The Ultimate Abercrombie Curve Love Denim & Leather Pants Review

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If there’s one thing every curvy girl has struggled with at one time or another over the years, it’s shopping for pants. Whether it’s a solid denim choice, leather pants or your every day trousers, it can be a challenge. Luckily for you and me, brands have slowly come around to give us options. And today, we’re reviewing one of my favorite, most loved and most warn. The Ultimate Abercrombie Curve Love Review is here – and we have A LOT to cover!

The Ultimate Abercrombie Curve Love Denim Review

The Ultimate Abercrombie Curve Love Review

A little disclaimer before we jump in: I’ve noticed since I wrote my original Abercrombie vs Madewell post that Abercrombie likes to occasionally make linking things a challenge. I do my best to keep everything update for you. But there are pieces that tend to disappear for no reason only to be found with a bit of sleuthing.

If there’s something I’ve mentioned below you need help finding, I’m always a DM away. Also, there’s at least 1 style I have not been able to get my hands on yet. The Dad jeans were on their way to me until they weren’t (aka they got lost and no one could replace them). So stay tuned for updates on this post as we try new things!

Skinny Jeans

She’s a classic for a reason and yet I find I haven’t worn my skinny jeans for ages. However, these were the first pieces from the Curve Love collection I invested in. And I still love them. *forever and always* Plus, they do an incredible job at accommodating the curves. As far as fit a goes with the different washes – because we know black denim likes to play a different game. I found them fairly consistent. The exception to this rule is always the ones that have a more acid wash as they tend to be stiffer.

Additionally, I find this style really highlights the hourglass figure. These are also great if you tend to sit between sizes like I do. I’ve spoken about it a bit in other content, but I had a bit of a set back with diet culture from 2020 – earlier this year. Paired with depression and weight gain, my clothing options were limited. These jeans were great for quite some time. I typically take my normal size in these with the short option.

Straight Leg Jeans

I honestly was shocked I embraced the straight leg denim when I did. As someone who has felt all kinds of ways about her body, sometimes the straight leg cut can be a bit too boxy for my taste. You might have noticed I tend to favor playing up my femininity & curves. But with the right length, shoes and top, I’ve become a major lover of the Abercrombie curve love straight leg denim.

If you are a bit unsure how to style them, I’ve done a whole post here. I personally tend to go for the regular length here as I find it works better with heels. But if you want more everyday styling inspo, be sure to come follow me on Instagram.

The Ultimate Abercrombie Curve Love Guide
The Ultimate Abercrombie Curve Love Guide


She is making a comeback and it’s strong. These are also one of my fall essentials this year. The flare options for the Abercrombie Curve Love jeans are limited. And truthfully, they are a bit more high waisted than I expected. But in a good way. I’ll be doing a styling guide on these soon but I really love pairing them with a simple, slim top and blazer.

Add in a pair of pointed shoes to really balance out the wide cut, it’s perfection. I went for a regular cut with these to make them work for heels vs my usual short option and they are long. Definitely something to keep in mind before you invest. 


When I purchased mom jeans, I honestly wasn’t quite sure what I’d gotten myself into. It felt so strange to style them after years of being exclusive with skinny jeans. It was weird. However, now that I’ve had the time to play with them a bit, they very much feel like the more expanded version of straight leg denim. Think more balloon in the leg and a bit more curve to them.

I haven’t experimented with these as much as other cuts simply because I originally got them in white and no other colors. But I do find they are a bit more balanced to style. Meaning things that I would pair with skinny jeans also go nicely because I’m not trying to navigate a flare or tapered bottom. I took the shorter cut in these as well.

How To Style Straight Leg Denim On A Curvy Body #petitestyle #abercrombiecurvyjeans #everydayfashion
The Ultimate Abercrombie Curve Love Denim Review #whatsavvysaid


Ah the Abercrombie Curve Love Leather Pants – a random find last year but one that I am oh so thankful for. Being a Florida gal, I don’t tend to get as much use out of these as I do my other pants. They do an excellent job at holding in warmth. But when I do style them or get to enjoy them on a trip out, it’s always fun.

I’ve done a few different looks with these that you can find here. However, my biggest notes here: they are quite stretchy. Think more legging and less stiffness. They offer several cut options with the newer styles. I have a classic straight leg. And they are lined for warmth. I got a regular length in these to make them easier to work with boots.


These aren’t specifically a part of the curve love line. But we’re here so why not! Thus far, I’ve gotten the darker brown and the lighter brown in the leather shorts. The waist on the light brown has a significantly larger gap in the back.

Nevertheless, they are stretchy and fit beautifully. I would suggest tailoring these if you’re also a petite gal. I’m planning to take mine up an inch but for now, rolling them works fine. The size options here limited but I’ve gone for a size Large and am currently a 12 in denim.


If you missed my epic fail review on Tiktok, I made my first pass attempt at these this week. I went for my standard sizing – large & short. It was an absolutely disaster. I’ve order a size larger in regular length so stay tuned. But if you want to get a full picture on why these didn’t work, you can find it here.

Why I've Chosen To Stay Single For 9 Years #whatsavvysaid
woman wearing mint green sweater and straight leg denim and sharing How To Style Straight Leg Denim On A Curvy Body


Dad jeans – when I can get my hands on them, I will update you!

Leather cargo pants – on the list to style this fall as I’m truly curious about them. I don’t know if I see myself as a cargo pants gal but I love fashion. And I’m open to the possibility.


Lose rise – I see this coming and I’m not looking forward to it.

Baggy & Relaxed Jeans – These are both a TBD for me as I’m a bit unsure. However, I feel like it may end up being worth comparing to other styles so stay tuned. For now, I’m quite happy having an abundance of dresses and other options in lieu of these additional pants.

Have you shopped the Abercrombie curve love denim yet? I’d love to know what’s been your favorite so far! If you want more every day styling inspo, be sure to come follow me on Instagram. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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