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When I first started running again, I had no idea how pivotal Peloton running classes would be for keeping me inspired to get in the miles. Seriously, it’s a game changer. But with so many classes available and the occasional bit of imposter syndrome, it can be a bit overwhelming to get going. So today I’ve rounded up my favorite beginner friendly peloton running classes to get you inspired.

These are the classes that have helped push and shape my skills. As well as, they are truly fun which is critical when it’s way too hot out and you can just stop running. Ya know? Walking sounds nice. Why am I doing this? Anyone else’s internal running dialogue sound like that?

Best Beginner Friendly Peloton Runs #whatsavvysaid

Beginner Friendly Peloton Running Classes

Disclaimer: any class can be made beginner-friendly. I’m a sucker for a good playlist over anything. But the key to progress with peloton running classes as well as running in general is understanding your PRE (perceived rate of exertion). Knowing what your pace is and being in control of your breathing is major in helping you last more than just a few minutes. These classes can help you begin to understand those levels for you. 

Bec’s 5-Minute Warm-Up Run

Now I’m very much someone who will burn out her energy quickly if I don’t consciously warm-up for a run (more coming on this soon). But this is also a great way to introduce running into your routine slowly. If I’m on the tread, I almost always use this as my starter just to check in with my body. It’s a great beginner-friendly peloton running class that can also be done outdoors.

30 Minute Walk-Run With Olivia

I love a walk/run for when I’m not too sure how my body is doing and I want that option to push myself if I feel up to it.. However, I wouldn’t underestimate a power walk moment. This is a great class to take similar to how Couch to 5k works. You can alternate between power walking and running intervals. Or whatever feels good for your body. I was pleasantly surprised by how I felt with this run and will definitely be repeating it.

You Can Run: Cadence

If you happen to join the Peloton Tread group on Facebook (highly recommend), you’ll hear a lot of people talking about You Can Run as a very humbling way to start running. Personally, I tend to do things out of order as a way of life so I’ve yet to fully complete this series. But it’s the perfect place to focus on form and really understand what running looks like on a practical level.

There’s a misconception with running that you need to take large steps to move faster. Truthfully, this is a great way to increase injury. Bec’s really talks about how running cadence is quite similar for all of us. And smaller steps are key. 

Running will push you to understand your body’s limits in new ways. But it will also very quickly introduce you to your weaknesses. Perfecting form before expanding on distance and speed is helpful. And understanding cadence (how fast you’re going) while being able to maintain a form that will help you stay energized, not have swollen hands, avoid shin splints, etc. is very helpful!

Best Beginner Friendly Peloton Runs #whatsavvysaid
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Olivia’s 30-Minute Breakthrough Run

This was one of the earlier runs I did when I first started taking Peloton classes. And it’s not necessarily a “beginner” run. However, I do think it really cements what running is about for me. The thing that’s kept me working out for years and keeps me running is how I feel mentally. I like to think of workouts as my happy pill.

But with peloton running classes, you’re really getting someone pouring into your cup. My closest friends who do more intense workouts will tell you that sometimes a good run makes you cry. Like it just forces out whatever you need to release because you feel free. You feel like you were finally able to take a deep breath. This is one of those that allows you to feel safe while also giving you space to let go. Highly recommend as both a beginner friendly peloton running class or just because. 

Bec’s 30 Minute Spice Girls Run

Themed runs and featured artists are one of the things I love most about Peloton. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done the Lizzo ride. It’s just got all the energy! Bec’s Spice Girls run is a happy medium between all the high vibes and enjoying some of the slower but well-loved songs. Personally, this run feels like a great recovery and/or beginner-friendly peloton running class. You’ll have fun but there’s nothing too crazy. It’s also easy to modify if you need to make it an interval run or to go slower. 

Olivia’s 20-Minute HITT Run

There are some classes you take to grow your skills as a runner but also as a way to see how much you’ve grown. With the bike, I’ll occasionally throw in a Tabata ride. But for running, I love a good HITT class. Plus, these are great for when you need to pack a punch in a short amount of time.

I’ve mentioned running roulette on Instagram before (one of my favorite ways to burn out energy when I’m feeling frustrated). I’ll treat a HITT class similarly. I want to push myself to go all out knowing I’m not also adding weights. The goal is to be wiped at the end and leave it all on the road. 

Typically, I find that when I do this once a month, it’s a great way to see where I’m unintentionally holding myself back. Running is such a mental sport. Sometimes we just need to know and/or see we can do something to be willing to expand our expectations/belief in ourselves. This class is great for that plus the playlist is great!

Best Beginner Friendly Peloton Runs #whatsavvysaid

Olivia’s 30-Minute Pop Run

I PR’d on this run and I will 100% give credit to the playlist. It’s one of the reasons I come back to Olivia’s classes time and time again. Truthfully, I love a good walking interval and will take them as needed. So for me, these classes are really about continuing to love running. Running for me is all about the endorphins. It helps me breathe and naturally treat my depression and anxiety while also being fun. This is one of those classes that’s more about fun than skill for me.

Robin’s 20-Minute Beyonce Run

Again, I love a run that’s about fun. And Robin does a great job of reminding you of that with this run. Showing up for a run and knowing what you need for the day will go a long way in growing your skills as a runner. The pop runs tend to be geared toward everyone with the options to make it work for you. So don’t be intimidated by the numbers. It’s a beginner-friendly class if you make it work for you!

Olivia’s 15-Minute Stacking Stuffer

And last but not least, this is an unsung hero class for me for a few reasons. I ran my first consecutive mile a few years ago. I hadn’t really been training specifically for it but I wanted to see if I could do it. It was a great lesson in mental strength. It was also the first time my life I’d ever run a mile. It was a winning moment for sure.

One thing that you don’t get as easily with the other peloton running classes is just locking into a pace and running. The intervals, resistance, and other training tools will increase your skills. But if your long-term goals are to do a 5k, 1/2 marathon, or a larger race, being able to stay in the run at a set pace is major. This is also a great way to test how long it takes you to run a straight mile and see how that speed increases over time. 


And there we have it friends! So many beginner friendly peloton running classes to add to your stacks over the next few weeks. Let me know in the comments below which is your favorite! If you want more daily movement motivation, make sure to come follow me on stories. And if you want workout content and running vlogs, follow me on Tik Tok. I love chatting with other runners! 

You can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter to get all the fun stories about how I’m training and what I’m learning along the way as a runner. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy


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