What Happens When You Get Nominated For An Emmy + Working On The Originals with Victor Jones Moore

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Today’s episode is one I’ve been dying to share with you since the moment we recorded it. It’s so rare that you can sit in a conversation and know the power of that moment. To know just how beautiful it is to experience the openness and vulnerability of the person sitting across from you. And today’s episode with Victor Jones Moore is one of those special moments 

Victor Jones-Moore


In today’s episode, Victor Jones Moore and I talk about how he got his start in film & television. Everyone’s journey is so different. But I can honestly say I’ve never heard anyone have a path quite like Victor. 

We talk about building a team and what it takes to create an atmosphere that allows for growth & respect. We also talk about navigating other’s jealousy of your skills and advancement.

Of course, I ask Victor all about his Emmy nomination  (spoiler alert: he manifested it!) and working on Vampire Dairies, The Originals and Legacies. We also talk about the power of sitting in your pain and creating your space for your healing.

One of the biggest blessings in doing the WSS podcast is getting to have raw conversations in an open way that you guys can experience as well. We talk about what it was like as a white woman working at Tyler Perry Studios where I was a minority. As well as Victor shares a recent experience on set where he was led to have a tough but incredibly necessary conversation with a racist statement was made.

I can’t wait for you babes to listen to the this gem of an episode. Be sure to check out Victor Jones Moore on instagram. And don’t forget to follow both What Savvy Said and The What Savvy Said Podcast for all the latest info. Sending you all the love and light friends. Xoxo, Savvy

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