4 Easy, Festive Drinks To Make This Holiday Season #whatsavvysaid #christmas #holidayseason #holidayfood #holidaydrinks #dairyfree #sodelicious #holidaynog #eggnoglatte #coconuteggnog

4 Easy, Festive Drinks To Make This Holiday Season

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Hello, Holiday season. Thanksgiving is now gone. Cyber Monday is coming. And it’s time to indulge in festive drinks and as much Christmas music as possible! I know this time of year can be challenging for many. With parties and the general holiday craziness, sometimes things sneak up on you. My goal over the next few weeks is to give you some helpful and easy tips for when you’re running short on time.

Today’s post is inspired by a recent love affair with peppermint mochas. As far as festive drinks go, it’s one of my favorites. And luckily for us, you can easily make it at home. So whether you need a last minute party recipe or just want to embrace your inner Christmas at home, let’s chat about easy, festive drinks you can make this holiday season. 

4 Easy, Festive Drinks To Make This Holiday Season #whatsavvysaid #christmas #holidayseason #holidayfood #holidaydrinks #hotcocoa #pepperminthotchocolate #dairyfree #nibmor #vegan


Over the last few months, I’ve made a new discovery: Nib Mor Peppermint Hot Chocolate*. It’s a new favorite and inspired today’s post. Obviously, this is the easiest recipe of the bunch. If you’ve got the hot chocolate, you only need a bit of non-dairy milk, coconut whipped cream and maybe a candy cane or shaved chocolate for topping. But if you want to make the coffee version, you’ll need a bit more.

You can adjust the ratios to fit your taste. However, I’d start with half coffee and half milk for your liquid mixture. Add in the hot cocoa packet and voila, you now have a much cheaper drink as far as festive drinks go. Depending on your preference for sweetness, I’d also recommend starting with half the hot chocolate packet and adding more as needed

4 Easy, Festive Drinks To Make This Holiday Season #whatsavvysaid #christmas #holidayseason #holidayfood #holidaydrinks #dairyfree #sodelicious #holidaynog #eggnoglatte #coconuteggnog
4 Easy, Festive Drinks To Make This Holiday Season #whatsavvysaid #christmas #holidayseason #holidayfood #holidaydrinks #dairyfree #sodelicious #holidaynog #eggnoglatte #coconuteggnog


I have to give credit for this one to Alaina because it’s not something I’d ever considered. But if you’re looking for the best, last minute recipe for festive drinks, this is it. It’s only two ingredient: apple cider & champagne (or prosecco if you’re me). Again, personal preference will probably dictate this recipe. But if you prefer less sweetness, I’d opt for a heavier champagne hand and less cider.

This is also a great option if you’re looking for a non-alcoholic drink. Swap in a bit of sparkling cider and you’ve got a fun, festive drink for everyone. If you’re not into apple cider, you can always go the more traditional mimosa route with orange or pineapple juice. Or you might even pair your champagne with your favorite kombucha. The possibilities are endless.


As far as festive drinks go, eggnog is a bit of a hit or miss thing. Not everyone likes it. So the idea of turning it into a latte might not appeal to you. However, if you’re an eggnog-aholic, then this drink will probably be your go to for the holiday season. Firstly, you’re going to need some eggnog. I’ve only made this with So Delicious non-dairy Holiday Nog but feel free to use whatever you fancy.

You’re also going to need some coffee. I prefer to make this one using my Nespresso so I can have the espresso shots. But regular coffee will work too. And if you have a milk frother, now’s the time to bust it out to froth up your nog. I like to do a mix of almond milk with a bit of holiday nog to tame the sweetness and up the froth. Feel free to experiment and find what works for you. Also, if you don’t have space or budget for a frother, a handheld one* is a great alternative. Super affordable and easily stored for times like these when you need a bit of froth for your festive drinks.

4 Easy, Festive Drinks To Make This Holiday Season #whatsavvysaid #christmas #holidayseason #holidayfood #holidaydrinks #mimosas #applecider #lamarca #prosecco
4 Easy, Festive Drinks To Make This Holiday Season #whatsavvysaid #christmas #holidayseason #holidayfood #holidaydrinks #mimosas #applecider #lamarca #prosecco


This one is inspired by the most recent recipe from Minimalist Baker. It’s also great if you need a break from all the festive drinks you’ve indulged in after this post. As much as I’d love to drink coffee like a Gilmore, my body has a limit for caffeine. If you’re pressed for time, you can always grab pre-made tea bags at the store. But if you have a chance, this caffeine free chai tea blend is easy to whip up at home.

It would also make a great homemade gift. I love a good tea blend and this one is made with spices most people keep in their pantry. Pop them together in a cute jar, tie a recipe card with baker’s twine* on it and you’re good to go! Plus, it’s a gut friendly which makes it the perfect drink to sip on after a holiday feast. Festive drinks and easy, last minute gifts? I’d say we hit the holiday jackpot.

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