Why You Can’t Stop Procrastinating – This Will Change Your Life

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Once upon a time, there was a girl who had every intention of being productive. A queen of the to-do list if you will. Armed with the best of intentions, she set out to accomplish all of the things to get her closer to her goals. Only she suddenly found herself distracted and couldn’t stop procrastinating. Again and again. The cycle continued. Sound familiar?

Why You Can’t Stop Procrastinating – This Will Change Your Life

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I’ve spoken a bit about this in different content over the last year – my desire to get back to the version of myself in 2019 who was productive. She was crushing it. Goals were being smashed. Things we’re happening. She was aligned AF and everything was falling into place. 

But now, I’m a different person. The Savvy of 2019 and the Savvy of 2022 are two totally different people – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. So when I had this AH moment the other day around why I couldn’t stop procrastinating, I knew I needed to share it. Because to be honest, it changed my life a bit in a way only the universe and divine guidance can.

The moment I realized I wasn’t actually procrastinating the task but rather the emotion I didn’t want to face. Or the fact that I was leaning into my fear of what happens if I actually achieve my dreams – well I had to take a step back to readjust. 

Today’s episode is a moment for those of us who are on the healing journey. We’re leveling up. We’re setting intentions. We’re getting clear on what we want. But occasionally, the universe is guiding us to become aware of our actions so that we can support ourselves more deeply. Whether that’s asking for help in new ways or falling more deeply in love with ourselves – it’s game-changing. And I can’t wait for you to listen!

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