5 Tips To Help You Combat Bloating #whatsavvysaid #bloating #wellness #healthtips #wellnessblogger #fallphotos

5 Tips To Help You Combat Bloating

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Like death and taxes, bloating is something we all deal with. For some, it might mean you look 6 months pregnant. And for others you might just feel a bit of discomfort making your clothes too tight. Bloating happens to us all. But like most stomach issues, there are ways to help fight the bloat. So today’s post is all about helping your fight back. These are the tips I use when I find my stomach isn’t particular happy or I’m bloating. Let’s get started! 

5 Tips To Help You Combat Bloating #whatsavvysaid #bloating #wellness #healthtips #wellnessblogger #fallphotos


I feel like I should disclaimer this with figure out what works best for you. But personally, I’ve found yoga helps my body start to release the gas that builds up. Now I’m not talking about anything crazy. There are no headstands or intense poses happening in this yoga sequence. I know when you feel overfull or uncomfortably bloated it can be hard to move.

However, I went in search of a video a few months ago to help ease my bloated stomach. And after doing the yoga sequence from Yoga with Adriene, I felt so much better. Sometimes the small movements really help to break up whatever is going on in your gut. Don’t be afraid to try a few difference poses to see what works best for your body. But yoga is always one of my go to choices when I feel the bloat.


Life over the last month has been a bit chaotic. Thank you Hurricane Michael. So I haven’t really stuck with my intermittent fasting like I’d prefer. But one of the big things I noticed when doing it was how it affected my digestion. By giving my body a true window of fasting, my stomach felt so much better. It gave my body a chance to really breakdown what I’d consumed and fully digest it.

If you don’t already practice an extended fasting window, I’d encourage you to try it. Even starting with a 12 hour window between dinner and breakfast can do great things. But giving your digestion the chance to really work can help your body process things better. And it also gives you a better sense of what your stomach does and doesn’t like. I’m still a massive fan of intermittent fasting for this reason

5 Tips To Help You Combat Bloating #whatsavvysaid #bloating #wellness #healthtips #wellnessblogger #fallphotos
5 Tips To Help You Combat Bloating #whatsavvysaid #bloating #wellness #healthtips #wellnessblogger #fallphotos


I’m a big believer that our body likes to communicate with us in different ways. Acne, aches & pains, headaches? They are all part of our body trying to tell us something. This also means sometimes that bloating or stomach ache you get is also your body trying to say something.

Over the years, I’ve done elimination diets, tested theories and taken food sensitivity tests. And they’ve each taught me something about what my body does and does not like to digest. But if you’re constantly bloating or getting random stomach pains, it might be time to do a test of your own. You can pay for a test like the one from EverlyWell* (use code: EVERLYWELL for 12% off your order) that tests for 99 different sensitivities. Or you can do an elimination diet on your own or through another company. Figuring out your food triggers can be a big thing if you’re constantly fighting the bloat.


With so many probiotics on the market, I know it can be hard to choose one. Personally, it took me months to land on the one I’m taking now. But having a healthy gut is key if you’re wanting to combat bloating. My favorite probiotic is from Seed. It’s actually a synbiotic because it contains both pre & probiotics. You keep it at room temperature so I don’t ever have to worry about forgetting to take it because it’s in the fridge.

For me, my skin is very telling of my current digestive state. And taking a regular probiotic that works for my body has helped with both bloating and acne. I’m planning to do a post soon on how to find a probiotic within your budget. But if you’re on the hunt for one to help combat bloating, I’d highly recommend Seed.

5 Tips To Help You Combat Bloating #whatsavvysaid #bloating #wellness #healthtips #wellnessblogger #fallphotos


I think we can all agree that there is such a thing as too much sugar. From the effects on your hormone levels to your afternoon energy crash, sugar can do crazy things to the body. If you find that you are already fighting inflammation in the body, eating loads of sugar is like adding fuel to the fire. Now, don’t read me and think I’m saying you can never ever have sugar. I love a bit of Hu Kitchen chocolate* as much as the next girl. Rather I’d suggest being mindful of your sugar consumption.

Focus on making your meals full of vegetables that your body will easily digest. And if you want a bit of sugar, let it be a plus one to the party not the main party. Our bodies can do some amazing things. But we have to remember to give them the tools to help them do it. A little less sugar and a bit more veg is one way you can help fight the bloating and discomfort.

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