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In the first days of my white blonde, things were always luscious. My color was fabulous and shiny. It was everything I dreamed it would be. But as time went on, my white hair changed and I had no idea HOW to make it work. I’d gone from years of basic highlights to something now one really told me how to maintain. Eventually, I had hair that was either damaged beyond belief or it looked like I rubbed up against a rusty pipe. Not cute.

So today, because sharing is caring here at WSS, I’m giving you ALL my hair tips. Everything from how to adjust your color to keep your hair healthy but still blonde, WTF you actually should use on it between sessions, why the color you use matters and literally everything else I can think of. We are talking ULTIMATE GUIDE territory friends. Pour it out and grab those blue light glasses. We’ve got a lot to cover.

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How To Know When Your Blonde Is Damaged

Let’s take it from the top because after a little chat with my lovely stylist Alaina during my session the other day, I was shocked to realize that people don’t know they have damaged hair. I mean I kind of thought it was obvious but then again I didn’t know mine was damaged for a while. And if you always have it up or use a shit ton of heat, you might miss it.

Here are a few signs your hair is damaged:

It legit won’t grow. Like you could swear your hair has been this length FOREVER.

Your ends look like string/straw. 

You find that you have random uneven layers.

Your hair always feels dry.

Your hair isn’t as thick as it once ways.

The top of your hair is significantly thicker than the bottom.

Now, let’s also note that hair health also falls in sync with your physical and mental health. Things like hormones, birth control and all kinds of other stuff influence your luscious locks. So if you think that your hair is suffering from more than just a love of hot tools & bleach, I’d suggest getting your hormones tested. I used an at home lab test to get mine done. Using it helped me balance my hormones naturally and ultimately get my hair back to healthy status. But a break from the heat and the bleach also does some good too.


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Coloring Process

Last year, after doing the long scroll through my photos to come up with a few birthday picks for a friend, I noticed just how brittle and damaged my hair had become. It was not cute. I’d gone from beautiful curls and happy hair to the stuff that just looked awful. I’d been testing and trying new heat protectants and leave in conditioners. And while I hadn’t really noticed in the day to day, the damage was SEVERE. Between my hormones balancing out, my hair growing back in and everything else, I had to make a change. 

Now, if you’ve gone blonde before, been blonde or are looking to maintain your blonde locks without as much damage, there are a few options. I could lessen the amount of blonde in my hair by opting for partial highlights. This would make my hair darker but it would also lessen the amount of foils and overlapping layers of color happening allowing my hair time to heal. I could also add in a shadow root, essentially this gives you back a smidge of root after your color. If you like your blonde but need to lessen HOW often you’re getting your color done, this is a great option. It also gives you even more time to let your hair strengthen between colorings. 

The third option, the one I went with, was to switch to a more fully bleached look. I was still able to main my full blonde look. However, my color updates were slightly less intense. My roots were bleached and my hair color was toned. So now instead of constantly battling the brittle hair issue, I was able to keep my bright blonde (thanks to my at home routine) while also giving my hair a chance to heal. Win win!

Personally, I’d recommend discussing this with your stylist. He/she may suggest something different according to how you like to style you hair. Alaina recently mentioned she suggested a partial highlight with one or two foils underneath to allow her clients hair to breathe in at least once section. Depending on where you go, your stylist might have other options. Nevertheless, you’ll have to make some kind of change if you want to get your healthy hair back. Or you can embrace your inner J.Law post Katniss hair and rock the super short look.

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At Home Care

It’s hard to believe there was a time that I didn’t know about purple shampoo. I’d go from a gorgeous white in the salon to yellow in less than two weeks. Eventually, with a bit of help from Alaina and a lot of google/trail & error, I was able to figure out the at home care for my ultimate blonde haircare guide. Aka everything that actually made a difference in keeping my color/preventing & fixing damage.

Silk Pillowcase

I originally went down the rabbit hole of silk pillowcases when I was looking at anything that might help my hormonal acne. Truthfully, I don’t think it did much there. But the promise of tugging less on my face (hello, we are start the wrinkle fighting young) and helping with hair damage sold me. I have a few ranging across the price scale (kristin ess, amazon, slip). And I haven’t noticed a difference between the difference cases. However, I can tell that I have less frizz and my hair feels much better!

