people! Seaside is known for being a very walkable, tourist location. Expect to find tons of families, small children and people on bikes making their way around the market. Previously, the Seaside Farmers Market took place in a smaller section but with the growth it now takes over at least half of the square. Tents are set up on both sides of the walking path around the amphitheater. And with the amount of people there, it can feel very crowded. 

Seaside Farmers Market- What You Need To Know #whatsavvysaid #30a #seasideflorida #farmersmarket #sunnysaturday #visitflorida #farmersmarketfinds
Seaside Farmers Market- What You Need To Know #whatsavvysaid #30a #seasideflorida #farmersmarket #sunnysaturday #visitflorida #farmersmarketfinds


The parking in Seaside is rarely ideal once tourist season hits. However, you can find options if you know where to look. Finding parking within the square is challenging but you can often score things behind or nearby. My best advice, if you see something once you’re within the Seaside limits, grab it. Otherwise you’ll spend a large chunk of time playing in the traffic and looking for a place to park. 

If you do end up by the square, there’s parking in the outer circles and next to the school area. You can’t access those from the center area so your best best to either turn in before or directly after the central Seaside area. The other parking options available are towards the back.


Overall, there’s a good balance of products available at the Seaside Farmers Market. You can find everything from local honey and eggs to vendors selling pre-made dips and fresh falafels. If you’re looking for a few staple items to keep in the fridge during your vacation stay, this is a great time to grab them. During our last visit, I spotted several bakeries, local kombucha and even keto/paleo donuts. So you’re sure to find something of use no matter what your dietary preferences. 

Seaside Farmers Market- What You Need To Know #whatsavvysaid #30a #seasideflorida #farmersmarket #sunnysaturday #visitflorida #farmersmarketfinds
Seaside Farmers Market- What You Need To Know #whatsavvysaid #30a #seasideflorida #farmersmarket #sunnysaturday #visitflorida #bonebroth
Seaside Farmers Market- What You Need To Know #whatsavvysaid #30a #seasideflorida #farmersmarket #sunnysaturday #visitflorida #crabcakes
Seaside Farmers Market- What You Need To Know #whatsavvysaid #30a #seasideflorida #farmersmarket #sunnysaturday #visitflorida #farmersmarketfinds


Surprisingly, there aren’t as many fresh produce vendors as I would expect for a farmers market. I think there were 2 at most when went again recently. And although it’s also heavily food based, a good majority of it is meant for those staying temporarily. The other thing of note is while a lot of other farmers markets I’ve been to feature local shops selling jewelry, soaps or other products, those are rare for the Seaside Farmers Market. You’d be best to shop within the businesses surrounding the market if you’re on the hunt for those local treasures. 


As much as I love a good farmers market, I’m more than aware that they are trendy. And trendy occasionally means paying more than is really necessary. I don’t think that’s the case with the Seaside Farmers Market. I’ve discovered more than one local food place through going to the market. It’s also great for the last minute dinner or side items. 

My one strong piece of advice would be to go early. The market opens at 8am and the sooner you can get in the better. Because Seaside is such a walkable area and all the best breakfast places are in the square, it gets packed quickly. If you truly want to enjoy the market without feeling like you’re surrounded by tons of people, try to get in before 9am. You’ll get the best pick for food and avoid the crowds. It’s a win win!


Have you been to the Seaside Farmers Market? What’s your favorite part? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below! Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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