How To Super Charge Your Morning Coffee #whatsavvysaid #morningroutine #superfood #coffee #sunpotion #nutpods #hotcoffee

How To Supercharge Your Morning Coffee

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All things considered, I’m a bit of a lazy health person. Or maybe we can just call it savvy. 😉Whatever the case, I like to figure out ways to do the most amount of work with the least amount of effort. As one of my ADs like to say: work smarter not harder. 

So when it comes to my morning coffee, I like to maximize on my cup. Granted it’s taken time, patience (my least favorite) and a bit of persistence to get to this place. But I’m confident that my morning coffee is one of the best ways I can sneak all the superfoods into my day without all the fuss. 

How To Super Charge Your Morning Coffee #whatsavvysaid #morningroutine #superfood #coffee #sunpotion #nutpods #hotcoffee


It took me ages to get on the shroom train. And I mean ages. The first time I tried ashwagandha, I was convinced I wasn’t cut out for this wellness lifestyle. Ya know? Now I’m a complete convert who know travels with pre-packed baggies. You’re welcome friends! 

To be fair, ashwagandha* is like spirulina, a little goes a long way and she doesn’t taste all that fab. But she’s worth it. If you’re looking to up your mushroom levels in your morning coffee, there are a few ways to do it. On my lazy days, I just make a cup of four sigmatic. I’m still not massively into the price tag but I appreciate the quick approach. However, most mornings I pop a bit of my fave powders in the bottom of my coffee mug so they dissolve once I add my hot liquid. Current favorites in my morning coffee: Ashwagandha* (for my immune system & hormone balance), Reishi* (mental clarity & stress relief), Cordyceps* (mental power & muscle tone) & Chaga* (Vitamin B & Zinc).


If we were to name the Savvy soapboxes I like to stand on, sugar would be bedazzled in all its glory. I’ve fully accepted it’s a thing and I’m not stopping any time soon. Am I perfect with sugar? Nope. Nada. I love me some Simple Mills Chocolate Chip cookies* (not the chewy ones those. . . I’m a crispy cookie gal). And when it comes to my coffee, I occasionally like a sweeter beverage. 

However, if we’re looking to supercharge our morning coffee game, sugar isn’t necessarily our winning team member. One of my goals with my morning coffee is to give me a boost but to also help with hunger. Sugar means I get the boost but I’m also more likely to get the crash that comes with it. If you’re a sugar fiend, start small. Maybe go half and half with your coffee creamer & almond milk. You might even consider trying Nutpods* (a staple in my kitchen). There are even creamers sweetened with monk fruit instead of regular sugar from Calfia Farms.


How To Super Charge Your Morning Coffee #whatsavvysaid #morningroutine #superfood #coffee #sunpotion #nutpods #hotcoffee
How To Super Charge Your Morning Coffee #whatsavvysaid #morningroutine #superfood #coffee #sunpotion #nutpods #hotcoffee
How To Super Charge Your Morning Coffee #whatsavvysaid #morningroutine #superfood #coffee #sunpotion #nutpods #hotcoffee


I think Nutrition Stripped was the first one to really introduce fat in coffee into my life. I never really bought into the Bulletproof coffee phase. Mostly, it was because I haven’t had dairy in 5 years. But using coconut oil or mct oil* has been a game changer.

If you find you’re constantly hungry between meals, it could be because you’re not getting enough fat. Adding mct oil into your coffee helps keep your blood sugar levels stable and keeps you fuller for longer. I’m also a big fan of adding this into my matcha or using coconut butter. Whatever you decide, don’t be afraid to make healthy fats your friend. Your hormones and blood sugar might just thank you.


As far as lazy ways to bulk up my morning coffee without effort go, adding collagen* is one of my faves. It’s known for improving your hair, skin and nails. If you’re like several of my friends who struggle with taking vitamins, this is an easy way to get it in. I use anywhere between half and a full scoop in my cup. And like my mushroom powders, I tend to add it pre-coffee so it dissolves more easily into my drink.

Collagen* is great at keeping you fuller for longer since it’s packed with protein. I add it into smoothies, teas and all sorts of things when I need the extra boost. Plus, you don’t taste so it’s the perfect way to lazily step up your hair & skincare game.

How To Super Charge Your Morning Coffee #whatsavvysaid #morningroutine #superfood #coffee #sunpotion #nutpods #hotcoffee
How To Super Charge Your Morning Coffee #whatsavvysaid #morningroutine #superfood #coffee #sunpotion #nutpods #hotcoffee


I asked Santa for quite a few things this year and he came through. One of my favorite items being my new milk frother*. But this would also work with a hand held one*. I often use mine to disperse any powders I feel like really need blended in. It’s also great for adding just that extra bit of foam topping to your morning coffee.

However you decide to indulge in your morning cup, it’s all about adapting for what your body needs. Some days, I do all of these things. Others, I add my nutpods creamer and maybe froth my coffee a bit. Done. Supercharging your morning coffee is about making the most of your morning. So don’t be afraid to test and try things until you find what works for you.

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