Silk Scrunchies

Truthfully, with my hair growing back after birth control, it can be hard to tell if it’s new growth or simply breakage going on. But inevitably, a girl’s gotta workout to stay sane which means I need a scrunchie every now and again. Unfortunately, hair ties can lead to just as much breakage if you aren’t careful. The little bits of hair around your face. The section in the back of your head where you rock your best Ariana Grande high pony. The damage is real. 

However, I’ve found that with the slip scrunchies there’s not as much damage. Yes, you can tighten them like crazy which will cause damage. But the everyday wear & tear on your hair is a minimized. They have quickly become my favorite!

Shower Filter
One of the things I’ve come to appreciate when I travel is my shower filter. It’s easily one of the top things that keeps my white blonde white. If you find no matter what you do you’re struggling to maintain your blonde, I’d highly consider checking what’s in your water. Plus, most shower filters are very easy to install and make a major difference!
Clarifying Shampoo
I confess, I use a lot of dry shampoo. Washing my hair only twice a week means I need a little help on the days between. But sometimes that dry shampoo builds up and it’s not cute. Clarifying shampoo is a great way for me to cleanse my hair of any product build up so I can make sure my purple shampoo does a proper job. My current fave clean option comes from Acure.
Scalp Scrub

I do this with my fingers but you can also buy a tool/proper scrub. All of the product you’re using builds up on your scalp therefore messing with the hair follicles you want to nourish for beautiful hair. Be sure to really work and massage at the root, behind your ears and all around your head. It’s a bit tedious and isn’t the quickest part of a shower by any means (visualize that meme that talks about the 3 showers women have). However, it’s effective. Your scalp & hair will thank you.

Purple Shampoo

In my search to find the best purple shampoo for the ultimate blonde haircare guide, I’ve tried SO many. I’ve done videos and blog posts. There’s been a lot of loves and just as many failures. Sadly, there isn’t a clean one that’s hit the market yet and gotten it just right. But when it comes maintain a white blonde, you also need to make sure you’re maintaining hydration. DryBar makes my favorite purple shampoo that doesn’t strip your hair. 

Hair Mask

Hair masks are a bleach blonde goddess essential. Every time you bleach your hair, you’re damaging it. And if you’re someone who does full highlights every time, you’re adding loads of damage onto your locks. I like to use my hair mask every other wash as well as the day before I get my hair done. I want to make sure my hair is as strong as possible before adding more damage into the mix. My current fave clean option is from Innersense.

Leave In Conditioner/Heat Protectant

Personally, I’m a fan of duel products for many reasons. One, they are better on the budget. Two, you’re far more likely to use it because it’s only one product. Three, it saves your butt should you choose to air dry and style later. If you aren’t using a leave in conditioner/heat protectant, you’re missing out on a very easy way to keep your hair happy. I currently have two in rotation that I love and recommend: Nuele’s Hair Serum (the clean option) & Beauty Protector’s Protect & Detangle (a holy grail WSS product).

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Every Day Styling

Now at the time I’m writing this, we are still somewhere in between quarantine and a new version of reality. Every day styling doesn’t always happen here at WSS headquarters. But on the days it does, I use my Dyson Airwrap. It took me ages to bite the bullet. Inevitably, I decided to gift it to myself as my 30th birthday gift. And it’s been amazing at helping to decrease the heat I’m using, give volume to my fine hair and style without the need for hot tools constantly. 

Does this mean I never reach for my beloved curling iron, curling wand or straightener? No. But I try to let my hair air dry when possible, opt for more straight or blown out days using my Airwrap and give my hair a chance to just breathe. No braids. No tension. No hair ties. Just my hot mess express of a hair style. It’s the little things that add up when it comes to maintaining healthy white blonde hair.


Alright friends, that was a lot! Let us know in the comments below any tips or tricks that I might have missed. And if you’re on a hair care journey, drop your routine down there as well. The more we know, the better we can be! Until next time. Sending you all the love and positive vibes. Xoxo, Savvy

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