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I love a good coffee shop. No matter where I travel it’s one of my favorite things to find. The ones that value quality of what they serve amongst their highest priorities are the best. And Amavida Coffee definitely fits that list.

If you’ve read any of my plant based at the beach guides, you’re probably already familiar with Amavida. There are several locations ranging from Seaside to Panama City. Each coffee shop is a little bit different. Seaside is the smallest of the bunch and is best for dropping in. But if you’re looking for a coffee shop to do work, Panama City is your best bet.

Depending on the location, you might find a larger or small food menu. And not all of it is available for the full day. However, the drinks tend to stay the same. Frappes, smoothies, cold brews and loads of tea are all available. I’ve tried a bit of everything and it’s all been good.

They also do a wonderful job of supporting the local community. Often in the shop you’ll find local art for sale. It tends to vary so if you see something you like then it’s best to snag it then. They also sell matcha and kombucha that is made near by as well. Honestly, their matcha is my fave. If you aren’t a fan of super sweet matcha, I’d highly recommend trying it out. It’s lightly sweetened and perfect with coconut milk.

If you’re plant based or into non-dairy milk, Amavida has several available. They also stock a few snacks that are vegan friendly and occasionally put out vegan baked goods. I tried the matcha muffin a while ago, yes I have a matcha problem, but it was amazing. I would try to recreate it but then I’d eat them all the time. Not good.

As far as prices go, they are on par or slightly above the typical chain depending on the drink. However, you’re paying for the quality of your coffee. Amavida serves only fair trade organic coffee. And they have their own roasting facility in Santa Rosa Beach.

So if you’re in the mood for a great cup of coffee or tea, try Amavida next time you’re in the area. Their quality is great and they do an amazing job at supporting their local community. What’s not to love?


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