5 Wardrobe Staples Everyone Need In Their Closet #whatsavvysaid #fallfashion #winterfashion #wardrobestaples #falltrees #plaid #yellowleaves

5 Wardrobe Staples Everyone Needs In Their Closet

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Try as I might, I’m a creature of habit. And there are somethings I just don’t change. I prefer my coffee with almond milk, always have at least 1 red lipstick in my purse and will forever be obsessed with One Tree Hill*. So like most of my habits, my wardrobe staples have held strong in their ways. Despite trends and age, there are the pieces I come back to time and time again. I’d consider them classics but they are the items anyone can rock.

With all the holiday sales, Christmas wishlists and shopping over the next month, it’s a great time to consider investing in a few staples. And while fashion posts aren’t typically my thing, I wanted to share a few of my favorites pieces with you. Let’s chat wardrobe staples, shall we?

5 Wardrobe Staples Everyone Need In Their Closet #whatsavvysaid #fallfashion #winterfashion#wardrobestaples #christmastree #nudeheels #blazer #festivescarf #redlip


There are some items that automatically make your outfit look fancier. A good basic blazer is one of them. I’d suggest trying on a few to find the right fit for you. Banana Republic* has quite the selection if you’re in the market. However, investing in a fitted but not stiff blazer was one of my better fashion choices last year.

I’m a bit picky with patterns since I’ve found I grow tired of them rather quickly. So if I want something a bit more in season, I’ll stick with scarves, shoes or bags. Which means outfit wise, I have a rotation of basics. A blazer is something you can pair with pretty much anything and it works. Add a lace cami, some nude heels and a festive scarf*, and you’ve got a killer outfit every time.


I own quite a few plaid shirts. I’m not quite sure how it happened but they’ve collected over the years. But every time I do a wardrobe clean out, they are the items I keep because I know they always work. Over the years, I’ve swapped around my go to ways to wear it. Previously, I’ve gone with leather skirts* or under a sweater. My favorite way to wear it these days is tied at the waist to flatter my curves.

Plaid* always seems to ground an outfit to me. So whether it’s a blue leather skirt or my well worn black jeans, I know that it will work. Wardrobes staples are all about versatility. And there’s something about plaid that can be used in lots of different ways. It’s a well loved staple in my collection.

5 Wardrobe Staples Everyone Need In Their Closet #whatsavvysaid #fallfashion #winterfashion#wardrobestaples #christmastree #nudeheels #blazer #festivescarf #redlip
5 Wardrobe Staples Everyone Need In Their Closet #whatsavvysaid #fallfashion #winterfashion#wardrobestaples #christmastree #nudeheels #blazer #festivescarf #redlip


Now I know several friends who aren’t into heels. If you’re one of those gals, feel free to swap nude flats, booties, or other shoes in here. When I think of wardrobe staples, I want items that easily take an outfit up a notch. Because I’m a bit vertically challenged, I tend to reach for heels/wedges regularly. However, it’s also because they are an easy way to give any look some extra flair.

You could rock a blazer, tee and jeans look with converse. Classic and an outfit that works when you want to dress down. But swap the chucks for some heels and you’ve got that added bit of pizazz. I’m sure there’s a Cinderella joke about a pair of shoes changing a girls life here. A nude pair of heels can change your outfit in an instant and is something everyone needs in their wardrobe staples.


Whoever decided to look past round neck tees and create v-necks deserves a massive cake. And probably a large latte because that is how much I love these tees. My closet is a testament to my love for a good v-neck. I own a range of colors but I always come back to my favorite: white.

There’s just something about the cut of a v over the round look that is more slimming. Personally, I’m still on the hunt for the perfect one. Something that fits just right, isn’t see through and doesn’t cost a million dollars. For now, I’ll stick with my Target finds and pair it with my blazer & heels. Or maybe my jeans and some booties. Or a bit of leather leggings and some fun shoes. It’s a classic that works with anything.

5 Wardrobe Staples Everyone Need In Their Closet #whatsavvysaid #fallfashion #winterfashion#wardrobestaples #christmastree #nudeheels #blazer #festivescarf #redlip
5 Wardrobe Staples Everyone Need In Their Closet #whatsavvysaid #fallfashion #winterfashion#wardrobestaples #christmastree #nudeheels #blazer #festivescarf #redlip


There’s something about lace that adds elegance without being too much. And a lace cami* is easily one of the best wardrobe staples a girl could own. You can rock it with oversize sweaters, a bomber jacket or so many other looks. Plus, it works for almost all occasions.

I tend to gravitate towards simpler looks. So even on the days where I’m not feeling up to putting loads of effort into my outfit, a lace cami, my black bomber jacket and some simple gold jewelry always make me feel like I can girlboss my day. I’m a big believer in using my clothing to elevate my mood. Finding the outfits that make you look and feel good no matter what are key. And a lace cami is one of my wardrobe staples that makes me feel amazing every time.


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