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Best Clean Beauty Gifts Under $100

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If yesterday’s post didn’t quite suit your shopping needs, I’m hoping today’s round up can help even more. Today clean beauty gifts under $100 guide is packed with a few more solo products. There are so many amazing ones on the market. But if you’re looking to nail a Christmas present for a loved one or even yourself, these are my top picks. Let’s jump in. We’ve got some shopping to do!

1. Josh Rosebrook Advanced Hydration Mask*

I will sing my love of this mask until the cows come home. But probably for longer because I don’t ever see myself being a cow owner. They’re cute and all but I’m a dairy free gal. This mask is my most reached for winter essential. I use it constantly to save my skin. However, I also find that it’s the perfect go to for events, travel and all occasions. If you want to glow, this product is an essential.

2. Slip Silk Pillow*

Yesterday I mentioned that over the last year I’ve fallen in love with the slip silk hair ties. They are a game changer for keeping your hair from breaking. But so it the original product: the pillow case.

Less frizz, less breakage and it doesn’t tug on your skin so it helps with aging. I’m obsessed with mine and just how gentle it is on my face. You’ll definitely win more than one person over with this pick.

3. Ilia True Skin Serum Foundation*

I will confess that I didn’t love this foundation at first. Mostly, I didn’t love my skin so this wasn’t working well for me. But now I rave about it to everyone! If you’re like me and prefer a your skin but better look for your every day makeup, this foundation is the one for you! It’s dewy and adds just the right amount of color. I feel like it belongs on all the lists but definitely the clean beauty gifts under $100 one.

4. Herbivore Bakuchiol Retinol Oil*

Retinol is one of those handy skincare ingredients that not everyone seems to agree on. It’s been known to help with acne, increase skin cell turnover and help people get that glow they are looking for. If you’re not quite ready to hit the Drunk Elephant retinol streets, this a fab clean alternative! It makes for a nice gift for mom or even younger friend who’s starting to invest in skincare.

5. Tata Harper Clarifying Mask*

Truth be told, I don’t keep a lot of masks in my collection. I’d rather invest in my day to day products and save my masking for those EMERGENCY kind of situations. However, this is one of my all times favorites for when your skin looks dull. Thankfully, Tata makes powerful but gentle products. So if you’re looking for something in the clean beauty gifts under $100, Tata is your gal.

6. Skin Gym Face Sculptor*

Facial manipulation is great for stimulating lymphatic drainage and helping to depuff. I shared a jade roller in yesterday’s post. But this is great investment if you’re got a little more in the budget to play with. The design means that you can really navigate the chin and cheek bones. Bye bye puffy face, hello natural contour!

7. Vita Liberata Tan Mousse*

Despite my Floridian residence, I’ve always looked kin to Casper. It’s our chic white glow that makes people love us, right? Occasionally, I like to branch out from my standard paleness and when I do, this is my go to tanner. The color is fab. It lasts for ages. And I don’t have to worry about tons of endocrine disrupting chemicals hanging on my skin for weeks. It’s perfect!

8. May Lindstrom Problem Solver*

Well my hormonal acne and I are doing better than a year ago, there are times when I go of course with eating and my skin needs some backup. Typically, it’s a nice, large cystic spot that wants to chill under the skin. May Lindstrom’s Problem Solver comes to the rescue every time.

This is an investment but which is why it makes for the perfect clean beauty gifts under $100 pick. The jar lasts for ages and you can easily adjust how much you use per masking session. I’m a big fan of the high quality ingredients May picks for her products. Now if only we could convince her to bring back Honey Mud. . .

9. 100% Pure Rose Gold Romance Set*

100% Pure easily wins my award for best holiday sets. They just have SO MANY good ones. But if you’re looking to gift a solid clean beauty set, this is a great pick. High quality pigments plus neutrals is always a good choice! Plus, it’s perfect for the girl on the go because there’s a highlighter, eye shadows and a blush!

10. Drunk Elephant Shelf Control*

Most Drunk Elephant serums are at $80 so this is a value for money win in the clean beauty gifts under $100 battle. The glycolic serum in this bundle alone typically retails at $90. You get everything from cleanser to serum to eye cream to moisturizer in this kit. It’s perfect for covering all the basis with the benefit of a discounted price tag!

11. Therapi Rose Otto Propolis + Ultra Radiance Cream*

Before Paris, I did a little raid of all my samples to prep my flight kit. And this beauty ended up in the mix. It’s super hydrating and makes your skin feel incredibly soft. I felt like my skin was coated in a blanket of moisturizer but not in a bad way. It felt protected and nourished.

This is one of those lush gifts you buy mom because she wouldn’t buy it herself. But again, who says you can also be shopping for you?

12. Herbivore Lapis Facial Oil*

I LOVE a good facial oil. They can be super helpful when breakouts pop up. Herbivore makes some of my favorites but I go back to Lapis time and time again. The blue tansy in it is perfect for helping calm the skin. It also wears well under makeup and sinks in nicely!

13. REN Atlantic Kelp Body Set*

REN comes out with these lush bath sets every year that always seem to make it onto the clean beauty gifts under $100 list. But they are just so lovely! Bath sets are a safe gift but if you can score one that is non-toxic and is amazing, it’s even better. I’ll take 2 please!

14. Aether Beauty Amethyst Gemstone Palette*

Aether Beauty makes some of my most loved clean beauty eye shadow palettes. This palette is their fall launch and it’s been a staple in my makeup bag since I got it. I love the purple tones, the colors are UBER pigmented and it just blends so beautifully. Swatches will be in a post coming soon but for now, I’d highly recommend snagging this for someone you love or yourself this holiday season.

15. Kosas Mixed Metals Trio*

How fun are these liquid eye shadows from Kosas? As scary as they look I promise they are SUPER easy to use. They blend well and last all day. Perfect for that extra bit of brightness on top of the lid, you inner corner or as a solo act. 

16. Pai Natural Treasures Collection*

This Pai kit is my skincare kit of dreams. And yet another one the clean beauty gifts under $100 that I may just buy myself. I’ve gone through more than a few bottles of Pai facial oil. It’s my current favorite for all my dry skin needs. If you’re buying for someone with dry or dehydrated skin, this is gift!


And there we have it friends! You’ve officially survived another gift guide and hopefully have come away with loads of shopping inspo! I’d love to know what you’re buying and loving this holiday season. Be sure to leave me a comment below and let me know. And don’t forget to share this post with a friend. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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