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When I fell down the clean beauty rabbit hole a few years ago, I had a few concerns. Firstly, I was beyond desperate to heal my hormonal acne. My suffering had taken a toll on my mental health and my desire to find products that worked for me but didn’t compromise my hormones had hit desperation levels. I need results asap. Secondly, I wanted to find skincare that actually worked long-term. Enter Drunk Elephant skincare.

While there are quite a few products in the range, today is simply about the best of the best. I’m sharing how I use Drunk Elephant, which products I’ve bought on repeat and the ones that have truly earned the cult-worthy title. It’s a skincare party today on WSS, so let’s started!

Drunk Elephant Review- Which Cult Products Are Worth The Hype

The Best Of Drunk Elephant Skincare

D-Bronzi™ Drops

You almost always find a bottle of D-Bronzi drops in my skincare collection. They’ve become a staple as well as a product saver over the years for a few reasons. I love a glowy SPF with a bit of concealer for lighter makeup days. But I don’t often enjoy the extra white cast that can come with a lot of sunscreens. One pump, maybe even half a pump because a little goes a long way, of this magic and you’ve got your own custom glowy base.

There’s also the case of the summer tan (or fake tan in my life) where your foundation isn’t quite right. With a little help, you can save yourself the issue of having to buy multiple foundations shades. Or for the nights when you want to fake a darker glow on your legs, mix a bit with your lotion. It really is the summer makeup essential you didn’t know you needed to be obsessed with.

B-Hydra™ Intenstive Hydration Serum

As I’ve spent more time getting to know my skin over the years, even more so as I’ve made changes with aging, I’ve begun to really appreciate what layering moisturize can do for me. Now I live in a particularly humid climate so I find myself favoring this product a bit more in the winter. However, it’s one of those drunk elephant skincare products I fall in love with over and over again.

I like to layer it over my vitamin C serum and under my moisturizer. It doesn’t pill when I add a layer of oil on top for my morning gua sha session. But it does help give a nice smooth base for my makeup helping me to prevent any flaky patches of skin. Plus, it helps my skin feel extra soft.

E-Rase™ Milki Micellar Water

As a double cleanse gal, this product probably doesn’t as much love in my routine as other drunk elephant skincare products. Nevertheless, it’s become one of my favorites for a mid-day, pre-workout, or post-beach/pre-dinner refresh. I often find that more traditional micellar waters can be dehydrating – like I need eye drops after I use them. However, with the E-Rase™ you get a bit of a thicker formula that’s not as watery.

Savvy tip: start with less as it doesn’t really skin into a cotton pad. Too much and you’ll end up getting it everywhere.

C-Firma Fresh Serum

Have we talked about how much I love a Vitamin C serum enough on the blog? Seriously, I will be singing the praises of it for the rest of my life. If you need more details on why you need a Vitamin C serum in your routine (especially if you’re over 30), be sure to read the in-depth blog post here.

Now I have to say this is the one product I think might throw people off with its finish. And truthfully, as long as you’re using a moisturizer on top (why wouldn’t you), it’s not a big deal. But there is a bit of tack that comes with it. Even so, it’s absolutely one of my favorite Drunk Elephant skincare products as well as one of my favorite Vitamin C serums.

I have rather pigmented skin aka I have a decent amount of freckles on a good day. Add in needed to heal years of acne scaring and there’s no room for slacking products with my skincare routine. This is hands down one of the reasons I’ve been able to reverse many dark spots over the years. It’s the best!

Lala Retro™ Whipped Moisturizer

I never truly appreciated the power of a good moisturizer until a few years ago. For me, it was mostly an end point in my skincare routine rather than a foundational piece. Thankfully, I’ll seen the error of my ways as well as discovered what has become one my holy grail products (and so many of you are obsessed too!).

I’ve found that what a lot of moisturizers fail at nailing is the middle ground. I want something that works for 75% of the year (aka spring/summer and 2nd summer here in Florida) but I don’t always need heavy. A lot of more light weight moisturizers favor a water base which when mixed with the humidity leaves your skin feeling like there is product just sitting on your skin rather than sinking in.

Lala Whip is perfection. It hydrates, sits beautifully under makeup and doesn’t break out my hormonal acne prone skin. Plus, I love that with the pump it’s an easy swipe.

Drunk Elephant Review- Which Cult Products Are Worth The Hype #whatsavvysaid #skincare
Drunk Elephant Review- Which Cult Products Are Worth The Hype #whatsavvysaid #skincare #biospray

A-Passioni™ Retinol Cream

What once felt like a skincare secret reserved for those who regularly saw a dermatologist is now one of the most chatted about routine features for my inner circle’s skincare routine. We LOVE a retinol/retinoid/tretinion. Before we continue though, I will humbly request you do a bit of research here (i.e. see Caroline Hirons) because there’s not really a one-size-fits-all when it comes to retinol. However, I do feel like while one of the more controversial products of the Drunk Elephant skincare line, it’s a cult favorite.

I like to use it 1-2x per week, though I’m probably due to upgrade my usage because I’m actively working to send the wrinkle in my forehead back to where it came from. I will say I have noticed that this product tends to move so start gentle and be mindful of what moisturizer you’re using with it. You can also buffer it with a moisturizer to lessen the impact. But if you’re looking for a clean retinol option, this is a lovely one.

Sweet Biome™ Fermented Sake Hydrating Spray

I’m a bit hit and miss when it comes to hydrating sprays – there are very few that I find have changed my life. I also can’t say that I tend to use them in my morning routine. But I really love this spray specifically for refreshing my makeup or when I need an extra bit of moisture. The mist is super fine which means it’s easily buildable. So whether I’m in need of a major moisture boost or just a makeup refresh, I’m covered.

What’s your favorite Drunk Elephant skincare product? Let us know in the comments below. I know they have lots of body care as well so hopefully, we will be able to review that for the blog soon. But for now, be sure you’re signed up for the newsletter so you never miss a thing. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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