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Best Clean Beauty Gifts For Under $50

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The gift guide season has officially begun! And I’m more than excited to share my round up of faves to snag this holiday season. There will be a few clean beauty gift guides coming out over the next week. But first and foremost, we are starting with clean beauty gifts under $50. For all my girls on a budget, I hope these guides will help you make the most of your dollar this season. 

1. Lilah B Bronzed Beauty*

Despite the ever growing collection of bronzers in my drawer, this is the only one I’ve managed to finish over the last year. It’s the perfect mix of cool & warm tones. Plus, it makes for a fab eye shadow when you need something in a hurry. I made sure to repurchase it immediately because I love it so much!

2. Moon Dusts The Full Moon Sachets*

I’m a big fan of that sample life. The last thing you want to do is spend your money one a jar of something you hate. Then it just sits there mocking you and brings you no joy. Thankfully, Moon Juice has this fab sample set of their powders. You can try everything from sex dust to beauty to brain. It’s the perfect clean beauty under $50 gift for the girl who wants to glow from within.

3. Ilia Clean Line Liquid Liner*

This is easily going into my top 5 favorite beauty discoveries of this year. I’d pretty much given up on eye liner for the last year. But when Ilia launched this one, I had to try it. It’s a fab dupe for the Stila liner or Kat Von D. The felt liner is super precise and it wears all day. If you’ve hated all the other clean liners you’ve tried, this is the one to win your heart.

4. French Girl Rose Body Silk*

Have we heard how much I despise most lotion? It’s a thing. You see, most cheaply made lotions add mineral oil in them. They do this to stretch product but not cost. Among the many problems with this ingredient, my chief complaint is with the lack of absorption. When you live in Florida, humidity + sweat don’t mix well with things that just sit on your skin.

French Rose makes some fab body products that will definitely not cause you the same trauma I’m clearly still dealing with. It’s super lush and makes for the best present. Truthfully, I feel like body products are always an amazing gift choice because it’s the one thing we never justify spending the money on. But for a clean beauty under $50 gift, you can’t lose!

5. RMS Luminizer X Quad*

RMS is the OG clean beauty bae in my life. She’s simple, elegant and always fits the occasion. There’s a reason everyone loves the living luminizer. It’s like you’re lit from within. This quad is a great way to invest in cream products for your beauty collection but on a budget*. Plus, it makes packing or being a girl on the go that much easier. One pan and you’re good to go!

6. Briogeo Mystical Mini Gift Set*

With as much heat and intensity as we put our hair through these days, we need products that can help combat the damage. This is the power duo of hair dreams. Scalp revival is perfect for helping to cleanse the scalp of the generous amount of dry shampoo that gets built up. Followed up with a hair mask, your hair will be beyond soft and shiny.  This might just have to be one of those clean beauty under $50 gifts you buy yourself.

7. Honest Hazel Eye Gels*

I mentioned in my IG stories recently that I never travel without these. Climate changes, flights and lack of sleep can be brutal on the skin. So I always make sure I have something that can help de-puff my eyes, give my skin some love and make me look more alive. I also love that you don’t have to worry about any nasty ingredient irritating the mess out of your eyes! Perfect for the clean beauty gifts under $50. Santa could fill my stocking with these and I would be quite happy.

8. Jade Roller*

If definitely feels like we’ve jumped from the jade roller train to the ice roller train this year, which of course is in another guide, but I love the compactness of a classic roller. They are perfect for helping with any puffiness going on (sensing a theme here?) and just adding a little facial massage into your morning routine. If you or your bestie haven’t jumped on this trend yet now is the perfect time. You’ll thank me when you need the extra help after one too many glasses of champagne with family. 

9. Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair*

I may have included the mini version of this product but it’s worth having its own spot in the clean beauty gifts under $50 guide this year. With my fine bleached hair, I’m always reaching for hair masks. They are a staple in my healthy hair routine. And Briogeo makes one of my favorites. You’ll love it and so will your mom.

10. Rose Salve*

Once, a million years ago on the set of a very cold winter shoot, one of the makeup artists on set introduced me to this. There are so so many lip products out there. But when your lips are super dehydrated or facing the Atlanta version of Narnia, you need something that actually sinks in. Rose salve is your girl! And she’s super affordable so perfect for those shopping on a budget or looking to buy their fave person a killer lip balm.

