What’s On My Christmas Wishlist 2020

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Alrighty friends. There’s no other way to say this than to just lay it out there. Today’s post is a BEAST. My Christmas Wishlist for 2020 is next level. And unless Santa is just feeling extra generous, it’s definitely a wishlist. BUT this is the best time for me to share with you what I’ve got my eye on that I may not have invested in yet. It’s also perfect for those of you who have my tastes and don’t know what to ask for. 

Unlike my other gift guides, these products haven’t been vetted because I’m still manifesting their appearance under the tree. 😉 I’m also not going to talk you through them all because we will be here until Christmas if I do that. However, I’ll highlight a few as well as share several products that I don’t have affiliate links to and therefore can’t easily pop into my little boutique set up. Grab your fave drink and let’s shop friends!

What's On My Christmas Wishlist #whatsavvysaid #2020

Terra Kaffe

If you’re new to WSS, you may not know that I’m a coffee lover. It’s a staple. But alas it’s time for me to part with my trust Nespresso. Between the cost of pods and my desire to streamline our kitchen, I’m dreaming of an upgrade. There’s quite a few options on the market. However, knowing MS, it needs to be as easy as possible to use or I’m going to have a hard time making it happen. This espresso & coffee machine comes from a small business, is super chic and exactly what I hope to find under the tree this year.

Dora Larsen Lingerie

While I know that everyone is all about that cozy, comfort wear life this year, I’m team: wear what makes you feel fire. And this sustainable lingerie brand has been on my radar for a while. So I will hopefully be treating myself to a few new pieces because I’m absolutely worth it.

Lady In Waiting

During a recently Saturday wander of my favorite Rosemary Beach bookstore, I stumbled on this book. Now I know the newest season of the Crown just dropped on Netflix. I’m still on season 2 and jumping to season 4 because why not. But this book feels like a well timed find in my life. Plus, who doesn’t love a bts book about the royals?

Golden Goose

I’m a heels girl through and through. But there are times when you just need a solid shoe choice to throw on with your leather leggings and go. I’ve had my eye on a pair of GGs for a while now. Most likely, I’ll end up snagging these for myself via the girls at Fancy Drew. They are a must follow for designer on a budget. However, if Santa wants to leave me a present, I’m here for it.


Listen, there are several of these types of guns on the market. However, we know I’m as much about aesthetics as I am function, so I need this in white. ASAP. If you hate foam rolling but always find that you need some extra help with recovery post-workout, you need this in your life.

Vitamix Food Processor

If you read my luxury gifts worth the $$$ post, you’ll know I love my Vitamix. And as previously mentioned, I’m working hard to streamline our kitchen. So if I can combine my appliances, I’m a happy gal. Plus, I want to review this for the WSS community. So we will find a way to make this happen. Like I said, this post could go on for a million years. And there are a few sneaky products down below that I love and would like to see in my winter skincare routine again so I’ll added them to the list. They will come as a surprise to very few of you. But for now, I hope this post inspires you as your create your own wishlists and start shopping this year. If you want to see what I’m loving & using daily, be sure to come follow me on instagram. And if you want to make sure you never miss a post, be sure you’re signed up for the WSS newsletter. So much amazing content is coming soon. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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