The Best Holiday Gift To Give Back This Season #whatsavvysaid #giftsthatgiveback #adventcalendar #giveback #adventofchange #holidaycalendarforkids

The Best Holiday Gift To Give Back This Season

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There are so many wonderful things to love about the holidays. All the festive lights and time with family or maybe it’s some special holiday tradition for you and your loved ones. There’s just something magical in the air when we make time to really get into the holiday spirit! 

But the older I get, despite all the good intentions, I find I care less and less about the presents. To be quite frank, my taste is expensive and I pretty much buy the things I want when I need them. However, there is one gift I’ve found that I think everyone needs this holiday season. The ultimate gift that gives back and helps you get in the giving mood over the month of December. So if you’re like me and you’re looking to try something different this year, I hope you’ll fall in love with this gift too! Let me introduce you to Advent of Change.

The Best Holiday Gift To Give Back This Season #whatsavvysaid #giftsthatgiveback #adventcalendar #giveback #adventofchange #holidaycalendarforkids

What Is An Advent Calendar?

Traditionally speaking, the advent calendar dates back to the 19th century when chalk marks on doors or candles were used to count down the days to Christmas. The tradition has changed a bit over time but these days advent calendars come in MANY forms and provide little gifts daily. At this point, there’s almost a calendar for everyone. For my vegans and clean beauty lovers, the world is still catching up. But when I was researching for today’s post, I found that Tiffany and Co. has added a $112,000 calendar to their holiday collection this year. Mind blown.

How Does It Work?

Advent of Change is a different kind of advent calendar. Instead of opening doors each day to find beauty treats or chocolate, both lovely things, you find out how you’ve helped someone else in the world. Everything from charities that help the homeless to organization that aid wildlife are included in the calendar. So each day, you get to know how even with a small contribution, you’ve made a difference. I’d definitely say that’s a gift that gives back.


The Best Holiday Gift To Give Back This Season #whatsavvysaid #giftsthatgiveback #adventcalendar #giveback #adventofchange #holidaycalendarforkids
The Best Holiday Gift To Give Back This Season #whatsavvysaid #giftsthatgiveback #adventcalendar #giveback #adventofchange #holidaycalendarforkids


There are a few different calendars available: regular, premium and one for children. The prices range from $22 – $39. It includes a giant card (that is compostable) with 24 doors that tell you daily what cause you’ve helped. So if you’re looking for a holiday gift to give back, this one is eco-friendly and affordable! 

This gift that gives back comes from England so be prepared to wait a little bit if you’re ordering from the US. Thankfully, shipping isn’t insanely expensive and the calendars are well packed. You don’t have to worry about getting a crinkled up advent calendar.

The Best Holiday Gift To Give Back This Season #whatsavvysaid #giftsthatgiveback #adventcalendar #giveback #adventofchange #holidaycalendarforkids
The Best Holiday Gift To Give Back This Season #whatsavvysaid #giftsthatgiveback #adventcalendar #giveback #adventofchange #holidaycalendarforkids

Anything Else?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a US version of this calendar available yet. Maybe something to work towards next year? The company that organizes the calendar is based in the UK so if the charity isn’t international, it’s UK local. It means you’re still supporting a good cause just not one as close to home. Overall, I’m beyond excited to get my advent calendar this year! What an amazing way to start your day knowing where you’ve given back in the world. Plus, if you have kids, it’s a great way to teach them about giving back this holiday season!

What about you? Is there a holiday gift that gives back that you love? If you’re looking for more gift ideas, I’ve done a post packed with brands that also support a cause. But I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below and let me know what you’re looking forward to most this holiday season. And I’d love it if you could share this with a friend so we can spread the holiday love! Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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