5 Things Every Woman Should Believe About Herself

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By now, you babes all know I love a good affirmation. But what you might not know is that I wasn’t that girl until just a few months ago. Seriously, affirmations changed my life. It’s taken time for me to find ones that I feel like truly stick with me. Like a good work of art, I think affirmations tend to meet us where we are. Sometimes we are ready for them. Other times we aren’t and we have to hope they will come back around. But the positive truths can do wonders for our mental health and teaching us to believe in ourselves.

Today I wanted to share 5 of the affirmations I think every woman should believe about herself or speak over her life. If you don’t believe them yet, it’s okay. Trust me when I say it’s okay to fake it til you make it here. But learning to believe these things in your life can be transformative. And I hope each and every one of these helps you as much as they’ve helped me.

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I am beautiful.

Growing up, I was always told I was smart. Is there anything wrong with that? Absolutely not. Every little girl should know that she is smart and capable of doing amazing things. But it took me a while to see my own beauty.

For me, believing you’re beautiful is about more than what you see in the mirror. It’s about being able to see the wonderful, unique things that make you who you are in this world. You can be tall, short, curvy, blue or a red head. It doesn’t matter. Every woman should believe that she is beautiful because she is beautiful. No matter what magazines tell her she should look like or who is trying to control her body. You, my sweet friend, are beautiful. And the moment you start to believe that about yourself is the moment you stop letting everyone else tell you how you see you.

I am powerful.

What does power look like to you? Young Savvy would have never described herself as powerful. It took me a long time to become a women who believed that power was a good thing. I’m not talking about Hitler style, all controlling power. I’m talking about the kind of power where you are comfortable in your own skin. You know who you are and you aren’t afraid to own it. 

Every woman should believe she is powerful. We carry babies, raise children, have periods, take on far more than we probably need to on any given day and still we keep going. We’re constantly being told who we should and shouldn’t be but we keep fighting back. We as women are powerful. You can be a powerful mom, CEO or sister. Whatever you want to claim in your life. Whoever you want to be. You are powerful. It’s time to own it.

5 Things Every Woman Should Believe About Herself #whatsavvysaid #believeinyourself #selfloveclub #petiteblogger #petitefashion #30a #floridablogger
5 Things Every Woman Should Believe About Herself #whatsavvysaid #believeinyourself #selfloveclub #petiteblogger #petitefashion #30a #floridablogger


Ya’ll we know I have some thoughts on dating. I dedicated an entire post to this recently. Because I want every single friend, male or female, to have the very best life. Every woman should believe she is worthy of love. Your partner shouldn’t complete you. They should complement you. You should want them not need them. But if you’re ever going to be to the place of balance in your relationship, you have to believe you are worthy of love.

Babes, if I could sit down and speak one thing into your life, it would be this. Please don’t settle. You are so very worthy of the dreams you have for your life. You are worthy of a healthy relationship with yourself and someone else. And most importantly, you are worthy of love. If you don’t believe it now, it’s okay. But write it every day. Speak it into your life until it becomes a reality. Reach for more. Because I can promise you, you are worthy of the very best life has to offer.


Sometime in the near future, I’m planning to do a blog post of how to take back your power. But this affirmation is one of the ones that helps me feel centered when it all feels out of control. I whole heartedly trust God with my life. If He can water the plants and feed the birds, I know He’s got me covered. However, I also know that He gives me free will and the ability to make choices in my life. 

Every woman should believe that she decides who she becomes. You get to choose. If you want to be a nurse, be a nurse. If you want to be a wife, be a wife. Whatever it is that you want in your life, you have the power to make it a reality. Will it be easy? Probably not. But thinking you have no control and your life is constantly happening to you isn’t going to get you anywhere. You decide who you become. Stop living in a place where you think everything is happening to you and start believing it’s happening for you. You’ve got this babe. 

5 Things Every Woman Should Believe About Herself #whatsavvysaid #believeinyourself #selfloveclub #petiteblogger #petitefashion #30a #floridablogger


Do you ever have those days where everything just seems to be going wrong? The car won’t start. You’ve overdrawn your bank account. There is coffee all over your new outfit. Yes? You know what I’m talking about? Good. Now imagine if you went about that day seeing it from a different perspective.

Maybe your car won’t start because God is trying to keep you from an accident on the road. Maybe you’ve overdrawn your bank account but it’s okay because you get paid tomorrow and you’ll end up with a random check in the mail for just the amount to cover the overdraft fee. And the coffee all over your new outfit? Well maybe that’s another delay or kink or something God is saving you from today. 

Even when it feels like it is all going wrong, every woman should believe that everything is working in her favor. Your vibe attracts your tribe. And your energy is going to attract the things happening around you. So if you decide that all these not so great things are happening for your good, then good things will start happening. I know this pill is a hard one to swallow. It requires having trust in yourself and the universe that it has your back. But the moment you stop trying to hold onto everything so tightly, the right pieces fall in place. Everything is working in my favor and yours. Believe it.


Wherever you’re at in the process of changing your mindset and believing new things, I’m so glad you’re here. It takes time to shift from the negative life to the positive one. But one day at a time, one affirmation at a time, you’ll get there. And I hope you know I’m cheering for you the entire way!


Do you have any affirmations or things you think everyone woman should believe about herself? I’d love to know what you’re speaking into your life. Be sure to leave me a comment below and let me know. And don’t forget to share with a friend you think might need to read this. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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