20 Advent Calendars That Will Boost Your Holiday Spirits

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If there’s anything that’s sure to get me in the holiday spirit every year, it’s an Advent Calendar. Whether it’s chocolate or tea, beauty products or scrunchies, one that gives back or one that reminds me to slow down, the options for Advent Calendars have only become more expansive and amazing over the last few years. So today as we start our holiday content in the WSS community, I had to start with one of my absolute favorites. And of course, I needed to make sure you had plenty of time to order before anything sells out!

collage of 20 Best Advent Calendars - 2022

20 Best Advent Calendars – 2022

Charlotte Tilbury

While I used to be a major fan of the store advent calendars with their plethora of products, I really felt drawn to individual brands this year. And the Charlotte Tilbury calendar is packed with incredible, tried & true products. C.T. has really made a splash in the US in the last two years but the UK girlies having been hyping them for a while now. I love and use Hollywood Flawless Filter, the Glow Wand, Film Star Bronze & Glow, Beautiful Skin, Setting Powder and the essential: Pillow Talk Lip Liner on almost a daily basis. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Ps. If you’re reading this before Nov 7 – the Sephora sale is set for Oct 28 – Nov 7. The perfect chance to get a cheeky little discount on this amazing calendar.


Elemis is one of those brands that has built a reputation for being incredible. With a myriad of well loved products, it’s an advent calendar that any skincare lover will enjoy. With over $735 worth of product, it’s an investment that will give you glowing skin for months to come. I think of all today’s advent calendars, this is top 5 for the one I’m considering buying for myself this year. Often times brands will lean heavier into the body care products and skimp on the skincare. But this calendar is packed with so much goodness – I can’t resist!

Mindfulness Advent Calendar

Now depending on where you are mentally this year or what you feel like gets you in the holiday spirit, you might like an alternative option. Something that’s a bit more focused on your mental wellbeing that anything else. This one is especially great if you deal with anxiety (often made worse by the stress of the holidays) as it’s packed with intentional activities. Instead of just taking a walk, the cards really guide you through being your most present self in those moments. Perfect for helping you craft more peace during a chaotic time.

Merry & Bright Puzzle Collection

Speaking of slowing down – puzzles are great for this. I also love that this collection comes with 12 mini puzzles making it an easier option than a giant Christmas puzzle. Sometimes I just need a small win or to see something completed from start to finish when I feel like I have a lot of bigger projects happening. It does something for my spirit to feel like I’ve fully moved through a task/project when I feel like I don’t have control of all the stuff happening around me.

This is a great solo activity or to intentionally spend time with those you love. The colors are very spirited and festive. It gives me all the holiday joy vibes while also just being fun to look at.

24 days Of Tea

I am a tea lover. There’s something so incredibly soothing about a cup of tea. And as many of my friends find coffee a bit too much for them these days (myself included), this is the perfect gift. I also love that it works great for the people who may have dietary restrictions. You get everything from black tea to green tea to rooibos and more. The perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

Voluspa 12 Days Of Christmas – 7oz Candles

I’d forgotten how much I love candles until we pulled out our fall collection. There’s something just so peaceful and cozy about the perfect scent. Now I’ve included more than one candle advent calendar today for budget and size reasons. And this is the larger option.

To be fair though, it’s also a significantly better deal. While it may be twice the price, the candles are 5.5x larger. Plus, if you time it right, you can always snag this in the Anthropologie Black Friday sales which is typically 30% off online and in stores. Paired with Rakuten – you’re a savings goddess!

24 days of Vegan Popcorn

If I would have known about this one when I was plant-based, my little festive heart would have soared. But I can absolutely think of a few friends this would be perfect for. There are 6 different flavors – no chocolate and all gluten free. The calendar includes options like Butterscotch, Cherry Pie, Choc ‘N’ Roll – cocoa infused caramel popcorn and more. It’s the perfect little treat to get you in the festive spirits!

24 days of Festive Journaling

I live for a journal prompt – honestly they are my favorite. Getting to know myself on a deeper level and expanding in loving myself has been an incredible part of my journey for the last few years. If you aren’t a digital journal person, you can always print out the pdf. But I love the idea of really creating space to show up intentionally this holiday season. Plus, you don’t have to worry about shipping or this selling out. So if you’re a last minute advent calendar buyer, you’re covered.

24 Day of Gardening

One of my favorite things to watch on Tiktok is all the beautiful humans who have mastered gardening. They grow these bountiful harvests filled with all the fresh vegetables and flowers. Their meals are colorful and have fun twists. It’s inspiring. I love that there’s a fun little way to create that for yourself or a loved one.

This advent calendar is packed with 24 different flowers. They also included markers so you know that you’re trying to grow. This is perfect for someone who has a green thumb, is looking for a new hobby or just actively seeking ways to slow down in the new year. And who doesn’t love fresh flowers?

24 Days Of Luxury Chocolate (Vegan & Gluten Free)

I have tried many a chocolate advent calendar over the years. And I have to say this one has me the most excited. Nailing both the luxury experience while also providing a gluten & dairy free option is rare. I also love that it supports a small business.

