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When it comes to Fall in Florida, the color palette in my eyeshadow rotation changes far sooner than my wardrobe. Shorts are a year round essential friends. But there’s something about a burnt orange, deep burgundy or smoky purple that just draws me in at this time of the year. Give me all the fake tanner and wine colored lip options please! So today, I thought I’d share the 3 fall eyeshadow palettes that I’m reaching for regularly. Because while I may be drinking my coffee iced for the foreseeable future, who says a girl can’t dream about fall leaves and all things pumpkin? Let’s get started!

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Aether Beauty Solstice Palette

I’ve been waxing poetic about Aether Beauty for the longest time now. And while clean beauty has been stepping up its game over the last year, this brand has held a top spot with every product I’ve tried. I did a full review on the Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone palette you can read here. But when it comes to playing with eyeshadow, Aether always seems to win my heart.

Now, if you want to go by the technical name, this is a summer palette. Or at least that’s in the original name. I learned while writing this post that there was a name update. So we’re just going to skip right over that and land this squarely in the fall eyeshadow palette category. K?

Before I went clean, I was a regular consumer of all the new, trending palettes. And this one gives me a bit of an Urban Decay Naked Heat vibe. There’s a fairly solid balance between matte and shimmer shadows. I love a good glitter moment. Plus, the colors vibe well together. With my transition from blonde to red recently, I’ve been loving the way the shades of pink bring out the blue in my eyes. If you want to check out the palette to swatch accuracy, be sure to scroll down below.

Fall Eyeshadow Palette #whatsavvysaid #cleanbeauty #falleyeshadow #eyeshadowpalette #lawlesstheone
Fall Eyeshadow Palette #whatsavvysaid #cleanbeauty #falleyeshadow #eyeshadowpalette #lawlesstheone

Aether Beauty Amethyst Crystal Gemstone Palette

TBH when I got this fall eyeshadow palette, I wasn’t sure how much use I’d get out of it. I’ve learned so much about what does and doesn’t look good on camera. So I was hesitant to think I would want to use only this palette without the aid of other, lighter options. I always try to test a palette on its ability to serve as a stand alone feature in a makeup collection. While I love playing with all the products, I know that it’s an investment to make the switch to clean. And I’d hate to recommend something that won’t serve you well.

Nevertheless, this palette went EVERYWHERE with me last fall. And I do mean everywhere. September to December of 2019 involved lots of travel: Atlanta, Birmingham, Paris, LA, NYC. This was in my bag for every trip including my makeup bag as a bridesmaid last September. (If you want to see the full tutorial on the clean makeup I use as a bridesmaid to last all day, you can watch that here.)

If you’re someone who reaches for purples a lot with your eyeshadows, as most of my friends do, you’ll love this. There’s enough of a difference between shadows to make an impact but not so much that you can’t create looks of all ranges. I’m the friend in the group who often does everyone else’s makeup and I reach for this palette the most. A little shimmer in the center of the eye or a smudge of a darker purple in the outer corner/lower lash line is an easy way to glam up a look. And this fall eyeshadow palette is perfect for that!


Lawless The One Eyeshadow Palette

I will be 100% honest and say I went through that phase at the beginning of quarantine where I thought: why bother. I wasn’t going to the gym, the staple of my morning routine. So the whole makeup and getting ready process got promptly kicked to the curb. Eventually, I realized that investing in some new products would probably bring some joy into my life. And as I often say to one of my besties, it’s all about the small joys.

My original expectations for the pigmentation & colors of this palette were definitely a bit off. I always find that what looks burgundy/pink can turn out completely different. So I’ve included lots of swatches to help you see. But in general, I’ll been using this palette to play with the matte shades. My go to look this week has resembled a bit of a pumpkin spice inspired look but a bit more everyday wearable. 

I would 100% classify this as a palette for someone who loves makeup. The more neutral/brown shades aren’t quite up to par with other palettes I’ve tried. Nevertheless, the colors are fun and it’s brought a bit of joy back into my morning fall routine.

What about you? What products are you loving lately? Let us know in the comments below! And if you haven’t signed up for the weekly newsletter so you never miss anything, it’s time! I’m hoping to do some sneaky giveaways over the next few months. But you’ve got to on the list to find out about them. So make sure you’re signed up so you don’t miss out. Sending you all the virtual hugs and love my friends. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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