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Growing up the daughter of two nurses, our medicine cabinet was never the traditional kind. No Nyquil. No Zyrtec. Just your basic everyday ibuprofen. But when I began my holistic journey, I started to look at everything I was using with deeper inspection. Specifically the things I don’t use daily but still need occasionally like tums, dramamine, melatonin, etc. And there were definitely changes I could make with regards to my medicine cabinet essentials. So today’s post is a peek into what I’m currently using, loving and would happily recommend. 

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or medical professional. This is based on my own personal use. None of this post is considered medical advice. 

What's In My Holistic Medicine Cabinet #whatsavvysaid #holisticmedicine #naturalmedicine #medicinecabinetessentials
Heating Pad
We’ve previously discussed that I am a grandma. I love my early dinner and early bed time. But this heating pad is like a warm hug. I definitely judged it a bit when it landed under the Christmas tree a few years ago. And now I’m obsessed. I carry a lot of my stress and tension in my shoulders & upper back. This heating pad helps me to release it. It’s also great in the winter when you just can’t get warm. Plus, it has a magnet in the center to make it easier to wear like a vest. Medicine cabinet essentials top 5 indeed!
Arnica Montana
Thankfully, I don’t often find myself with headaches. But when I do, this is the product I reach for. This of it like your holistic version of ibuprofen but not quite as strong. It helps to naturally alleviate the pain. The pellets are incredibly small. So if you struggle with taking pills, these are significantly easier.
CBD Lotion

I am currently in the process of testing several of these for an upcoming blog post. However, I do have one I’m obsessed with by Lord Jones. Occasionally, I suffer from restless legs or random muscle cramps. And of course, I don’t notice it until right before I’d like to be asleep. CBD Lotion provides incredibly quick relief.

Full disclaimer here: do your research before picking a brand. There have been athletes who’ve lost their careers trying CBD lotion because the combination of frequent use and the THC dosage in the product caused their body to absorb enough for them to fail a drug test (more details here). Personally, I try to use this sparingly for that reason.

What's In My Holistic Medicine Cabinet #whatsavvysaid #holisticmedicine #naturalmedicine #medicinecabinetessentials
What's In My Holistic Medicine Cabinet #whatsavvysaid #holisticmedicine #naturalmedicine #medicinecabinetessentials
What's In My Holistic Medicine Cabinet #whatsavvysaid #holisticmedicine #naturalmedicine #medicinecabinetessentials

For the longest time, I was on the hunt for a holistic alternative to Tums to add to my medicine cabinet essentials. I’m grateful heartburn isn’t something I suffer from. But with a very particular stomach, I find I occasionally need relief when I’ve eaten something I haven’t realized my body doesn’t love. Genexa was a discovery via instagram and they work!

Traditional tums are filled with corn starch, mineral oil and colorings. And considering I’m a paleo based eater who prefers to live a less toxic lifestyle, they don’t really fit my vibe. They also aren’t great for gut health. So I’m eternally grateful for Genexa stepping up and providing alternative options!


I talk about magnesium a lot on Instagram. It’s one of my favorite supplements because it helps with SO many things. But for this particular instance, I use it the most often to help as a natural sleep aid, with restless legs or when I need to calm the f down. I’ve used Natural Vitality for the last 5-6 years. It’s a bit tart so be warned. But it really makes a difference and works quickly. 


Oh how I love thee. I definitely talk about Seed a lot. But I’m all about gut health because so much of our health comes from having a healthy gut. Is it any wonder that these are in my medicine cabinet essentials?

I take mine at night. They help calm any bloating. Plus, I feel like they give my fasting window a boost making sure I wake up refreshed and with a happy stomach! Well loved, well used and high recommended, it wouldn’t be an essentials list without one of the products that was a game changer in helping me balance my hormones naturally & clear my acne.

What's In My Holistic Medicine Cabinet #whatsavvysaid #holisticmedicine #naturalmedicine #medicinecabinetessentials
What's In My Holistic Medicine Cabinet #whatsavvysaid #holisticmedicine #naturalmedicine #medicinecabinetessentials

If you were to decide to do a deep dive into my photos from last summer, there are a few things you’d notice. 1. My hair color is different. 2. My hair length is different. 3. My hair was SEVERELY damaged.

Now, I use collagen for a lot of reasons. It’s easy to pop into coffee when you need a bit more protein to tie you over between meals or to keep my blood sugar balanced. But it’s also been major in helping me grow my healthy hair back after birth control. What was once a stringy mop is now longer, stronger and better than it’s been in a while.

There’s lots of collagens on the market. I just happen to prefer Marine collagen. I haven’t found myself having any breakouts from it or digestion issues. And if you need an idea for how to get it into your diet daily, I’ll be popping a chocolate collagen bliss bar on the blog soon. Think of it as the perfect excuse to have brownies for breakfast!


Confession time: I’m the friend that suffers from motion sickness. BIG time. And you know what doesn’t mix: The Hulk ride at Universal and motion sickness. Not even a little bit. So when we went a few years back for a trip and I realized I wasn’t going to be able to handle the park without some trusty medicine, I discovered these.

Truthfully, I was a bit hesitant. I wanted something that wouldn’t make me want to take a giant nap in the middle of the day. But I also did NOT want to be sick. And these passed the test! Many rollercoasters later and no desire to curl up on a park bench, ginger dramamine have won a space in my medicine cabinet essentials. Don’t you love a happy ending?

Alrighty friends. I’ll be sure to keep this post updated as I find more things. Holistic medicine is always growing. And if I start binge watching Outlander again, we might find that I’m coming up with my own teas for the blog. You never know! Until next time. Sending you all the love and virtual hugs. Xoxo, Savvy


PS. There are SO many brands I’d love to try and test. I know there are a lot of small businesses creating amazing products as well. If you’re one of them, please drop a comment below and let’s chat! 

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