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Confessional time again friends, I have a new obsession: gut health. What’s that saying? Happy wife, happy life. I think a new version applies here. Let’s change it today to happy gut, happy body.

Over the last few years, people have begun talking about gut health in a different way. The idea that we need to have and keep a healthy gut would have seemed like a foreign conversation 10 years ago. But today, it’s kombucha this and probiotic that. So, what do we really need to know about our guts and how to keep them healthy?


Our guts do so much for our body. They can be the reason we are the picture of health or struggling to feel comfortable on a daily basis. We absorbs nutrients through our guts. We process foods and give our bodies the necessary things it needs to be happy. But sometimes, are guts don’t always agree with us. So how do we keep them happy?

There are a few ways to figure out what works best for your body and your gut. Some of these will be a trial and error. Other times, it just make take time or medical assistant to figure it out.*** Here are the things that I’ve tried and have worked for me in maintaining a happy gut.

Elimination diet – I know that this is pretty much the last thing any one wants to do. We want to live in a way that we can eat whatever we want whenever. But finding our food triggers can help to determine if we are causing our bodies pain. The basic rule to eliminate these foods for 30 days and then gradually re-introduce one at a time to test them.

Foods to consider eliminating: dairy, sugar, corn, soy & gluten. These have been known to effect hormones or cause inflammation in some. Personally, I’ve seen the effects that corn, dairy & sugar have on my body. From stomach pains to headaches, doing an elimination diet helped me to maintain a happier gut and body.

Allergy Testing – Elimination diets can be more affordable but if you’re truly desperate, there is always the option of allergy testing. There is even the option to do an at home mail in test these days. The tests cover all kinds of food allergies from the basic ones to the lesser consider ones. There are a couple on the market currently but a quick google search will point you in the right direction. The big thing to note is what you want to get tested for.

Avoid yeasts, molds and sugar – Your gut holds a level of bacteria that is able to process the things you eat. But if it isn’t in the best place, it’s recommended to avoid eating things that would inflame your gut or make it harder for it these foods down to break down. Limiting these things in your diet can give your gut a chance to heal and over time you can introduce the items in occasionally.



Add probiotics – If you’re looking to build that good gut bacteria up, adding probiotics into your diet is a great way to do it. There are tons of different ways to them into your routine. From powders to daily pills, kombucha to yogurts, it’s easier than ever to find a source of probiotics to add into your day. However, it’s important to note that if you’re looking to add in probiotics, you should opt for ones that don’t come with tons of sugar. Make sure to check the packaging on kombucha and yogurts to get the best for your body.

Truthfully, I know it can seem very overwhelming. And if you’re truly struggling with gut health in a major way, please see a doctor. You may have sibo or some other problem. And based on what’s going on with your body, probiotics can make things worse if you are dealing with sibo.

Meditate – I know this one seems like an outlier but here me out. Everyone’s body processes stress differently. And tons of it can cause a build up of cortisol giving us that lovely stomach fat we all hate. But taking the time to retrain your brain can help your body overall. When I’m stressed, and even when I don’t know that I am, I get headaches. But with meditation, I’m learning to find time and space to breathe. And if you’re new to the game, I’d highly recommend checking out the apps Breethe* & Headspace*.

As always, I hope this helps you in your health journey. And know, it is a journey. It can take time to get your body to it’s best place. Be patient with yourself. You’ll get there.


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*Notes an affiliate link. Thank you for supporting Savee & Savory.

***Please note, I am not a doctor. If you’re looking to make major changes, please consider consulting one before you do so.


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