Affordable Clean Skincare Under $25 featured by top ATL lifestyle blogger, What Savvy Said

Best Affordable Clean Skincare For Under $25

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I am by far a girl who loves her skincare. And if I can find a product that’s affordable, effective and meets my ingredient requirements, I’m even happier! Now don’t get me wrong, we all know I’ll indulge in my pricer serums and my Tata Harper obsession*. But I’ve really been loving trying affordable clean skincare products lately. So of course, I decided to dedicate an entire blog post to them.

A few disclaimers before we start today. There are SO many affordable clean skincare products on the shelves. I’m only sharing products I love, use and have tested. But there are many I haven’t tried or gotten my hands on yet so stay tuned for more products down the road. If you haven’t read my how to shop and save on clean beauty post, it pairs perfectly with today’s list. Thankfully for all of us, clean beauty has only grown in popularity over the last few years. So it’s easier than ever to find affordable clean beauty under $25. Happy shopping friends!

Affordable Clean Skincare Under $25 featured by top ATL lifestyle blogger, What Savvy Said


This was a 2020 discovery for me when I needed to reign in my skincare budget but also meet the needs of my picky skin. I tend to be more dry/normal than sensitive. But I’ve learned the hard way in the years of battling hormonal acne, cleanser is major in impacting my moisture levels.

I like to use this as a first cleanse with the occasional second cleanse if it’s my travel cleanser of choice. It’s gentle and does require a bit of water to lather. But it breaks down my face makeup really well. My skin doesn’t feel stripped when I use this. And it doesn’t hurt that you can find it at most Whole Foods and Target.

Drunk Elephant A-Passion Retinol

I absolutely adore this product and can’t recommend it enough especially now that I’m over the 30 hump. Hello wrinkles! I’ve hmm’d and haaa’d over Botox for ages. And while it’s something I’ll potentially pursue, I’m enjoying using this retinol as my initial defense in helping to minimize/fight aging.

She’s super strong so start light with this one. I often see it recommended to buffer it with a moisturizing cream. Meaning you would mix a bit of moisturizer in with the serum to tone down the potency. However, I would not recommend an oil as it can move around too much resulting in product on your delicate skin areas. But it helps give me my everyday glow so it’s won a long term place in my skincare rotation.

Rosebud Slave

Years ago, during one of the winters in which I worked in film in Atlanta, I was suffering from some seriously chapped lips. I hadn’t quite begun to understand that my skin was more dry than I realized without a constant stream of humidity. So in an effort to save me, one of our makeup artists on set kindly introduced me to Rosebud Salve. It’s been a favorite ever since.

You can buy it in a couple of forms. But I love the tin for have a super thick layer to really combat any dryness when I travel or for an overnight mask. However, if you’re more of a balm gal, the tube works great on the go!

H.Hazel Eye Gels

Cold eye gels are easily one of my most used bridesmaid/photoshoot tricks when I want to look like I’ve gotten ALL the sleep when I haven’t. They are also great for just reminding you to take a chill moment for yourself when things get crazy. I have super sensitive eyes. It’s one of the reasons I lean towards cleaner products. And the H.Hazel eye gels have been a go to for few years.

These aren’t the kind I would wear while doing my makeup as they slide a bit with the gel consistency. But I would happily pair them with the farmacy sheet mask on this list as well some gel eye rounds + a 20 minute meditation. You’ll be looking and feeling refreshed in no time.

Affordable Clean Skincare Under $25 - Cocokind Cleanser + Wellness Blogger

Cocokind Vitamin C Serum

I recently did a blog post on Vitamin C serum. Spoiler alert: it’s one of my secrets to glowy skin. And while I didn’t mention it there, this serum is a great budget friendly option if you’re looking to dip your toes into the C waters.

In general, it takes about 3-6 months to see real change with skincare products. So this is one you can hopefully try consistently without breaking the bank. Plus, it’s another Target & Whole Foods find. Both are great for having sales & coupons so keep your eyes out to save some extra cash!

Cocokind Chia Seed Facial Oil

Are we sensing a them yet for today’s post? Tbh there’s only a few occasions where I use oil in my routine: paired with a balm to add in more hydration in the winter & when I want to use my gua sha tool. But for both of those occasions, I’ve been reaching for this for the last year or so.

It’s not too heavy that it clogs your skin up but not so light that it doesn’t impact your skin. Plus, coming in at under $20, it definitely fits our affordable clean skincare list. It would also be perfect for cuticles if you’re struggling with dry hands.

