Billie Vs Dollar Shave Club - Which Razor Subscription Is Better- #whatsavvysaid #dollarshaveclub #billierazors #womensrazors #monthlysubscription #shavingforher

Billie VS Dollar Shave Club: Which Razor Is Better?

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Raise your hand if you regularly shave your legs. 🙋🏼‍♀️Now, raise your hand if you think paying more than $10 for a set of razor cartridges is ridiculous. 🙋🏼‍♀️Awesome. We’re all on the same page here.

I know the conversation of pink tax and what women pay more for has been a conversation over the last year or so. And while I love a bit of sparkle, I’m with everyone who thinks it’s ridiculous we pay more. So I decided to go off the beaten path and try Dollar Shave Club. Inevitably, this led me to trying Billie as well and here we are today. 

After many months of testing both products, I’ve developed a strong opinion. From how well the razors work t to the shipment plans and even the frequency of the razors breaking, we have a lot to cover today. If you’re thinking of going to subscription razor route or have been wondering which razor is better for you, I’m here to help. Let’s go in for the throw down: Billie Vs Dollar Shave Club

Billie Vs Dollar Shave Club - Which Razor Subscription Is Better- #whatsavvysaid #dollarshaveclub #billierazors #womensrazors #monthlysubscription #shavingforher

What’s The Difference?

Billie was created with pink tax in mind. It’s also mainly marketed towards women. With 1% of their proceeds going to Women’s Causes, Billie is doing more than just selling reasonably priced, high quality razors, they are making the effort to give back.

Dollar Shave Club seemed to really start the trend for razor subscriptions. While Billie provides a standard 5 blade razor head, Dollar Shave club has 3 options. Each is priced differently per month but members can choose from 2, 4 and 6 blades. Overall, Billie tends to address more of the shaving needs for women and Dollar Shave Club does the same for men.

What’s The Cost?

Billie has a standard cost of $9 per shipment. However, Dollar Shave Club has a few more options. Their prices range anywhere from $3 to $9 depending on the number of blades per razor head. But for argument’s sake, you’d pay pretty much the same cost at both places for a 5 blade razor.

What Are The Plan Options?

Billie helps you choose a plan based on how often you shave. Because they know women don’t always shave daily, you can have razors delivered from once a month to once every three months. But this is always adjustable if you find you need razors more or less often.

Dollar Shave Club also let’s you pick your restock frequency. The options range from every month to every 6 months. Previously, they didn’t have as many options so I’m happy to see they’ve adapted. 

Billie Vs Dollar Shave Club - Which Razor Subscription Is Better- #whatsavvysaid #dollarshaveclub #billierazors #womensrazors #monthlysubscription #shavingforher
Billie Vs Dollar Shave Club - Which Razor Subscription Is Better- #whatsavvysaid #dollarshaveclub #billierazors #womensrazors #monthlysubscription #shavingforher

What Are The Pros For Dollar Shave Club?

They provide a lot of options. If you prefer less razor blades or only want a delivery every 4 months, you’d have more flexibility to pick here. They’ve also expanded their range of products to include toothpaste, hand creams and other bathroom essentials making them a one stop subscription box for many things.

The customer service for Dollar Shave Club is also quite lovely. I reached out post hurricane after our box went missing and they promptly sent out a replacement. They even added in extra sample packs of products to try. 

What Are The Pros For Billie?

Their marketing towards women means Billie thinks in terms of women’s shaving habits. From including a razor holder for your shower to helping you determine frequency of delivery based on when you shave, they look at the little details. Plus, their razors are built to work with the curves of your legs. I haven’t had the issue of nicking myself every time I installed a new razor head with Billie.

I also love how moisturizing the head of the razor is with Billie. I don’t feel like I’m stripping my legs as much. It reminds me a lot of Venus razors with a much better price tag.

What Are The Cons For Dollar Shave Club?

My cons for Dollar Shave Club are based on problems I found frequently over several months. And while they may work amazingly for a man’s face, I found they weren’t my favorite for my legs. Unlike Billie, they don’t curve and I constantly found myself accidentally cutting myself. The razor head is also less hydrating and I found my legs always felt overly dry after shaving. 

We’ve also had to replace more than one razor handle. After a while, they don’t want to let go of the razor heads. And unfortunately, the top part has broken in the attempt making the handle useless.

What Are The Cons For Billie?

If you’re looking for a super close shave or you switch from Dollar Shave Club, you’ll notice there is an adjustment period. I find I need to make an extra pass or two on my legs just to make sure I got all the hair. And while I love the shower holder, it’s a magnet system. I made the mistake of placing it under where I keep my shampoo and it gets knocked off regularly. So I find myself chasing my razor around in the shower more than I’d like.

Billie Vs Dollar Shave Club - Which Razor Subscription Is Better- #whatsavvysaid #dollarshaveclub #billierazors #womensrazors #monthlysubscription #shavingforher

Which One Do I Use And Why?

After too many months of broken razor handles and dry legs, I made the switch to Billie. And I’m a massive fan. My parents still use Dollar Shave Club, so we end up with both subscriptions. But I also opted for Billie because at the time Dollar Shave Club didn’t have the flexibility in shipping frequency. I felt like I was drowning in razor cartridges for a while there. 

Anything Else?

Overall, I appreciate how both subscription services have changed the game. They’ve made buying replacement blades much more cost effective. And I don’t find myself cringing when I realize I have to buy razors anymore. Now I just need them to come out with a mini version for travel so I can officially ditch my Venus razor. 

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    5 years ago

    Thanks for the review. I’m a DSC member for going on 4 years and I always see Billie ads on facebook lately. I considered switching but with both razors the same price, I wasn’t sure. After reading this review I think I am going to stick with DSC. I have never had issues with cutting myself with DSC, not even once, and I also have not had to replace my handle a single time since starting my subscription in 2015, so the cons listed for DSC really do not apply to me. I use in shower lotion so I also… Read more »

    4 years ago

    I had the exact same issue with DSC razor handle breaking because the cartridge didn’t want to pop off. I also felt like I was drowning in razor replacements. I tried to suspend my subscription multiple times to allow time to use up the extra cartridges, but my request was never processed and they kept coming every month. I ultimately got frustrated and just cancelled my subscription. I love the convenience of receiving refills in the mail, so I’m never without a new blade. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Now that I’ve used all my DSC refills, I’m definitely… Read more »