Vitacost Vs Wholefoods- Which One Is Better- #whatsavvysaid #vitacost #wholefoods #wellnessblogger #holisticlifestyle #healthyonabudget #coconutmilk1

Vitacost Vs Whole Foods: Which One Is The Better Pick?

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In the time before Amazon bought Whole Foods, this question might have been simple. Which is better: Vitacost or Whole Foods*? Well babes, I’m here to tell you that simple answer is no more. After a couple of shopping rounds and a bit of internet digging, I’ve found that the battle of Vitacost vs Whole Foods isn’t what I’ve previously known. So today, I’m breaking down the pros and cons. For all my savvy shopping gals, I hope today’s post can help you know how to get the most for you dollar while also saving you a bit of time. Let the showdown being: Vitacost Vs Whole Foods. 

itacost Vs Wholefoods- Which One Is Better- #whatsavvysaid #vitacost #wholefoods #wellnessblogger #holisticlifestyle #healthyonabudget

The Overview

Before we dive into the battle of Vitacost vs Whole Foods, let’s start with a little overview. Vitacost is an online store providing customers with easy access to healthy, affordable foods. They ship within the US and to over 100 countries internationally. Whole Foods is marketed as America’s healthiest grocery store. With nearly 500 stores and counting, they are making it easier to access healthy and speciality diet friendly options. 

What Are The Pros for Whole Foods?

If you’re looking to quickly get your hands on products, Whole Foods is a great. You don’t have to wait for shipping. They have a bulk bin section so you can get exactly the amount you need, save money and reduce your waste. There are often sales going on. Plus, if you’re a prime member, you save an additional 10% on any sale items. You also the added benefit of prime lockers in the front of stores for amazon pickups.

The one major difference I noted in my Whole Foods vs Vitacost research was size availability. To make sure I was really comparing the proper items, I’ve been stacking my Whole Foods receipts against a full cart on Vitacost. Depending on the item, Whole Foods is better if you’re looking for more size options or quantities. We consumer quite a bit of peanut butter in our house. And by we, I absolutely mean me. But the larger jars of nut butter aren’t available on the Vitacost website. Definitely a pro for Whole Foods. Also, you can buy wine at Whole Foods. We all know I love a nice glass of prosecco.

If you’re in need of a last minute meal, Whole Foods is always a good choice. I regularly use their salad bar as my food stop on road trips. Or we snag one of their large pizzas for a deal when we need a last minute dinner in Birmingham. There has been more than one Thanksgiving where we’ve ordered our entire family meal from them so we only to have to reheat it at home. Their hot line features everything from soup to salad to all kind of cuisines. And depending on the store, you can snag a glass of wine at happy hour prices so you can sip and shop. Definitely a pro!

What Are The Pros for Vitacost?

Look I’m a fan of shopping in my pjs with said glass of wine. Vitacost is definitely a winner on this front. I can do some passive multi-tasking by online shopping and catching up one the latest season of Younger* at the same time. You also have the option to subscribe and save with Vitacost. So if there’s a product you’re constantly buying or a vitamin you know you’ll need every month, you can sign up to have it automatically delivered and save a few bucks. 

Now if you’re also like me and love a crunchy snack, you might be afraid that by shopping Vitacost you’ll end up with smushed chips. Take heart. Vitacost packs their food like champions. Everything comes well bundled and separated so no chips are harmed in the shipping of your favorite snacks. And of course, since you are online shopping, there is the added benefit of using Ebates and Honey. Typically you’ll get at least 3% cash back with Ebates. And Honey gives you easy access to all the coupons available on the internet making sure you’re getting the most for your dollar! 

itacost Vs Wholefoods- Which One Is Better- #whatsavvysaid #vitacost #wholefoods #wellnessblogger #holisticlifestyle #healthyonabudget

What Are The Cons For Whole Foods?

Now while Whole Foods is consistently growing their store count, they aren’t the most easily accessible option for everyone. The closest one to me currently is at least 1.25 hours away. You also can’t price shop the same way you would online. If you want to do a quick comparison of the prices between stores, you’re going to have to go in. And depending on the item, I’m looking at you Hu Kitchen Chocolate*, you’re potentially paying more. 

What Are The Cons For Vitacost?

In the Vitacost vs Whole Foods battle, ironically they have some of the same cons. While you might save on vitamins shopping at Vitacost, you’re likely to pay more for plantain chips and peanut butter. There’s also the issue of size and quantity. Like I mentioned before, you won’t be able to buy larger quantities of peanut butter here. However, you can get a bulk stock of Nutpods* if that’s your jam. I love the vanilla flavor. Just know there’s only one quantity size available: large.

Depending on the season, you might find it challenging to buy some items with Vitacost. I live in a rather hot and humid climate. So while it’s cheaper to snag my favorite chocolate from Vitacost vs Whole Foods, it’s more likely to be melted when I get it. So if you’re not home to get your items when they arrive, there is potential things will ruin or melt on your front porch.

Vitacost Vs Wholefoods- Which One Is Better- #whatsavvysaid #vitacost #wholefoods #wellnessblogger #holisticlifestyle #healthyonabudget #coconutmilk
Vitacost Vs Wholefoods- Which One Is Better- #whatsavvysaid #vitacost #wholefoods #wellnessblogger #holisticlifestyle #healthyonabudget #coconutmilk

Which one do I prefer and why?

Overall, I actually like to shop with both companies. For me, it’s more about convenience. I don’t live close to Whole Foods. So I often find Vitacost is a great option when I don’t have time or plan to be near one. However, I love discovering new brands on the shelves in stores. And when you break down the prices between Vitacost vs Whole Foods, it all tends to come out close to the same.

Until you really nail down your shopping list, you’re likely to spend the same amount overall at both places. Sure, Vitacost has the occasional deals. As I’m writing this post, they are having a flash sale for 15% off. Random? Yes. But also a great way to save. However, during my last trip to Whole Foods, a few of my favorite foods were on sale and I got to add on the prime 10% off bonus.

Anything else I need to know?

If you don’t have easy access or time to get to Whole Foods, Vitacost is a favorite and regularly used option in my house. There’s no membership fee. The shipping costs are reasonable and often it’s free. Plus, they occasionally send you discounts in the mail. You get the online cash back options. Also, if you’re not an Amazon Prime member*, you’re probably going to save more with Vitacost.

Whole Foods will forever be one of my favorite stores. I’ve discovered so many new brands shopping there. Plus, they often carry local companies such as Base Culture that I may not have discovered otherwise. Shopping with Whole Foods is a great way to contribute to your community, discover new fun foods and easily find speciality foods you might have a harder time locating. At the end of the day, it’s really all about your diet and lifestyle. 

So while I know today’s Vitacost vs Whole Foods show down doesn’t have a clear winner, I hope it helps you decide what will work best for helping you build your healthy lifestyle. Finding ways to save time, money and making your life easier are all something I want to do here at WSS. And inevitably, what works for me might not work for you right now or in the future. But at least with the information, you can make an informed decision and save yourself the extra effort.


Vitacost vs Whole Foods? Who is your showdown winner? Do you have a preference for where you shop? I’d love to know in the comments below. Be sure to tell me you favorite things to buy for either place. And don’t forget to share today’s post with a friend! Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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