Weleda Skin Food Butter

There’s not currently a holy grail skincare products post on the blog, but if there was, this would be at the top of the list. I am notoriously lazy for being consistent with lotion. I have periods where I’m great and then there’s weeks of slacking. But this body butter MAKES me want to use it. My skin feels so soft, smooth and hydrated.

You could absolutely pair this with the chia seed oil for an extra moisture bump in the colder months. Or if you struggle with dry feet & want softer looking heels for summer, layer this on and then wear socks for few hours. Seriously, it’s worth it. And a little goes a long way so you’ll definitely get a ton of use from this one!

Kopari Deodorant

As far as cleaner deodorant goes, I often felt like finding the perfect one was akin to finding a unicorn. And while I’ve yet to see a unicorn in real life, I can happily report I’ve solved at least one of these life problems. The kopari deodorant glides on smoothly which is something I often find is an issue with other clean options. There’s no irritation or rash. Just an easy to use, moisturizer deodorant. 

They’ve developed quite a line of scents over the last several years. My favorite is the classic version. It lasts well. I don’t find I have any smell issues. And it’s essential for my run routine as it helps prevent any underarm chaffing.

Affordable Clean Skincare Under $25 - Cocokind Cleanser + Wellness Blogger

Upcircle Fennel & Cardamom Chia Soap Bar

Now I have tested quite a few bars of soap over the last few years as I’ve made an effort to become more sustainable with my lifestyle. But this soap is hands down the best of the bunch. It’s hydrating and makes your skin feel soft. Use it with a silicone loofa and it lathers without any issue. Plus, the scent is subtle so you can easily layer it with other products.

Alpha H Liquid Gold

If you’ve read my most recent skincare routine, this product might look familiar. It’s one of my all time favorite acid exfoliators that helps keep my skin smooth. Paula’s Choice BHA is a steady option in my routine as it does an amazing job keeping my skin clear & the hormonal acne away.

However, I do occasionally find that I need something a bit stronger to cleanse away the dead skins cells. This is the product I reach for. If you’ve ditched the physical exfoliating products but need something to keep your skin looking fresh, definitely try this one.

Pai Rosehip Bio Oil

If I had to pick an all time oil, this would easily win right now. It’s got both the nourishing oil benefits as well as some powerful ingredients. In general, Pai has a brilliant line of skincare. But the rosehip oil was major in both healing my hormonal acne while calming my skin.

Coola Sunscreen

Despite being a Floridian, you might have noticed on IG stories that I don’t go to the beach all that often. But one of my favorite things to do is to run outside by the water. And when the pandemic hit, my need for sunscreen increased exponentially.

The Coola spray sunscreen has been a favorite for years but when I really dived into running, my spf requirements changed a bit. I need something that would hold up against the humidity, protect my skin and wasn’t going to immediately lift off as soon as the sweat kicked in. Plus, with the spray applicator, I can easily protect my ears and other bits that don’t get covered with my upf clothing.

The pina colada scent of this happens to be my favorite. We use and love it so much it’s become a staple in my amazon subscription. But you can also find it on Sephora and other beauty retailers. Truly, it’s one of my all time faves. It’s just a bonus that it fits in the affordable clean skincare under $25 category.


If you haven’t hopped on the Josh Rosebrook train yet, all aboard! As far as good quality affordable clean skincare products go, he is the man. And the hydrating accelerator is just one of the many amazing products he makes. I use this as a toner or to layer in between products when my skin needs the extra moisture. But it’s an amazing mist that hydrates your skin like a dream. You definitely won’t regret this purchase.


This toner has become a staple in my skincare collection over the last few years because it always comes through. If I’m testing new products or need a more gentle routine the morning after a facial or retinol, I reach for this. It’s such a classic. I also loving it for layering when I need the extra hydration. Another amazing affordable clean skincare find for my girls who love a budget buy!

Farmacy Gel Sheet Mask

And last but not least, I can’t imagine doing this post without at least one mask. It’s been a while since I’ve dabbled into lots of masks but this one from Farmacy is a travel favorite. It hydrates, calms and helps add in that extra glow no matter what I’m doing.

Like the eye gels, I enjoy popping these in the fridge or using with an ice roller. It helps to really de-puff and snatch the face. This means less contouring and more enjoying your skincare routine. It’s also the perfect excuse to take a few extra minutes for you no matter what’s going on in your day. Highly recommend getting even more out of your skincare budget by shopping for these on the brand website. You can get 4 masks for $16. Such a deal!

Do you have any affordable clean skincare products you’re obsessed with? Come find me on Instagram and lets chat! I love to hear from you! And be sure to sign up for the newsletter so you never miss a post. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy



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