11. 100% Pure Hand Cream Kit*

Of all the body products I was sad to remove from my rotation when I went clean, I think my L’Occitane hand cream was in the top 10. Again, see my lotion frustrations from above. Thankfully, 100% pure KILLS it with their lotion game. They are also killing it with their holiday sets this year. Definitely worthy of a spot on the clean beauty gifts under $50 list. 

12. Au Naturale Cosmetics Warm Holiday Quad*

Do you ever finish your eye makeup and feel like it’s just missing something? You don’t need a lot but there’s just an extra pop that would make a big difference. Au Naturale has you covered with this set. It’s a range of all those gorgeous creamy colors you just need a smidge of to bring that extra bit of life to your lid. Think some of the Chanel shadows minus the potentially hazardous ingredients. And with the holiday bundle, you get an even better deal!

13. Drunk Elephant The Midi Committee*

One of my favorite things about gift shopping this time of year is the clean beauty sets that come out. Drunk Elephant has several this year but this one is perfect if you’ve been looking to try out their retinol. Fair warning, it’s a VERY strong product so be mindful when you start using it. 

This kit is filled with some of the well loved and more recently launched items including the cleansing balm. But at under $50, it’s a definitely a clean skincare steal!

14. Slip Silk Hair Ties*

My post birth control hair and I have been on a a journey this year. It’s taken me almost a year to grow out the incredibly damaged portion and I’m almost there! But in the meantime, I’ve been rather tactical about my care on a day to day basis. And making the switch to silk hair ties has been amazing.

They are so much more gentle on your hair. I don’t have to worry about them causing breakage issues or pulling like crazy. Super soft, super cute and great if you’re looking to pull your hair back for the gym without breaking it all off!

15. Kopari Coco Faves Kit*

This Kopari kit is filled with the classic faves: the deodorant (my favorite for over a year), the cleansing balm, lip gloss (a handbag staple) and the face cream. Kopari falls towards the more affordable side of clean beauty but with some amazing products! You could buy this for your mom or maybe yourself. I don’t think Santa would mind, do you?

16. Kopari Kiss Of Coco Lip Gloss Set*

This lip duo makes for the perfect stocking stuffer or addition to a gift basket. Because sometimes you just need a basic gloss to get the job done when you’re on the go.

17. Tata Harper Glow Getter Set*

I LOVE Tata Harper. Her products are incredible and I’m always more than impressed. But it can be hard to snag anything if you’re on a tight budget. Thankfully, the glow getter set is an amazing way to dip your feet in the Tata water. Perfect for all skin types and sure to win you over whether you want it to or not.

Savvy tip: Tata’s cleansers are typically used with dry hands and dry skin. So if you do snag it, be sure to use it more as a 2nd cleanse in the evening or a morning cleanse. You’ll see far better results this way.

18. Indie Lee Discovery Kit*

If I have to pick a clean beauty brand to point people to when they first make the jump, it’s almost always Indie Lee. Great products. Great price point. And so many things to try!

This kit is the perfect intro into a clean skincare routine if you’re looking to save some cash. Or if you need to restock your travel stash, you could snag this one as well. Either way, it’s one I would and probably will happily give my bestie for Christmas this year.

19. Herbivore Self Love Body Ritual Kit*

Lately I’ve found myself dreaming of taking a hot relaxing bath. It’s my favorite thing to do! So it’s of little surprise that I had to put this trio on my clean beauty gifts under $50 list. Truthfully, I might just have to buy it for myself.

Bath salts plus a body scrub plus a lotion means you’ll be relaxed and rocking baby smooth skin in no time. Add in a bottle of wine and my inner grandma has never been happier. Yes, please!

20. RMS Un-Cover Up*

Now as much as I love gift sets, I didn’t want all of the guides to be gift set exclusive. Sometimes the thing you need to snag is just one really amazing product. And if you’re rocking dry skin like me, it’s nice to have a lighter, dewier concealer in the winter.

I recently finished off my first pot of this. It took ages! And of course I didn’t want to go long without it. It’s been a staple in my makeup routine for ages. If you’re looking to just snag one fab product this season, I’d highly recommend giving this a go. Plus, it’s got enough coverage and bounce to double as a foundation. I love a good multi-tasking product!


Whew, I think that’s everything for round 1 of the guides. There are still 2 more to come this week along with some tips on how to nail the perfect gift. All the holiday content is coming at you to hopefully make it easier than ever to navigate the shopping season!

But I’d love to hear from you! What are you buying this holiday season? What’s on your wishlist or recommended products? Be sure to leave me a comment below and let me know! And feel free to share this post with someone you think needs it. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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