EVERYTHING I LOVED IN 2018 – FOOD TRENDS, BEAUTY PRODUCTS & MORE #whatsavvysaid #everythingIloved #thebestof2018 #fallpics

Everything I Loved In 2018 – Food Trends, Beauty Products & More

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I love favorites videos. They are such a fun way to see the products people have been loving and using regularly. But when I sat down to think about doing one for 2018, I knew I needed to do something different.

My love for things is split between film/television, beauty and food. I enjoy them all for different reasons but they are all a part of me. So to make a video to share them all, well it would take a long time. Instead, I’ve decided to do one big blog post round up. We’re covering everything from favorite foundation, to movies to restaurant all in one place. Let’s take a look at everything wonderful from 2018.

EVERYTHING I LOVED IN 2018 – FOOD TRENDS, BEAUTY PRODUCTS & MORE #whatsavvysaid #everythingIloved #thebestof2018 #fallpics



I go through a phase every fall where I just read. All I want to do is read. And while a good majority of those books aren’t anything I recommend, there is one I adored: From Lukov with Love by Mariana Zapata*. It definitely has Cutting Edge vibes. But it’s an adorable read that pulls at the heart strings.


Let’s just go ahead and decide that picking one movie is tough. And since there were quite a few over the course of the last 12 months, I’m struggling to decide. I think top 10 will have to do. Avengers: Infinity War*, I’m still not over Tom Holland crushing it and making everyone want to cry. Nutcracker and The Four Realms*, the costumes were everything Beauty & The Beast should have done & Kiera Knightley was freaking fantastic. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, major points for Netflix for bringing the gem into my life. The Kissing Booth, why it took me so long to watch this I’ll never know but it’s a fave. The Set Up, I still majorly identify with Harper’s need for pizza.

A Simple Favor*, I still don’t quite know what happened here but this was amazing. And I definitely need to watch it again. Crazy Rich Asians*, I mean the wedding scene alone, right? Black Panther*, I still can’t believe it’s only been this year since this came out. Oceans 8*, such an epic cast it had to be on here. Love, Simon*, speaking of adorable and heart gripping movies, so so good!


The Originals ended this spring and it was filled with so many emotions. Riverdale* will always be up there because they just bring it. The Magicians never ceases to amaze me and I can’t wait for season 4. 


The Elseworlds Crossover – Supergirl, The Flash & Arrow


Sabrina Carpenter Singular Act 1


Anna From The Anna Edit


Natacha Océane, Whitney Simmons, Sarah’s Day

EVERYTHING I LOVED IN 2018 – FOOD TRENDS, BEAUTY PRODUCTS & MORE #whatsavvysaid #everythingIloved #thebestof2018 #fallpics



The Fresh And Healthy Instant Pot Cookbook*


Cracklings in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Amazing brunch with good prices!

Dish Made On Repeat

Protein Balls, Acai Smoothies, Beet Juice Combo (recipe coming soon)


Go Macro Protein Bars*

FOOD Saver

Stasher Bags

Kitchen Appliance

Nespresso Machine


Celery juice and intermittent fasting both changed my digestion and skin game this year.

EVERYTHING I LOVED IN 2018 – FOOD TRENDS, BEAUTY PRODUCTS & MORE #whatsavvysaid #everythingIloved #thebestof2018 #fallpics
EVERYTHING I LOVED IN 2018 – FOOD TRENDS, BEAUTY PRODUCTS & MORE #whatsavvysaid #everythingIloved #thebestof2018 #fallpics
EVERYTHING I LOVED IN 2018 – FOOD TRENDS, BEAUTY PRODUCTS & MORE #whatsavvysaid #everythingIloved #thebestof2018 #fallpics

The Personal Stuff


I had the pleasure of seeing several close friends get married this year. But being a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding will always make for amazing memories. I think we made a record for how many times we got to see each other in a month this year as well.


Without a doubt, our Pack Up & Go trip wins the award here. Who could forget a mystery trip? And Washington DC was so much fun.

Most Memorable Moment

As much fun as vacations and weddings are, I don’t think anyone will top Hurricane Michael as the most memorable moment. Slowly but surely we are getting things back. But going without plumbing for 4 weeks is a memory I’m not soon to forget. 

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