Best Workout Leggings for Petites That Will Last

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When it comes to workout leggings (or life in general), I’m a picky gal. And while the essentials might not be the same depending on whether or not I’m running, doing pilates, or taking a Peloton class, I’ve done my best to find the best petite workout leggings that work for ALL the situations. Thankfully, I found our winner!

So today I’m going to tell you all about my favorite petite leggings while also giving you the Savvy on the ones that didn’t make the cut. Aka a nice big leggings review round up. Efficient right? Grab your gallon jug and get comfy friends. Let’s chat leggings!

Quick Sale Alert First: Athleta has 25% for today (April 28). They very rarely do sales. Like ever. 

Best Workout Leggings for Petites featured by top ATL lifestyle blogger, What Savvy Said

The Only In Emergency Workout Leggings Options

Target’s C9 High Waisted Leggings 7/8

By default, I’ve learned to buy a majority of my leggings as 7/8. Us petite gals know that finding the petite option in stores is rare. So when the need to stay sane but also have pants that fit during a workout kicked in during April of last year, I went with the budget option. Because as we all know by now, running is my sanity.

There’s nothing horribly wrong about these leggings. They haven’t torn. They’ve mostly held up as far as snagging and general wear. But as a curvy gal, the waist is always an issue for me. And the cut on these particular leggings makes the stomach region look like you’re wearing a swimming donut.

I’ve also noticed a loss in the elasticity of the waistband. This becomes an issue with most leggings for me as my hip to waist ratio makes finding amazing petite leggings challenging. Do I still wear these? Yes but only because I haven’t replaced them.

Queenieke Yoga Leggings

I did a try on of these on Instagram stories when I got them recently. And they went immediately back in the bag for return. The waist was WAY too high on them. I’m not someone who wants to roll my leggings. I also ordered a sports bra from the brand and I’m loving it. However, the leggings were a definite pass for me.

Best Workout Leggings for Petites featured by top ATL lifestyle blogger, What Savvy Said
Best Workout Leggings for Petites featured by top ATL lifestyle blogger, What Savvy Said

The Lukewarm WORKOUT LEGGINGS Options

Girlfriend Collective Compressive High Rise Leggings

I’ve really tried to explore more sustainable options in my overall life in the past few years. And truthfully, I believe this looks different for everyone. But when there is a sustainable brand on the market, I try to see if it’s a product I can get behind. Girlfriend was on the list.

I kind of feel the same way about these as I do my Target leggings. I don’t loathe them. They’ve held up. But I can definitely tell that I’ve lost the elasticity in the waist band and there isn’t a tie to makeup for the stretch.

I also find the seam on the butt/back irritates me during pilates. Random? Yes. But when you’re laying on a reformer and pushing into the mat to maintain balance, these things become more noticeable. It’s a 6/10 for me.

Fabletics Mosaic High-Waisted 7/8

If you missed my Fabletics review, I’ll leave that here for you. I went through my thoughts on the brand in full and if I would continue my service with them. But these are one of the two pairs I ordered with my initial VIP purchase.

As we can tell, high-waisted leggings are my jam. I’m also a big fan of compression leggings. These look like they would tick all the boxes. However, they aren’t as supportive as I would like them to be. The consistency reminds me more of tights than leggings. There are also no pockets on these which means when I want to go for a basic walk I have to carry all my stuff.

Best Workout Leggings for Petites featured by top ATL lifestyle blogger, What Savvy Said
Best Workout Leggings for Petites featured by top ATL lifestyle blogger, What Savvy Said

Enjoy but not the goat

Fabletics Ultra High Waisted Pure Lux Essentials

Before I got the best petite workout leggings, these were are goto in my rotation. They are high-waisted (a must), hug my curves in a good way (essential) but they don’t have pockets (their downfall). I also don’t adore the material of these as much.

I don’t find I have the waist issue that I do with most leggings here. I have a pair of Athleta leggings that just start falling the moment you start a HITT workout or run. But the overall wear and comfort of these fell short of my Salutation shorts which meant this couldn’t be today’s winner.

The Best Workout Leggings for Petites

Truthfully, I’ve been planning this post for well over a year now. I wanted to really get my hands on all the leggings (there are still quite a few to try and test). As well as, I hadn’t found anything that felt life-changing enough to share with you. That is until I started switching up my exercise routine a few months ago when my annual slump kicked in.

Last year, I went on a mini shopping spree on Athleta in the hopes of stocking my wardrobe with the essentials for my mental survival. I got UPF tops, shorts, and a few odd pairs of leggings. But nothing really stood out initially other than the things I didn’t really like about what I’d bought.

Eventually, though, I realized the Athleta salutation short had become the MVIP of my wardrobe. The waistband was comfortable. I never had issues with fit or a donut around the stomach. I pretty much lived in them all the time.

So of course, it finally dawned on me that maybe they had a leggings version of these magical shorts and I should try them!

Athleta’s Salutation Stash Pocket II 7/8 Tight

Aka the winner of today’s showdown and my all-time favorite leggings. They are light enough that you feel comfortable but not so light that you feel like your cellulite is on show. Perfect for yoga, running, or the gym. These are super soft, have pockets, and accentuate all the things you want to show off. I currently have two pairs and need more asap because I’m constantly washing them. And tbh I would happily replace my leggings wardrobe with just these. They are that good!

It’s also super important to me that I feel physically supported in my leggings. A bit of compression makes a major difference especially when you’re doing more high-intensity work. I don’t feel like I’m wearing spanks but it also doesn’t feel like I’m wearing sweats. It’s a very happy medium.

So there you have it, friends. We’ve finally declared a winner. And while I’m sure I’ll continue to try more leggings, we know I’m a curious gal like that. I’m very excited to have a pair I love as I start training for a half marathon.

Ps. I’ll be sharing more details on the everyday training via Instagram, youtube & Tiktok (who is she?!), so make sure you come follow along. Until next time. Sending you all the love! Xoxo, Savvy

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