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I love make up. And despite the years it’s taken me to really feel confident in my skin or to even know how to do my make up, I’ve always loved it. But I’m also a big fan of living a healthy & happy life. From cleaning products to the ones on my skin, I know that healthy is a lifestyle. So when it comes to green beauty, I want to be on board.

I’d love to tell you that I’ve thrown out all my old make up or that I’ve done a Detox Market* haul. I haven’t yet. But I am making a conscious effort to move towards green beauty. It’s a work in progress and it will take some time. However, today I want to share how I’m making the transition to green beauty products.

Using Reward Points

If you’re new to the blog or haven’t heard about my savvy tendencies, I love to find sneaky ways to save money. I’ve spoken before about how to save on hair care but some of those apply here. Green beauty doesn’t always get the fancy PR packaging and blogger placement as other products. So instead of worrying about spending tons of money on something I won’t like or buying yet another bronzer when I already have 4, I’m using reward points. Birchbox is a great option for it. But places like the detox market are also launching point systems.

Filling In The Gaps

When it comes to my make up collection, I don’t often find too many product gaps these days. But on occasion, I’ll find something I didn’t realize I was missing. For example, last week I realized I didn’t own a cream bronzer. I don’t use a lot of cream products so this wasn’t all that shocking. However after watching a summer make up tutorial, I was considering grabbing one on my next shopping outing. Here’s where the green beauty comes in. Sure I could have grabbed the Milk bronzer* that was recommended. I’m sure it’s lovely. But W3ll People also makes a stick bronzer* that fits the green beauty bill. So instead I used my points and went for the less toxic option. Now I’m one step closer to a full face of clean beauty and continuing to make a conscious effort in my beauty transition.

Swapping Out Daily Use Items

I have to give credit to Kelly Leveque for this one. She mentioned something similar in an interview that helped me make the jump. I swapped out my body wash*. Now because I’m a girl on a budget I waited until I’d used up my other one. But every since, I’ve been trying to swap out one skincare product at time. It can be expensive to do the green beauty overhaul. So instead of spending $800 on products, opt for one at a time. Every time I finish up a skincare product I’m using, my goal is to replace it with something cleaner. Body wash is a great one to start because it’s used on 80% of your body. You can even swap out your shaving gel. I’m currently using this one from Alba* and it’s one of the best shave gels I’ve used in months.

Opting For Highly Reviewed Products

My argument when it comes to green beauty is that I want products to work. I want my eyelashes to pop, my contour to work and my eyeliner to stay put. And I’m not willing to compromise. With so many standard beauty products getting loads of reviews, I’ve found it much easier to know what to buy there. But it’s not always as straight forward with green beauty. So instead of setting myself up for disappointment, I try to stick with products that have great reviews. Whether it’s an allure beauty award or constant raving from my favorite blogger, I know the more encouraged and excited I feel about my products the more likely I am to transition my entire routine.

Try Lots Of Samples

Sometimes I think it’s easy to forget that samples are a thing. But how disappointing is it when you get the wrong color or buy a product that just doesn’t work for your skin? So when it comes to spending $50 per foundation, I’m more than happy to sample it up. One of my besties is a green beauty fanatic. When I’m in Atlanta I always follow her to the beauty store and try to snag a few new samples. Don’t be afraid to ask for them. There’s no reason not to try a product if you’re concerned about wear or how it will react with your skin. Plus no one wants to waste money on a product that doesn’t work for them. I mean let’s be real. I’d rather use that money on shoes.

Prioritize Your Changes

Good beauty doesn’t alway come cheap. But making the transition to green beauty doesn’t have to break the bank. Deciding what products are most important to you to change can save time & money in the long run. For me, I’m starting with the things I use daily. I don’t wear make up every day but I do shower & wash my face. So I know that the products I use there will make the biggest impact. Decide what products you want to start with and take it one step at a time. And before you know it, you’ll be falling in love with so many new non-toxic products!

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