The calendar is currently available for pre-order featuring 2 of each flavor. The ingredients are listed as well so if there’s something specific you’re worried about, you can be aware ahead of time. I’m exceptionally excited about all of the dark chocolate options: Salted Caramel Chocolate Mousse Dark Chocolate Honeycomb Hot Chocolate, Dark Mint Creme, B’scoffy, Dark Caramel Ganache, Christmas Chocolate Orange, Truffle Cinnamon Bun, Mince Pie, Gingerbread, & Red Velvet Cupcake.

24 Days of Christmas Songs

Sometimes the simplest Advent Calendars are the best ones. This one is perfect if you’re shopping with a tighter budget this year. Plus, it’s digital so it’s great for that last minute option. Everyday comes with a new QR code for a festive song. All of the music is on Spotify but it includes Christmas classics from Bing Crosby & Andy Williams to more modern favorites like Michael Buble, Taylor Swift & Ariana Grande.


24 Days Of Dog Treats (Grain Free Available)

Of course, my fur children need a good advent calendar option and this one comes with grain free choices. Personally, I’m torn between the peanut butter version and the bacon & cheesy. Both would be very popular in our house but we have several pups so it may be 1 of each this year. This calendar has a pre-order option and ships mid-November. You’re also supporting a small business which is amazing – we love to see them succeed!

12 Days Of Pride & Prejudice

P&P will forever be one of my favorite movies. Jane Austen is the master of the slow burn. So when I saw this advent calendar on Etsy, I knew I had to include it this year’s line up. The Advent Calendar includes: • Notepad • Journal • Tote Bag (image printed in color) • Keychain • Pin • Vinyl Sticker • Planner Sticker Sheet • Bookmark • Art Print • Small Candle • Other home decor and stationary items.

All of the reviews are fantastic. And for those who are really embracing cozy vibes and slow living, this feels like an excellent choice. There are photos of some of the previous stickers that are adorable. As well as an advent calendar option that is just stickers. Definitely worth checking out if you’re a book lover!

24 Days of  Gluten Free Truffles

Yes, I did add another chocolate advent calendar because gluten free truffles feel like a treat we should all have. Plus, I love that they are all very colorful. These do have dairy. But finding fun chocolate that lives up to the hype without having gluten always feels like good vibe so of course, I had to share!

24 Days Of Watercolor Painting

I have to say this specific advent calendar intrigues me. I also feel like it would make for an incredible gift. It comes with painting supplies as well as the calendar. But the prompts and lessons are found on Youtube. Again, if you’re looking for an excuse to slow down and really live in more of your feminine energy this holiday season, this is perfect. It’s also great if you want to tackle it a little at a time over a few months. I love that you get to create and learn all at the same time.

Refillable Advent Calendar

There are tons of refillable advent calendars on the market but I love that with the cloth option you aren’t as limited on the size of the objects. Whether you want to fill it with treats for yourself or a loved one, it’s only limited by your creativity. You could make it a family thing and pair it with activities and pre-wrapped presents under the tree, tickets for your favorite holiday events and gift cards. Now that I’m sharing this I’m feeling particularly inspired – so make sure you subscribe to the newsletter for a blog post on how to craft your own perfect advent calendar!


Witchy Advent Calendar

We all have that friend that loves crystals. Maybe she’s into herbal remedies. Maybe she’s watched one too many episodes of Outlander and is making her own little combos. This calendar is perfect for that friend or the friend who is curious about being said friend.

As per the description ” This calendar comes with crystals, herbs, teas, hand poured soaps, jewelry and other goodies. Each item comes with a written description, and there are additional notes on different usages for magical items in your own personal practice.” I’m always here for a soap or tea moment. And it’s a small business which is extra exciting!

24 Days Of Holiday Movies

I’ll be the first to admit I’m guilty of watching the same Christmas movies on repeat. Call it decision fatigue or just a love of predictability, The Holiday is a standard in my household. Thankfully, this advent calendar exists as the perfect excuse to push myself to watch new movies. Or maybe something other than playing Hallmark in the background (no shame).

I love that you can get this personalized which is great for gift giving. And each movie card comes with a bit of added trivia. Perfect for the movie lover in your life!

12 Days Of Calendars – The Little Version

We have officially reached our mini Voluspa candle advent calendar in today’s journey. Plus, how cute and chic is she? If you’re someone who is quite picky with scents or maybe just wants a smaller option, this is fantastic. You can also snag this in the Sephora sale – so depending on your Beauty Insider status that’s 10-20% off. Or you could buy it and break it up for smaller gifts. Perfect if you need some extra stocking stuffers!

24 Days Of The New Yorker Puzzles

This feels very adult to me – in a good way. Like nothing says “I’m a sophisticated adult” than The New Yorker to me. I also just love how fabulous each print is. Paired with a cup of tea or your favorite drink – it’s a great little daily activity to embrace a slow, calm moment during the holiday season. Definitely work bookmarking as something to snag during the Black Friday sale!

The Adventure Challenge Advent Calendar

And last but not least, the advent calendar that was created with the intention of creating connection and getting out of your comfort zone. Each day reveals a new way for your to explore and expand during the holiday season. I love calendars like these because they really encourage you to show up with intention during a time where you might naturally just stay in go mode. It’s the perfect excuse to create new holiday traditions or just try something new. And it’s a scratch off which is so satisfying!


Bonus Round

Since I originally posted this, I’ve come across so many new and fun advent calendars! And I had to share them because why not. If you’re on the hunt for a calendar but haven’t found the one yet, hopefully, this will help you! Also, feel free to DM me if you need help!


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