5 Ways To Eat More Plant Based This Month #whatsavvysaid #girlswhocook #wellnessblogger #plantbased #veganfood #brunchtime #cookwithme #plantbaseddiet

6 Ways To Eat More Plant Based This Month

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April is upon us and that means it’s time for this month’s fast: vegan month! Technically, we are fasting quite a few things but the goal of this month is really to just eat more plant based. From the little things like using tempeh instead of chicken or opting for a smoothie over eggs, there are tons of easy ways to eat more plant based in April. And today I’m sharing a few of my favorites that I’ll be using over the next few weeks.

5 Ways To Eat More Plant Based This Month #whatsavvysaid #girlswhocook #wellnessblogger #plantbased #veganfood #brunchtime #cookwithme #plantbaseddiet


Trying to incorporate any diet into your life can be overwhelming. Whether it’s vegan, paleo or just going dairy free, it can take a while to learn the ins and outs. One of my favorite ways to make the transition even easier is with meal delivery services. Companies like Sun Basket* and Purple Carrot are great if you’re looking to eat more plant based. 

Sun Basket is perfect if you don’t necessarily subscribe to one diet but want the option to select vegan meals. With the flexibility of their program you can order vegan, paleo and Mediterranean all in one go. They pride themselves on sourcing quality ingredients and have generally become one of my favorites to order from. Plus, you can currently save $80 on your first three orders! Purple Carrot is perfect for those who are only wanting plant based meals. Their menu is great at making plant based eating exciting. 


With the growing popularity of eating more plant based, finding alternatives for your favorite dishes is easier than ever. Blogs like The Minimalist BakerOh She Glows and Blissful Basil are great resources for finding amazing plant based food! I wasn’t much of a cookie lover until I discovered Angela’s recipe for Crispy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies. They never last more than 2 days in our house. Even Bear is obsessed and will try to steal them off the counter. 

Personally, I know I’ll be reaching for a lot of the Deliciously Ella Recipes this month. With the newly launched app*, I’m excited to dive into all the plant based goodness and wellness content Ella will be sharing. Plus with the app it’s super easy to plan your meals for the week, make a shopping list and save your favorites!

5 Ways To Eat More Plant Based This Month #whatsavvysaid #girlswhocook #wellnessblogger #plantbased #veganfood #brunchtime #cookwithme #plantbaseddiet
5 Ways To Eat More Plant Based This Month #whatsavvysaid #girlswhocook #wellnessblogger #plantbased #veganfood #brunchtime #cookwithme #plantbaseddiet
5 Ways To Eat More Plant Based This Month #whatsavvysaid #girlswhocook #wellnessblogger #plantbased #veganfood #brunchtime #cookwithme #plantbaseddiet


Believe it or not I’ve never been particularly good at eating my veggies. And if I’m not mindful, I can easily snack my way through a day without reaching for a single one. Before I went plant based and now more so pegan (paleo + vegan), this was one of my tricks for upping my veggies in a day. Now don’t get me wrong, not every vegetarian meal is fab. More often than not they don’t add back in what they take out. And if you’re looking to cut back dairy, finding plant based options can be challenging.

However, if you’re simply working to eat more plant based this month, this is a great way to go about it. Loads of menus will feature veggie sandwich options, meals built around sides or occasionally a truly amazing plant based dish. If you can’t live without your meat, you can always ask for a side of something. But if you want a simple way to up the veggies in your life, this hack will get you there quickly!


One of the many things I love about the Whole Foods hot line is the labels. If you’re looking for something vegan, gluten free or even soy free, you can quickly find it. And for those of us looking to eat more plant based this month, it takes the guess work out of what we can & can’t eat. 

If you happen upon me in a Whole Foods, you’ll probably notice my hot box has a little of everything. Using the labels, I can narrow down my options and then try new foods without having to worry about loads of waste. Sure I may not like some random curry rice dish but with the hot line I can try a small amount rather than waste an entire meal. It’s an easy and perfect way to test out the waters of eating more plant based without feeling like you have no choices. 

5 Ways To Eat More Plant Based This Month #whatsavvysaid #girlswhocook #wellnessblogger #plantbased #veganfood #brunchtime #cookwithme #plantbaseddiet
5 Ways To Eat More Plant Based This Month #whatsavvysaid #girlswhocook #wellnessblogger #plantbased #veganfood #brunchtime #cookwithme #plantbaseddiet


I personally do a lot of the meal planning in our house from cookbooks. It’s a great way for me to test new things and let you guys know if I think they are worth it. And to be honest about 75% of the ones I currently use are vegan or vegetarian. I know not everyone likes to cook this way. But I do think it’s an easy way to eat more plant based without feeling so overwhelmed by what you feel like you can’t eat. 

I have a few faves I go to time and time again. For breakfast, I find I reach for One Part Plant*. Her potato breakfast bowl is my favorite for a more savory brunch or when I’m cooking for others. If I’m craving something sweet, I’ll reach for The Oh She Glows Cookbook*. And when I just need a bit of inspiration, I’ve been cooking from A Modern Way To Eat* a ton. It’s a vegetarian cookbook that also features my all time favorite vegan chili. SO. GOOD.


If I’ve learned anything in the few months we’ve been doing monthly fasts, it’s so much easier to do with a friend. I know that changing anything can feel overwhelming. But eating more plant based doesn’t have to be if you aren’t going at it alone. Find a friend who will try new restaurants and recipes with you. Make it a girl’s night and do a plant based taco bar! I always find that doing things with friends is even more fun. And before you know it, April’s fast will be over and you will have learned new healthy habits! 


Do you have any favorites ways for eating more plant based? Will you be joining the April fast? I’d love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below and let me know. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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