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Welcome to the first of the 2020 Christmas gift guides! I LOVE giving gifts. Seriously, it’s one of my favorite things. There’s nothing like creating a moment where people feel loved and seen. And a gift is a great way to show someone that you’re paying attention, you support them and you love them! PS. If you haven’t seen my blog post on nailing the perfect gift basket, go check it out because there’s nothing I love more than crafting the perfect gift that makes someone feel seen, loved and cherished. Ya know?

But being as this year (or whatever period of time we want to declare it because I swear we’ve been in this level of Jumanji for months) has been a bit of a hot mess, I thought that it’s no better time than now to get intentional with shopping small for the holidays. So today I’ve rounded up the places I’ve got my eye on for gifts from small businesses. One of the best ways we can support small this holiday season is to shop early to make sure businesses have enough time to get the stock they need. Plus, it gives everyone a less stressful experience. 😉 

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small businesses to shop this holiday season

Ivory Paper Co

Now I know that we’ve all seen the memes about buying a planner in 2020. It was a cute idea, right? But in the spirit of getting myself back into the swing of things, I went down the internet rabbit hole looking for a planner I thought those in the WSS community would love and I found Ivory Paper Co. They are a small female-owned company based out of Ohio that makes stationery, planners and notebooks. I bought the All In One planner to get me through the end of the year but I definitely think I’ll be going for the weekly option for 2021. AND because I love a good journal, I’ve got my eye on a few of those.

If you’re looking to snag a few backup gifts (always a good idea) or maybe you have a friend you always buy a journal for, definitely check them out. They also have super cute stickers! And for my last-minute shoppers, everything here is done to order so expect a week or more to get your items.

Chic On Paper

If I had to credit one company for inspiring today’s post, this would be it. And they are only taking holiday orders for a few more days so JUMP on it. I’ve been following Chic On Paper on Instagram now for a while. And she does the most beautiful drawing. This would make for the perfect gift for friends who bought a house this year, lost a loved one or just to make a personal moment that much more touching.

Sketch And Etch Neon

Since I haven’t started dropping house content on the blog yet (coming soon), you may not know that I’m in a full house facelift. Friends, I legit cannot stand it anymore. I’ve tried to be Patient Paulie. But she’s left the building and while I’m in this season of my life, your girl is going to make the most of what she’s got.

That being said I’ve been sharing a lot of bts of house content on Instagram which is of course where I found these guys. I’ve seen so many bloggers incorporate neon lights into their decor. And I definitely see this being something I find a space for down the road. But again, it would make for an amazing gift! If you have a friend that loves a quote or maybe started a new business, this is a great way to show them love & support that they will see daily.


Now, what kind of gift guide would this be if there wasn’t a candle on it? The babes at Milla recently followed me on Instagram and when I went to creep their page, I was sold. While I’m certainly not perfect at it, my goal has been to be more intentional with shopping sustainably. And Milla makes several candles that are sustainable, non-toxic, feature essential oils, and are a bit more budget-friendly.


When it comes to buying gifts, I always think that the best thing you can buy for someone is something that helps make their life easier or encourages them to take care of themselves. This could be a Peloton (check out my full review) or a bottle of wine. Balance friends. BUT Kate Mcleod was recently introduced to me and her grounding stones are the perfect luxury gift that everyone will love but aren’t likely to splurge on.

The ground stone is an all-natural way to moisturize your skin. It’s made with a blend of cocoa butter, essential oils, and other amazing ingredients. But the magic behind the stone is the intention & connection that comes with using it. Because you’re holding the stone as you run it over your body, you’re most in tune with what’s going on. It’s perfect for helping to carve out a small self-care moment in what tends to be an otherwise crazy time. And who doesn’t need more of that this year?


If I’m 100% honest, almost all of today’s gift guide has come through Instagram. And this one definitely falls in that category. If you don’t follow We’re Not Really Strangers, you should but also let me catch you up. The idea behind WNRS is to build connections. It’s not necessarily a card game to past time, although it could. Rather it’s one to pull out when you want to dive deeper into conversation with those around you.

