Clé De Peau Radiant Cream Foundation Review

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As the resident luxury-loving bestie, it feels like my duty and honor to review new products when they come across my path. To tell you who will like it, why you’d like it, and if maybe it’s worth skipping the product all around. So when I stumbled upon the Clé De Peau Radiant Cream Foundation, I was ready to take one for the team. And boy do we have a lot to chat about today!

Savannah Cyree holding Cle De Peau Creamy Radiant Foundation

Clé De Peau Radiant Cream Foundation Review

The Clé De Peau Radiant Cream Foundation Vs The Radiant Fluid Foundation

What is the radiant cream foundation? This question feels rather existential but given Clé De Peau also has a foundation that presents as a more traditional option, let’s give some context before we divide into our review.

The radiant cream foundation looks more like a BB or CC cream based on the packaging. It offers a dewy finish, SPF, and 24-hour wear. The other foundation (the radiant fluid foundation) comes in the classic clear bottle style with an 8-hour wear and matte finish. Both products are priced around the same, however, you do get more actual foundation (.88oz vs 1.1oz) with the fluid foundation.

What Is The Formula Like?

The formula for this foundation is quite rich. I would describe it as buildable but strong. It blends beautifully but it’s geared as a more full coverage foundation. As a dryer skin girlie, I find that a good moisturizer is key for me. But to also let the product settle. Any spots that might appear a bit dry on my skin tend to go away after a bit of wear once my natural oils mix in with the foundation.

It does offer SPF in the formula as well as a noticeable fragrance. After a month of wear, I don’t really notice the fragrance but it’s present when you first start using it.

What’s The Shade Range Like?

I’d consider the shade range to be decent but it looks a few deeper shades could be added. I personally tend to skew in the bottom range of the lightest colors (o10 is my chosen shade at the moment). And I think there could be at least one more very fair shade option.

What Is The Best Way To Wear The Cle De Peau Foundation?

My preference most days is medium coverage so I like to sheer the radiant cream foundation out a bit. My go-to pairing for the last few months has been to blend my Charlotte Tilbury Flawless filter with my chosen foundation. I do this all together to prevent a build-up and having it be too much for my skin.

This combination gives me the perfect amount of coverage while also letting some of my natural freckles through. I get the ultimate glow from both products but I also get to hide any blemishes. It’s become my everyday dream combo.

How Long Does it Last?

I can get a solid full day of wear when I pair this with my Givenchy setting powder and Benefit setting spray. And that’s with the product on the more medium coverage side. Wear it as is, I find that it only looks better throughout the day. I would happily and safely wear this for events or long days where I need my makeup to last. I find that my skin continues to thrive without extra breakouts from lots of makeup.

The photos shot for today’s post were done in the evening. So minus the natural wear from eating, jackets, and a very busy day, everything held on beautifully. As well as, my contour was still thriving on top!

What Is The Foundation Similar To?

In general, it’s a bit more coverage than the Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation (another favorite of mine). The fragrance in the formula also makes it an exception. But I do think the Charlotte Tilbury one is the closest I’ve found in my collection thus far.

Savannah Cyree holding Cle De Peau Creamy Radiant Foundation near her face
Savannah Cyree showing her skin with foundation
Savannah Cyree holding Cle De Peau Creamy Radiant Foundation on her skin

How Does The Cle De Peau Foundation Wear On The Skin?

I’ve tested this both with and without a primer. And I do find that it will settle into dryer patches for me. However, as long as I finish my application with a beauty blender to smooth out any areas and give the foundation a chance to mix with my natural oils, all of those issues go away.

Because I have botox, I can find that things will sit a bit more on top if I don’t blend out my forehead. So I’m extra mindful of how foundation would sit on my skin naturally regardless of the formula or foundation. But with my little tweaks, it gives the most glowy skin.

What Skin Type Is It For?

I think the normal to dry girlies will love this. However, I think the right primer can solve a lot and this foundation is incredible.

Who Will Love This Foundation?

If you’re a luxury lover or want an incredible everyday glow, this foundation is for you. It’s also pump free and doesn’t give out too much product at one time. If you’re also someone who likes to play around with her coverage, this is great as well. You can easily build it up or add a glow product to make it more sheer while also still getting a full day of wear. And of course, the Clé De Peau fans will also adore this foundation.

Who Should Skip It?

If you’re sensitive to fragrance, I’d skip this. From a general perspective, you can smell the scent when you apply it. It doesn’t come across as strong for me now but it was noticeable in the beginning. However, I am someone who finds that fragrances around my eyes can make me reactive and I have zero issues with this using this product.

Anything Else?

Like any product, luxury or not, it’s always going to be up to the buyer whether you love this or not. I was initially unsure as I need to tweak it for my own preferred coverage. Now it’s become an everyday essential. I love that I can build it up in certain areas if I’m looking to hide a blemish or scarring. The Clé De Peau technology is known to be incredible and this product is no exception to that rule.

Make sure you play with the application with this product. I will spread this with my fingers but I like to finish it using my beauty blender to help with keeping the coverage even. All in all, I can’t say enough great things about this product. It’s quickly become an every day staple in my routine!

If you want to see how I apply and wear this foundation, be sure to come check out my get ready with me series on Tiktok. And if you’re a luxury or beauty lover, make sure you’re subscribed to the newsletter so you never miss a thing. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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