Energy And Frequency Of Money Review

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I remember the first moment I spotted Amanda Frances on my Instagram feed. In the days of single photos, her Beverly Hills pool shoot edit with money floating beneath her pink float instead of water stopped my scroll. Clearly, her method worked as she’d most certainly caught my attention. In the months that followed, I loosely watched or read what she shared never feeling particularly drawn in to sign up for a course like Energy And Frequency of Money. But I was intrigued nonetheless.

Cut to April of 2020 – it was a weird time for me as it was for much of the world. I’d spent the previous 4 years acting as a caretaker and had begun to look forward to a new feature just before lockdowns started. God was very clear in keeping me still at that time and doors did not feel like they were opening. Until they did. And this one little course dramatically shifted my life.

energy and frequency of money review

Energy And Frequency Of Money Review

Now, before we get into today’s review I think it’s important that we cover the essentials. This course is ultimately for those who feel drawn to it and are ready to do the work. If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide for manifesting money, Money Mentality Makeover is going to be your go-to (more on that in a moment). But if you’re looking for a fresh perspective on debt, to begin to understand what beliefs are driving your relationship with money, and to start existing in the world differently opening yourself up to your next level of life, Energy And Frequency Of Money is a great place to start.

What Is Energy And Frequency Of Money?

EFM is a 7-video course taught by Amanda Frances to help you begin to under a new perspective when it comes to money. As Amanda says, “Money is a neutral resource.” It is neither good nor bad. We all have an energetic minimum or an unspoken understanding of how we are willing to exist with money in our lives. This course helps you begin to understand, transform and rewrite that in profound ways.

How Is It Different Than Money Mentality Makeover?

Energy and Frequency of money is one of the things that you get when you purchase MMM. If you happen to buy EFM first, you’ll get a coupon back to use towards Money Mentality Makeover (full review here). Typically, it’s around $444. While the first portion of MMM teaches you the structure of how to manifest and call things inconsistently, EFM offers an additional piece to the puzzle.

Much of MMM is built as Amanda grows in knowledge and experience. So with the initial modules, you are building the foundation. Energy And Frequency offers you the chance to dive in when she has reached much large financial goals, has begun to understand having an overflow of money as well as offering a new perspective on debt.

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What Makes Energy & Frequency Of Money So Special?

Something Amanda says often is that she will never rerecord modules because she can’t teach them the say way she could at the time. Her connection and understanding now are different. EFM really provides you with the opportunity to see money from all angles.

Starting with the vibration of money, you’ll continue on to move through modules about receiving with relaxed energy to clearing the energy of debt, identifying your fear as a liar, the energetics of continual increase, learning how to stack the paper and finally my favorite: deciding how the world works for you.

What Else Comes With Energy & Frequency Of Money?


In addition to 7 videos, you’ll get journal prompts and affirmations to use each day. These are as important and transformative as the content within the videos. And they often allow you insight into your thoughts in new ways as you sit with the questions and challenge yourself to reprogram your brain.

3 years in and one of my favorite things to do is to use the transcripts and journal prompts as a way to check in with any lingering limiting beliefs. I often find reading things triggers things my mind might not catch when listening. And it’s a quick way to dig in when you’re short on time.

What Can You Expect When Signing Up For Energy & Frequency Of Money?

Everyone’s experience with this will be different. But I am truly grateful that this is the course I decided to start with when joining the AF world. It’s tied with The Wealthy Women and Turning Shit Into Gold for my most listened-to content of the last few years. 

Personally, I felt like EFM started cracking my world when it comes to money. To use more words – when I signed up in 2020, my life was taking some unexpected and ultimately needed turns. And the foundation that would change it (MMM and TSIG) would eventually land. But I needed to start seeing things in new ways in my life that would give me enough curiosity and evidence to begin to prompt change. 

Within the first few weeks, I’d manifested a random $1000 grant (essentially having the course pay for itself 5x). I continued to see random opportunities for new money, new perspectives when it came to money as well as just becoming more aware of the messages I was receiving daily about money in my everyday life. EFM was the sledgehammer that helped me start tearing down an old, toxic, and low-vibe life so I could begin to build a new one.

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Can You Only Buy Energy & Frequency Of Money When It’s On Sale?

This specific course is always open but only discounted for a limited time. However, you will get a coupon code for MMM regardless. So if you’re feeling drawn to take the next steps and the promotion conversation isn’t still happening, you are able to sign up and dive in!

If You Already Have EFM, Where Would You Go Next?

I would suggest one of three places, If you haven’t gotten Rich AF yet, do that. It’s super affordable and will dig into some of your more common questions. I’d suggest both digital and audiobook copies. If Money Mentality Makeover is available, it will absolutely change your life and is worth ever penny. I say it time and time again but between the content and facebook group – it’s gold.

Speaking of, I don’t think Turning Shit Into Gold (full review here) gets enough love. Personally, it’s the thing that fills the gap for me constantly. Whenever I find myself asking a question that I’m not finding the answer in MMM, typically due to it being business or family or love related (love with myself being most important), I find it here. Lastly, The Wealthy Woman is always high vibe. And again, you get a discount code for MMM when you purchase this.


As of this blog post going life, Energy & Frequency of Money is currently on sale. So if you’re feeling called, it can change your life. If you have any questions or want to know more from an alum perspective, feel free to DM on Instagram. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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