What's In My Fall Makeup Bag- Regular & Non-Toxic Beauty #whatsavvysaid #fallmakeup #makeupbag #hudabeauty #w3llpeople #hudabeauty #ecobrow #browpomade

What’s In My Fall Non-Toxic Makeup Bag

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We are a few days shy of it being officially fall. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t already started embracing it. My closet has had a mini make over. I’m busting out all the pumpkin things I can find. So what’s left on the list? My fall makeup bag.

I’m a girl who likes options. But like just the right amount of options. Too many choices? And I’m scrolling Netflix for an hour before giving up on watching a movie and picking something I’ve seen a million times. Not enough choices? Well if you’ve seen my closet, let’s just say I like my options. And that my fall bootie collection is a highlight.

So when it comes to my fall makeup bag, I don’t think anyone will be surprised by rather large selection. There are a few things that don’t change much season to season (concealer, mascara, brows). But things like my go to lip color or eyeshadow palette makes a definite change. And while I’ve recently added a few new items, there are still a few I’ve keeping my eye of for. Let’s chat about my fall makeup bag!

What's In My Fall Makeup Bag- Regular & Non-Toxic Beauty #whatsavvysaid #fallmakeup #makeupbag #hudabeauty #w3llpeople #hudabeauty #ecobrow #browpomade


There are a few tried and true items that never leave my bag. I travel with them, by backs of them and don’t really ever look for alternatives. So I figured it would be easier to lump them all into one category before we go onto the new stuff. My primer has stuck for months and will probably stay for the forseeable future: Coola’s Dawn Patrol Primer*.

As far as concealers go, I tend to stick to the same products regularly. I’ve been using RMS Uncover Up* under my eyes for the last few months paired with Lilah B.’s foundation powder*. But I’ve recently added in W3LL People’s concealer* for my face and I really enjoy it. It blends out well and has good coverage. Mascara wise, I’m on the hunt for a new favorite non-toxic option. However, I do enjoy Pacifica’s Dream Big mascara*.


No matter the season, I tend to go between two foundations. I like to have one option that is more full coverage and one that is a bit lighter. If I’m honest, I haven’t discovered a full coverage foundation I’m obsessed with that’s non-toxic yet. But I’ve only tried a few. The current one is rotation is from Ilia*. And while it has great coverage, it’s not necessarily full coverage and I find I have to powder it throughout the day. For lighter coverage days, I’ve been using Vita Liberata’s Beauty Blur*. It’s not quite as sheer as my beloved By Terry CC Serum*. But it gives me a bit of color and coverage which is perfect.

What's In My Fall Makeup Bag- Regular & Non-Toxic Beauty #whatsavvysaid #fallmakeup #makeupbag #hudabeauty #w3llpeople #hudabeauty #ecobrow #browpomade
What's In My Fall Makeup Bag- Regular & Non-Toxic Beauty #whatsavvysaid #fallmakeup #makeupbag #hudabeauty #w3llpeople #hudabeauty #ecobrow #browpomade


I will be honest here and say that this is the category I’m slowly changing over. And you’ll see in a minute what I’m considering adding into my collection. For now, not everything is up to the non-toxic standard. I recently added Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Norvina palette and Jaclyn Hill’s Morphe Palette* into my rotation. Both are well loved and will continue to be used.

But as far as fall goes, I love a bit of burgundy and burnt orange. So I’ve been reaching for my Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette* along with my Huda Beauty Mauve Palette*. I’ve also added the ecobrow eyebrow gel* into my bag. It’s a recent addition that I’m still learning to use. However, it’s a step in the right direction.


My summer skin has been very much about the bronzy-glow. And while I don’t think that will change too much for winter, I find myself reaching for more cooler toned items. I like to mix my bronzers a bit to get the right color for my face. There’s always a cream bronzer floating around (W3LL People Bio Bronzer*) and at least one powder (Lilah B. Bronzer*). But with my fall makeup bag, I knew I wanted to make a bit of blush change.

I’ve pretty much exclusively used Kosas Papaya 1972* over the summer. It’s a beautiful peachy blush that pairs well with my favorite coral lip color. So when I recently went to find a more rose/pink tone for fall, my first thoughts were to try another Kosas blush. However, after a bit of swatching in one of my favorite non-toxic beauty stores in Birmingham, I decided for a different option all together. The newest addition to my makeup bag and my first purchase from the brand is a blush/bronzer combo from Smith & Cult called Book of Sun Chapter 1*. Unlike my more orange-y bronzers, this one is more subtle and cool toned. Paired with the subtle pink blush, it’s perfect for travel and my fall makeup.

What's In My Fall Makeup Bag- Regular & Non-Toxic Beauty #whatsavvysaid #fallmakeup #makeupbag #hudabeauty #w3llpeople #hudabeauty #ecobrow #browpomade
What's In My Fall Makeup Bag- Regular & Non-Toxic Beauty #whatsavvysaid #fallmakeup #makeupbag #hudabeauty #w3llpeople #hudabeauty #ecobrow #browpomade


I will forever and always be a red lip girl. There’s just something about a red lip that I love. I own quite a few but find that I’m always coming back to my liquid lipsticks. Current red of choice? Spela’s matte liquid lipstick in Tinder*. However, there are a few gaps in my lip collection that still need filled. And it’s sent me on the hunt for a few new items.

For the last few years, I’ve fallen back on my two staples choices for fall: red or nude. Personally, I think either lip look works year round. But the one color I’ve wanted for the past few years is one I’ve had the hardest time matching for my skin tone: a red wine version of a red lip. I’ve seen so many purples or deeper tones but I still haven’t found my unicorn fall lip. With my fairer skin, it’s challenging to find something that’s a deeper color without making me look like Casper. Nevertheless, I’m on a mission to snag my elusive lip color for my fall makeup bag.


Despite the progress I’ve made over the last few months, there are still a few gaps in my makeup collection. There are a few item’s I’ve been waiting to replace once they run out like my setting spray, eye liners or lip liners. But the largest gap of all is down to my eyeshadow. I have yet to purchase a single non-toxic eyeshadow palette for my collection.

If I’m honest, this will probably be the last category I really transition over. I’m quite happy with the palettes I own and purchasing new ones can get expensive. However, there are a few I have my eye on and hope to test out soon. Beautycounter’s new eyeshadows have gotten my attention. Both the Romantic* & Statement* palettes look amazing. Lily Lolo* have a few options that look perfect for travel and everyday wear. As well as Ilia has an eyeshadow quad with amazing reviews and a beautiful blue toned shadow.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my fall makeup bag. The transition to non-toxic beauty is almost like buying a new wardrobe. It takes time and you don’t really know a gap exists until you get to it. I’d love to find a full coverage foundation with a more matte finish, a mascara combo that puts others to shame and my perfect fall lip color. But it’s going to take a bit of trial and error. So for now, I’ll keep searching and swatching. Let the fall season begin!

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    5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your makeup bag Savannah, I love a red lip too! It’s just such a pity that so many brands use carmine (crushed bugs) as the colourant to get a nice red shade! I had a quick look at Spela’s ingredients for Tinder and thankfully it really is vegan – no carmine, no beeswax, no lanolin oil! I love when brands walk the walk instead of just talking the talk. I’m really impressed – I’m going to add it to my Wishlist! For any readers looking to go natural (or animal-free), we recently posted a piece exposing some… Read more »