Fabletics review by top Atlanta lifestyle blogger, What Savvy Said

Fabletics Review: Do They Work For A Petite, Curvy Woman?

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When I polled the WSS community on Instagram before today’s review, I was surprised by the number of people who hadn’t tried Fabletics yet. With consistent partnerships with influencers, it’s easy to feel like the ONLY person who hasn’t gone down the Fabletics rabbit hole. But alas friend, you are not alone. And today I’m giving you the good, the bad, and the ugly on whether or not these hyped-up leggings work for this petite, curvy gal. So let’s get started.
Fabletics review by top Atlanta lifestyle blogger, What Savvy Said

Fabletics Review Overview

If you’ve read any of my other clothing reviews (Nuuly, Rent The Runaway, Madewell vs Abercrombie), you’ll know that I try to make sure I’m giving an ample amount of time to test a product. For today, I opted to go with the initial VIP legging deal and canceled my account before any more could be charged.

How Does It Work?

After the initial VIP purchase that lets you get 2 pairs of leggings for $24, you automatically are signed up for a monthly membership. You can skip as many months as you’d like. But if you don’t remember to skip, you’ll be charged $49.95.


In my Madewell review, I mentioned that one of the biggest drawbacks in the curvy line for me was how things fit around my upper thigh. Currently, I sit between sizes and it is challenging to get the right fit without altering something. I found the same issue with these leggings.

I prefer a tight fit for my leggings because otherwise, the looseness in the top drives me bonkers when I run. This means I tend to size down to make sure I’m avoiding this issue. With many leggings, it’s not an issue. But with the Fabletics ones, I always felt like the crotch just didn’t fit quite right.

How do they hold up for a workout?

Thus far, my runs have been shorter. But I could see the potential issue of chaffing happening down the road. However, for the gym, yoga, and a shorter run, I had no issues. Both pairs were high waisted enough that I felt secure no matter what I was doing. 

Fabletics review by top Atlanta lifestyle blogger, What Savvy Said
Fabletics review by top Atlanta lifestyle blogger, What Savvy Said

What Do I Like?

The intro price point is fab. I think it’s awesome when there’s an affordable access point for everyone to try out a product. The quality is great as well. There were no issues with washing or else for that matter. Because the brand is established, you don’t have to worry about products consistently selling out. The exception to this rule is of course the collaboration lines. But I found that I had plenty to choose from when buying. It’s easy to filter your size. And I appreciate that there are options for all leg lengths. If you’re looking for a way to treat yourself and keep up the monthly motivation, I think this is a great idea.

What Don’t I Like?

Again, the fit for me was a major issue. I may feel differently once I’m closer to my own personal goals. So I’m not going to hold that against the brand too much. But would say that being between sizes is challenging here.

How Easy Is It To Cancel?

One of the things I’ve been taking a major note of lately as I’ve been prepping reviews for the next few months (Truvani, Incommon, etc) is the experience online. And like any good millennial, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to call anyone to get my account sorted.
Thankfully, Fabletics have a chat option set up that makes it fairly easy to cancel. They did ask me a million times if I wanted to skip rather than cancel. I had to say at least 3 times that I did not want to continue my account. But other than having to type it, it was the easiest cancellation process.
Fabletics review by top Atlanta lifestyle blogger, What Savvy Said

Would I Recommend?

Surprisingly, yes. There are SO many different types of leggings that there’s potential for everyone to find something they like. I also know that so many of you told me at the beginning of quarantine that you were looking at buying new pieces to keep you motivated. So this is a great way to budget for a new item every month if that’s what you need right now.

And there we have it friends, another week, another review! Let me know in the comments below if you’re tried Fabletics and what you think. And be sure you’re subscribed to the weekly newsletter as well as following me on Instagram. We have SO much content coming over the next few weeks as well as several giveaways. Until next time friends. Xoxo, Savvy



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