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Years ago, when I was a young naive little Savvy who desperate wanted Julianne Hough hair, my routine consisted of two things: shampoo & conditioner. These days my white blonde haircare routine is a bit more elaborate. It’s taken time, testing many products and even more bottles of questionable purple shampoo to give me my routine. But these days I’m happy to report that my white blonde haircare routine is semi low maintenance and keeps my hair color looking lovely between salon sessions.

So today we’re covering it all. Everything I do daily, weekly and between color sessions to help my hair stay happy and grow back healthy. I’ve still got a few bits of post birth control hair growing out. And I’m counting down the cuts until they are gone! Nevertheless, these are all mostly affordable products with one or two investments. Everything will be linked accordingly so you can easily find anything you might want to add into your routine. Let’s get into the hair fun, shall we?

White Blonde Haircare- My Current Hair Care Routine #whatsavvysaid #whiteblondehair #haircare #blondeale #kristiness #sheamoisture

Lifestyle Disclaimer

While my hair is currently growing back into it’s previously luscious self, it’s been heavily influenced by diet & lifestyle changes. Everything from stress to poor diet to hormones can affect your hair. I’d love to pretend these products are the only reason I have healthy hair right now. But that would be a lie and not fair to you. Healing my hormonal acne has had a positive influence on my hair. These products are just the bonus that help me main the color for an extended amount of time!

The Color Low Down

Currently, my hair gets bleached at the roots every 10 weeks. This seems to work best for my growth rate and keeping the roots from driving me crazy. Plus, I get to update my brightness without killing my hair. Previously, I’ve done highlights. However, I now opt for a more all over approach with a bit of toner. It works well for me.

White Blonde Haircare- My Current Hair Care Routine #whatsavvysaid #whiteblondehair #haircare #blondeale #kristiness #sheamoisture
White Blonde Haircare- My Current Hair Care Routine #whatsavvysaid #whiteblondehair #haircare #blondeale #kristiness #sheamoisture
White Blonde Haircare- My Current Hair Care Routine #whatsavvysaid #whiteblondehair #haircare #blondeale #kristiness #sheamoisture

The Daily Routine

Most mornings, I’m up bright and early for the gym. With my short hair, there are only a few options for how I can pull my hair back. But I typically opt for two ponies so I can keep my hair out of my face. Also, I find pulling even the small bit up in the back helps with the amount of sweat it collects.

I try not to wash my hair more than twice a week. Depending on my level of laziness, I’ll use dry shampoo daily and maybe blast it with the hair dryer. But if I’m working from home, I’ll let it air dry and minimize the amount of products on my scalp. For my hair ties, I prefer the slip silk scrunchies* because they protect the more fragile layer I have on the top. And when I’m washing my face, I’ll opt for a spa headband* to pull it all back. I also try to change up the position of where I pull up my hair to minimize on damage.

The Wash Routine

Because I only wash my hair twice a week, it’s fairly simple to keep up my weekly routine for my white blonde haircare. Depending on how much dry shampoo I’ve used, I’ll wash my hair twice. If I’m using a purple shampoo to tone my hair, I’ll definitely wash it twice. I also try to use a hair mask at least once a week. So for example, a week in my hair might look like:

Wash 1 – Cleansing Shampoo (Kristen Ess Micellar Shampoo*, Briogeo Charcoal Scrub* or any other shampoo I’m using up), then I’ll use my DryBar Purple Shampoo* followed with a moisture or protein mask (Kristin Ess* or SheaMoisture*). If I’m using a protein mask like Olaplex*, I’ll put it in before I shower

Wash 2 – Again I’ll use a cleansing shampoo. If I’ve been heavy on the products, I’ll wash it twice. Typically I don’t need another mask but if I feel like it’s extra dry, I’ll use one. If not, I’ll stick with my Playa Supernatural Conditioner. It keeps my hair soft but still strong. It’s the best!

I’ve tried quite a few purple shampoos. Currently, my favorite is the one from DryBar. Previously, I loved the dPHue cool blonde version but I found it was really drying out my hair. It’s also worth noting we have a water filter on our shower head. So if you feel like you can never escape the brassy look, it might be time to invest. 

White Blonde Haircare- My Current Hair Care Routine #whatsavvysaid #whiteblondehair #haircare #blondeale #kristiness #sheamoisture


My freshly washed hair routine for white blonde haircare looks fairly similar whether I blow dry it or not. I have fine, straight hair so it makes little difference unless I really just want VOLUME. Either way, I always use a heat protectant and leave in conditioner. I’m still using my Beauty Protect Protect & Detangle*. There was a time last year where I stopped and my hair paid for it. However, I’ve recently switched to a new wet brush* that’s better for damaged hair. So far, I’m obsessed!

If I’m letting my hair air dry, I’ll add in my Innersense I Create Lift Foam* at the roots plus my Captain Blankenship Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray*. It gives me the volume without needing the heat. If I’m going to use the blow dryer, I’ll use my lift foam and the Bumble & Bumble Thickening Great Body Blow Dry Cream*.


Because I’m extra cautious about heat on my hair, I’ve been adding the Kristin Ess Dry Conditioner* in my styling routine. It adds a bit of moisture and heat protection. For hot tools, I’ll either use my T3 Wand*, Kristin Ess straightener* or DryBar 1 inch curling iron*. Most of the time, I just use the straightener for everything. 

The products I use will depend on the style I’m going for, however, I tend to always use a hair oil to keep my ends healthy. And of course, there’s several dry shampoos in rotation at any given time. IGK Charcoal*, Amika Perk UP* and Moroccan Oil* are my faves. Top it all off with some Redken Windblown* or Amika Hair Spray* (when the can wants to work), and there you have it!




For me, these are all the products I’ve found I love and are worth my money. Gradually, I’m adding more clean haircare into my white blonde haircare routine. The purple shampoo seems to be a challenge. But this is what I’ve found works best for my hair and helping me grow it out. 

Again, depending on where you live, your water system and the shade of blonde you’re rocking, this might change. I’ve definitely noticed that doing every other wash with a purple shampoo and using my spa headband when putting on my makeup makes a huge difference. Orange spots in white blonde hair isn’t cute. Thankfully the headband catches most of it!

But I’d love to hear from you! What’s your current haircare routine look like? Do you have any products you’re obsessed with that I need to try? Leave me a comment below and let me know. And don’t forget to share this post with someone you think might like it! Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy


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