3 Most Comfortable High Heels + The Ones To Skip

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When I got a request to do post on the most comfortable high heels on instagram a few months ago, I immediately said of course! And then 5 minutes later wonder exactly how I was going to share this with you because A. I wear lots of uncomfortable heels b/c I’m all about the vibe and B. I never wear anything less than 3 inches.

But over the years, I’ve discovered some of my staple brands for shoes. Of course, there is a bougie moment or two thrown in, however, there are always brands I reach for time and time again. So today I’m rounding up my top picks for you if you’re looking to add a bit of height with some comfort. Let’s talk heels friends!

Most Comfortable High Heels

Sam Edelman Mules

Of all the shoes in my collection, my mules are easily my most frequently worn. But they are some of my most comfortable high heels as well. The soles of these have just enough cushion to bare the majority of the weight without being too much that you have a platform shoe.

I currently own two pairs: black leather & yellow satin. And they are my go to pairs for everything. If you like the Balceiaga mules but aren’t quite there yet financial, these are a great option!

The mules can be a bit challenging to find between seasons. However, they typically have at least one style available with the fall collection. They are the perfect shoe to add just a little bit to an outfit or for something with a bit more flair. Highly recommend!

Express Woven Sandals

These are a recently addition to the shoe collection but I’ve been drooling over the Bottega sandals for ages and needed something a bit sooner. The curve is just enough to life your heel but isn’t too much on the arch. Plus, they are super budget friendly!

Looks Like Summer Woven Sandal

I’ve been cautiously admiring the square toe styled shoe for the last few years. And like many, I thought it would be a moment. But it looks like it’s a trend to stay and I’m obsessed with these beige sandals that recently landed in my closet.

If you’re someone who struggles with feeling like your feet are smushed or like you have no support under the balls of your feet, you’ll love these. The sizing is a little off from normal so be sure you double check before ordering. Nevertheless, I’m obsessed.

3 Most Comfortable High Heels + The Ones To Skip - Are Louboutin's Comfortable-

Less Comfortable High Heels

LPA Augustine Heel

I definitely feel like these were a spontaneous purchase. And I’m not mad about it but I don’t know if I would buy them again. That being said they are super cute. They give me Sandy in Grease vibes. I’ve had fun styling them so far.

My one complaint would be that I don’t feel as though I can walk quickly in these shoes. Ask me to run in my mules? Done. I’ve moved a friend into her apartment wearing them. However, the band placement across the toes makes these a more casual shoe fit. Think slow stroll after dinner.

Badgley Mischka Jeweled Heels

The shine factor alone will forever win my heart with these shoes as will the memory of wearing them in Paris. But I do think the choice to go with a larger size was a fail on my part. Comfort wise, you could do an extended evening in these fairly easily. The one caveat being that you have to be mindful of the shoe material. It snags easily.

These also come with extra crystals which you’ll need. I’d also suggest making sure they travel in a dust bag. If you’re looking to add a bit of sparkle into your heel collection, these are definitely a win!


If you’ve read my Material World blog post, you’ll recognize these. They are the one pair of mixed metal heels in my collection and are my favorite for adding some flair to an outfit. I’ve worn them a ton as well as seen a lot of love from you babes on Instagram.

However, when it comes to my most comfortable high heels, there’s one big flaw for me here. They forever rub the outside of my little toe with long wear. Height? It’s 3-4 inches putting most of the pressure on the balls of the feet. I find it takes a minute to adjust when I put these on. But they are gorgeous and always look good so I’m still going to love and wear them all the time.

Least Comfortable High Reels


I almost forgot about these as I was writing this post but we NEED to talk about them. I swear every blogger owns them and they are the shoes that are in my collection because they work for all the things. However, they are quite uncomfortable within the first hour.

I’ve worn them for multiple weddings and have lasted the ceremony before changing shoes. I suspect that because I have high arches and a history of plantar fasciitis that the block heel makes it worse. But I’m definitely not a fan and will be replacing soon rather than later.

Schultz Sandals

“Super chic. Perfect for all the outfits. Would not wear for a long night of dancing.” If I had to sum these up, I think that covers it.

TBH, these push the height limits of my most comfortable heels for me. I believe they are close to 4 inches. So I don’t wear them when I know I’m going to be walking a ton. However, I enjoy how well they go with everything. They are delicate and make your legs look amazing. And you can pretty much style them with everything. Just know you’ll need to walk a bit slower in these.

Christian Louboutin So Kate 100mm

Ah the long awaited heels of my dreams. I’ve read so many reviews on Louboutin heels over the years. So when my So Kate 100mm came in, I wasn’t fully surprised. I actually had a few days where I considered returning them. The toe cleavage seemed like a bit much initially.

But as you can tell by today’s photos, they are now a part of my heel collection. And they are a vibe. Just not a particularly comfortable one. Nevertheless, I love them. There are some things I know I keep and wear because they help me level up mentally. Red heels definitely fit that category.

If you’re looking to invest, I will say there are some great places online where you can find deals (@selliersknightbridge). I’d also suggest looking directly on the Louboutin website if you’re looking for a particular heel size. I can’t imagine wearing more than 100mm.

I also sized up with these. Plus, there are several tutorials online for how to stretch the toe area so it fits more comfortably. Mine fit well so I didn’t find I needed this but as an fyi. I did add a grip to mine to protect the red but to also keep me from sliding all over. You can find it on amazon and it works for all shoes.

Alrighty friends, there we have it! I didn’t include boots in today’s post but I’ll be sure to update this one as my collection expands. But as always, feel free to DM me with any questions. And make sure you’re signed up for the weekly newsletter so you don’t miss any posts. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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