Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test Review – Do I Still Love It 5 Years Later

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Five years ago, armed with a bit of curiosity and an overwhelming need for answers, I took the EverlyWell Food Sensitivity test. It was the beginning of my healing journey. And I never could have predicted how it would unfold. Thankfully, I learned a lot and with today’s update, I can share some well-earned insight on everything you need to know before taking the EverlyWell Food Sensitivity test.

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Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test Review

What is the Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test?

Everlywell offers two different food sensitivity tests. There is the regular test and the comprehensive test. The original test measures your body’s immune response to 96 different foods vs the comprehensive test which covers 206.

Is the food sensitivity test legit?

100%. The tests are science-based and provide you with a great starting point if you’re looking to understand how your body may be responding to certain foods. However, the test is limited to your current diet. For example, I removed a majority of dairy from my diet 9 years ago so I’m far more likely to have a lower response simply because it’s not something my body is being triggered by because I no longer eat it.

Food sensitivities can change over time – more on that below. But if you’re wanting a current panel of your body’s immune response (whether it feels supported or not by your diet), this is a great place to start.

Can the food sensitivity test for lactose intolerance?

No, it cannot. The original test didn’t note this but when you take the test now, they ask if you have a history of any allergies or issues. I learned during my 5-year update that the lactose intolerance test is actually a breath test. The food sensitivity one is done via blood samples.

everlywell food sensitivity test for lactose intolerant
list of food for everlywell food sensitivity test for lactose intolerant
list of food for everlywell food sensitivity test for lactose intolerance
list of everlywell food sensitivity test

What can the food sensitivity test for?

The list of foods is extensive (see photos above). But the comprehensive test covers an abundance of herbs, different forms of dairy, meats, fruits, vegetables, and grains. With my first test, I did the regular test. However, my update gave me much more specific insight. Before, I was found to have gluten sensitivity. This time it registered as wheat but gluten was no issue meaning that I most likely have a sensitivity to another protein found in wheat besides gluten.

How often should you do a food sensitivity test?

Depending on how you do things after taking the test, it’s recommended to wait 6-9 months before testing again.

What do you do after you take a food sensitivity test?

The EverlyWell Food Sensitivity test registers things on a scale of normal reactivity to high reactivity. It’s suggested to start with an elimination diet for 30 days and then gradually reintroduce a food to see how your body responds. There is an abundance of resources on their site you get with the test to help you navigate this.

With my original test, I was highly reactive to 4 foods – 3 of which were in the gluten/wheat family. This made my elimination diet a lot easier. However, with my update, I had 22 foods in the mild reactivity section. My plan this time is to focus on the foods that are much higher on the scale for me and to work from there.

How have my results changed or stayed the same after 5 years?

In general, food sensitivity tests are looking at enzyme deficiencies in your body. For me, this has translated to needing a temporary break from certain foods (cinnamon was high on my first test but is not an issue now). And foods like wheat that remain a problem because my body really isn’t optimized to process it.

I think the most important thing to note with this test is that it’s reflective of your current diet. I was shocked to find chicken and egg whites so high on my chart. But also not so surprised. I haven’t focused on the highest quality of meat which is very much taking an impact on my body. Additionally, I’ve recently added a significant amount of egg whites to my diet as a way to increase my protein. Something my body is definitely not used to and likely not able to keep up with yet.

everlywell brewer's yeast result

How long does it take to get results?

I got my test results within a week. Presently, there are no time restrictions on when you need to take the test so I was able to do it within a few hours of it arriving at my door. I popped it in the mail on Monday. It made it to the lab on Thursday and I was emailed my results on Friday. It was incredibly quick.

Tips For Taking the Test

Re-read the instructions thoroughly before starting. The best part about EverlyWell is that they are consistently updating things to get you the best results. So it’s always worth double-checking just to make sure.

My other biggest tip would be to get into the slightly meatier part of your finger when you use the lancet. I made the mistake this time around of using it towards the thinner part of my skin on the outside and it clotted too quickly. Also, if you need to shake your finger/hand out to get the blood flowing, try not to move it above your heart. It will clot faster if you do.

Anything Else?

It’s really worth noting that above all else a food sensitivity test is a tool. A large majority of chronic conditions can be linked to inflammatory issues. So if you’re body is having a hard time processing foods, in this case lacking the enzymes and making you more sensitive, it can contribute to a host of other issues.

Everyone will have different results and ultimate outcomes when taking the test. But I find the best thing it can teach you is to understand your body’s cues and to help you get clear on what feels best for you. I’m a massive fan of EverlyWell and this test has been a game-changer for me over the years by helping me feel my best, maintaining my health, and keeping me accountable for what my body finds supportive.

And for those of you who made it this far, you can save 20% off your order with code RMN20. Follow me on Instagram for more updates!

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