Winter Skincare Routine: My Current Picks For Keeping My Skin Glowy & Hydrated

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Growing up in Florida, I never really knew that I could or should change my skincare* routine up with the seasons. I mean who needs a winter skincare routine when you don’t really do winter, right? But alas, I’ve grown older (and hopefully wiser) and have seen the proverbial light. Aka my skin has needs and she’s not shy about communicating them. So today, I’m walking you through my current winter skincare essentials. These are the items that are a game-changer for keeping my hormonal acne-prone skin happy whenever I’m combating colder, dryer weather. And they also keep me glowy which is always a plus.
Winter Skincare Routine- My Current Picks For Keeping Your Skin Glowy And Hydrated #whatsavvysaid #winterskincare #hormonalacne


I used to think that finding the right cleanser wasn’t essential to my skincare routine. But when it comes to combating winter dry skin, this is a product that can make it unnecessarily challenging if you aren’t careful. I’m still a major fan of the Tata Harper Clarifying Cleanser. She’s a holy grail product.

But when the Black Friday sales dropped, I found myself scrolling the shelves of Dermstorm and shopping for new products. Currently, I’m loving Cocokind Oat To Milk Cleanser*. Under $20, female-founded brand and it’s the perfect calming choice for everyday use. Additionally, I’ve been adding the SkinMedica AHA/BHA exfoliating cleanser* into rotation as a second cleanser when I need to get off heavier makeup. It’s not too much that my skin feels overwhelmed but it helps breakdown any residual bits left from my first cleanse.


There’s an ever-changing rotation of products when it comes to my toners because it’s really all contingent on what I need or am using in my routine. However, I tend to use my Paula’s Choice BHA toner most days as I find it’s the best for keeping my skin clear. When I wasn’t using the AHA/BHA cleanser, I would alternate in Alpha-H’s Liquid Gold as my toner every other night to help with exfoliation. 

And then there are the days my skin just needs moisture. Like all of it. The classic Indie Lee Co-Q 10 toner is still in my arsenal because it’s the most calming product. Whenever my skin has a freak out (see this Instagram post), I strip everything back and this is a staple. However, I’ve also been using and loving the Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator & Allies of Skin’s Molecular Savior Probiotics Treatment Mist. Both are great for topping up moisture throughout the day as well as layering between products.

Winter Skincare Routine- My Current Picks For Keeping Your Skin Glowy And Hydrated #whatsavvysaid #winterskincare #hormonalacne #joshrosebrook
Winter Skincare Routine- My Current Picks For Keeping Your Skin Glowy And Hydrated #whatsavvysaid #winterskincare #hormonalacne #alliesofskin
Winter Skincare Routine- My Current Picks For Keeping Your Skin Glowy And Hydrated #whatsavvysaid #winterskincare #hormonalacne #bhatoner #ahatoner


I know that eye cream is one of those products many people consider a hoax. I, however, consider it essential for several reasons. Firstly, my eyes are hella sensitive. So typically, the products that are ingredient packed for the rest of my face don’t work for my eyes as well. Unless I want to cry off all my makeup which has happened more than once with a bad concealer choice.

Secondly, I’ll take all the hydration I can get. As well as any help fighting the joys of aging. Thank you! I currently have two eye creams on the go. Not because I need two but I’ve been testing and thus, we have options: Biossance Under Eye Cream (hydrating & lush) + 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream (light & depuffing). Because these do two different things, I try to maximize the most benefits by choosing the time of day I think they are most effective. Biossance is used at night and 100% Pure is used in the morning. 


I will forever be a Vitamin C serum gal. Whether it’s my winter skincare routine or summer, it’s a requirement. Particularly because it helps reverse any acne scarring I’m still dealing with and helps give me brighter skin. There will be a post up soon with all my faves for different budgets. However, my current daily choice is from 100% Pure.

As far as other serums go, I’ve been dabbling a bit. I can’t say that anything I’ve tried as wowed me enough to tell you that you need it asap. When I’m feeling the need to retinol, I reach for the ever faithful & incredibly strong Drunk Elephant retinol. But less is more for me when it comes to making sure everything works nicely together.

Winter Skincare Routine- My Current Picks For Keeping Your Skin Glowy And Hydrated #whatsavvysaid #winterskincare #hormonalacne #100percentpure


THIS is the first thing I change come winter. And I swap between two different choices for day and night because of the ingredients. Day time, I’m loving and using Vital Balm Cream from Josh Rosebrook. I’ve previously done a balm & oil combo which I also love. But I need a solid moisturizer in the morning and vital balm is amazing. It’s hydrating, makes my skin soft & smooth, and feels lush. 

For my night time pick, I fell in love with the 100% Pure Ultra Riche cream last year and it’s still my go-to choice. It does have more active ingredients so I only use it at night to keep my skin protected. And as always, I wear an SPF daily. My current fave is the Supergoop Glow Screen SPF 40. It’s lightly tinted and gives you a beautiful glow. I often skip foundation and just add concealer + the rest of my makeup. It’s that good.


I have been a fan of the Josh Rosebrook Advanced Hydration mask* for a while now. But it gets used regularly in my winter skincare routine to combat all of the dryness we seem to be having right now. And TBH, it’s the only mask in my current rotation. If I need something hydrating that can go under makeup, aka a quick fix on a shoot day, I’m still loving Farmacy’s hydrating sheet masks. I find that the JA mask is perfect for nighttime or when I don’t need to put makeup on within an hour after. But hopefully, in 2021, I can find a more sustainable option!


I’d love to hear what you’re loving and using currently. Any stand out skincare products that you’re obsessed with? Let us know in the comments below! Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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