Why You Need To Train Your Mind To See Opportunities

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Why You Need To Train Your Mind To See Opportunities #whatsavvysaid #seeopportunities #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #lifecoach


How many times in your life have you thought: if I only knew then what I know now, I would do things so much differently? A hundred times? Maybe 200? Maybe it’s so many times you’ve lost count at all the opportunities you didn’t see but would jump on now. 

As creatives, as entrepreneurs, as humans, we’re constantly in a state of receiving information. Social media, the news, our phones, and about a billion other ways pepper us with info day in and day out. And yet we miss opportunities because we haven’t learned to filter in the right noise and send the rest on it’s merry way. 

Your Past Is Simply That The Past

This might be the newest soap box in my collection but today I’m giving you the science behind it. Did you know that you can trigger your body to have an emotional response with just one thought? Yep, your mind is that powerful. So can you imagine the agony you’re putting your body through EVERY TIME you tell the same story over and over of your pain. You begin to live a life that is no longer in the present or the future. Just the past. And how will you ever create or see new opportunities if you’re always looking backwards?

Words Are Powerful

Hi. Yes, it’s me Savvy. Your friend who is forever obsessed with affirmations. Why? BECAUSE THEY WORK. On a daily basis, we operate using a way of thinking that we may not truly understand. It’s been ingrained in us for so long that it’s just who we are so why would we change? How would we change?

But if you can dive into how you think and start to rewrite the patterns, you can change your entire life. Change your mind. Change your life. Or in the case of today’s episodes, change your words, change your life. I’m also sharing how to pick the best affirmations.

When Should You Check in With Goals

There’s a fine line between checking in with your goals and overthinking them. So how often should you check in? I have a 30 day rule. It’s one I practice and find gives me the space I need to really see enough progress to know if a plan is working. However, I do recommend writing down your goals DAILY. The thing about teaching your mind to see opportunities is that you have to consistently remind it of the end goal. It needs to become such a habit that your subconscious mind (aka the part of your brain that gives you the answer to that person’s name hours later) is in on the game.

You Will Always Be A Student

The moment we show up thinking that we know it all is the moment we are in trouble. Why would you brain think let me see opportunities, if you’ve told it that you’re done looking? But along with that you have to actively see out new information. Study people who are doing the things you want to do. I can guarantee not everyone has the same life path so there’s always potential you’ll learn a new way to try something. Be willing to be a student. Forever. Hopefully there aren’t any student loans involved in this endeavor but there should never be a time when you choose to stop learning. 


All in all, I hope today’s episode will be on that you can dive into again and again. When you’re feeling stuck, when you’re in a space where you just need to get a push, sometimes we all need a little remind that we have to continue to teach our minds new things. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy


Resources From Today’s Episode:

Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza*


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