You’ll find questions like: what are you proudest of yourself for saying “no” to recently? Or: what’s the hardest part about dating you? The older I get the more I find surface conversations dull. I am far more fulfilled by the conversations that take me deep and leave me feeling changed. If that’s something you’re looking for more of in your life and friendships, add this to the small business gift list!


Because I’m a woman of many talents, and the instagram ninjas hear everything, I’ve managed to include a book that gives you mocktails as well as an amazing place to grab clean wine in the guide. 😉 BUT I do have friends who struggle with addiction (eating disorders, substance, etc.) and thought this would be a perfect gift. And so does Instagram because I saw an ad a few hours after chatting with one of said friends.

There’s everything from cider to rose to fun fruit cocktails. Plus, it’s all alcohol-free! If you’re a host looking for more options to serve that aren’t so heavy on the booze or maybe just looking to cut back on your alcohol intake, this would be a great option. It would also be great for the expecting mother who misses her cocktails. The photography is gorgeous and the book is very chic. So no matter what, it will make for a great gift.


When I first moved out after college, I did what most new grads do: I graciously accepted whatever dishware my parents wanted to buy me. But as my style has solidified and I’ve found small businesses I want to support, I’ve become obsessed with Estelle Colored Glass. There are so many styles and colors to choose from. Plus, you’re supporting a black, female-founded company. I’m all about spending intentionally and gorgeous glasses are always an amazing gift! 

Everything is very simple, chic, and timeless. Personally, I’m torn between a light purple or muted pink. But if you’re rocking the open kitchen shelf life like we are, then these would be perfect to double as a bit of fun color while also being functional. You can buy them on West Elm but they ship directly from the vendor. So if you don’t see any options of their site, be sure to check directly with ECG. 


I had the chance to talk with Gemist founder Madeline Fraser a few months back about their sustainable jewelry and learned SO much. I’m big on investing in pieces, particularly jewelry. But I’d always been curious to know whether it holds the same value as what you’d buy in a more traditional store, ya know? I’ve done a full blog with the answer to that and more that you can read here.

Gemist is the perfect solution for all budgets because they offer both costume & higher-end pieces. Their huggies are super cute. And if you’re a simple jewelry lover like I am, these would make for an amazing gift. Honestly, it’s all fabulous and something I’d happily gift to all my girlfriends.


If you’re new to WSS, you might not know I have a thing for luxury items. And the body care line at Gilded is to die for. They have everything from a makeup mixing palette (NEED) to the most stunning candles to a body brush that will make you want to get back into dry brush *talking to myself on this one*. Again, when it comes to gifts and shopping small businesses, I’m all about self-care. But you know the luxury upgrade from the toxic Bath & Body Works gift set you’ve been given for years. And Gilded’s products land at the top of my list for indulgence, beauty, and functionality.


Sometime in the last year, I made the switch to clean wine (aka no sugar added) and noticed a major difference. For my body, refined sugar does all kinds of bad things. But one of the challenges of living in a small town is having access to healthier things which makes Dry Farm an amazing choice. When it comes to friends who have everything, my favorite gift to give them is the opportunity to learn to try something new. So this is great if you want to give something that lasts a bit longer than a few weeks. Plus, it’s a way to introduce them (or yourself) to a healthier wine option.


In preparation for holiday gift guides this year, I accepted PR from several brands. There will be a post soon on how I plan to work with brands in 2021 because things are definitely changing! However, I will say that I’m super thankful I said yes. Their teas are delicious (perfect for the cold brew bottle I’m obsessed with) and would make for a great, budget-friendly gift!


Alrighty friends! Be sure to sign up for the WSS newsletter if you want to stay up to date on all the latest posts. As well as, come find me on Instagram! You’ll get more real-time updates and mini reviews. I’m hoping to do lots of fun holiday content over the next few months to keep us all in the festive spirit. So I’d love to have you along for the ride.

And PLEASE let us know where you’re shopping small in the comments below. I’m always on the hunt for new amazing, small brands. Let’s share the love. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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