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By now, you may know I’m a fan of Amanda Frances courses. Money Mentality Makeover, The Wealthy Women, Energy & Frequency of Money, The Holiday Bundle. . . I’ve invested in quite a few (and done reviews as well). But when it comes to Turning Shit Into Gold, it just hit differently for me.

So today I’m going to talk you through my thoughts on this AF classic. We’ll chat a bit about how it’s different than her other courses, what to expect and why I think it pairs beautifully with money mentality makeover. As always, feel free to DM me with any questions!

turning shit into gold review

Turning Shit Into Gold Review

What Is It?

I like to think of this as the lifestyle bundle. Many of the men/women/non-binary humans that step into Amanda’s world, feel called to something greater. They are setting the standard for leveling up in their lives. This course helps your navigate that more seamlessly and to overcome the unexpected hurdles.

It’s currently 5 modules – one of which has been added in the last 6 of 7 months covering everything from relationships to boundaries to family & children. This is really a space where Amanda helps you set the foundation for your healing in a new way.

How Is It Different Than Money Mentality Makeover?

MMM is a lot. Like 7 or 8 modules plus bonuses a lot. And it’s spans Amanda’s knowledge and growth for more than 10 years. It’s also very heavily focused money because it’s named Money Mentality Makeover. When I signed up for Turning Shit Into Gold, I told myself I would do it the next time Amanda offered it. I’d been slowly playing with clearing the energy to feel ready to pursue a relationship. And this felt like the next step.

But what I realized as I started this course was that there was some internal healing in relationships I still needed to do in all areas. Not just love. The level of healing that comes with TSIG was something that I truly wish I had to do in tandem with MMM.

How Does It Help You Manifest A Dream Relationship?

Something I’ve realized in my own journey, and it’s something Amanda shares in module 2, is that we can be blind to our limiting beliefs when it comes to love. Our stories in this area become about protection and safety. Choosing to allow someone in that deeply requires a new level of vulnerability and a lot of healing.

This particular section has 3 videos – so over 3 hours of content. It really examines how differently we show up in a relationship when we truly love ourselves and how transformative it is for our partners. I’ll be honest and say I wasn’t fully ready to dive into this work when I signed. But reading over the journal prompts has me excited to do the work now!

Who Needs Turning Shit Into Gold?

I say this consistently with Amanda’s work but I think everyone could learn from it. With this particular course, if you’re feeling drawn to it, take the leap. MMM really sets the foundation for understanding the energy of money, your history with money and manifesting it at higher & higher levels. For me, TSIG is about personal freedom, healing, deeper love and being able to create your happiest life. 

Would I recommend it to my best friend?

100%. There are lots of humans who thrive with therapy. There are some who maybe learn in other ways. And there are those who enjoy healing in ways like this course. For me, learning how to manifest at deeper levels and consistently has always been about being able to heal. To understand the impact of how my past impacts my future. And to be able to safely grieve, release and move forward. TSIG is an amazing tool to help you do that. PS. If you love therapy, this is also a great tool! Sometimes hearing things in a different way can unlock things in our brains.


All in all, I would absolutely recommend Turning Shit Into Gold. Whether you feel like you need all of it or just one module, the best thing about AF courses is you have access for life. When you’re ready to dive deeper, want to tackle a new section or just feel called to go again, it’s there for you. There’s also the added bonus of the Facebook group for your year so you have support in the process!

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