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Healthy Things I Don’t Do Anymore

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Over the years, I’d tried on lots of healthy things or habits for size. Some of them worked well for me, while others weren’t exactly my cup of tea. I’ve always said that building a healthy lifestyle takes time. What is a healthy habit that works for me might not be right for you. So today I want to share a few of the healthy things I’ve tried over the years and no longer do. It’s taken me time to realize that not every healthy trend is right for me. And I hope by sharing what I’ve learned I can help you in your health journey too.

Celery Juice

I feel like this trend came in hot, bright and fast. While there may still be a flame for those who love celery juice, it’s not a candle in my house. Earlier this year, I tried very hard to make celery juice a regular habit in my life. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly expensive and my body also wasn’t on board. I ended up with severe stomach pain for a week before I decided that this trend wasn’t for me. As much as I wanted this to be one of the healthy things I incorporated into my life, I had to acknowledge it was more harmful than helpful. So thank you, next on the celery juice please.

Intermittent Fasting

For a while, I did a really good job at ignoring intermittent fasting. Everyone and their sister seemed to be doing it but I really had no interest in try it. Until I did. I feel like of all the items on my healthy things list, this one comes with some grey area. Technically, I still have a fasting window. I try to make sure there’s at least 12 hours between my dinner and breakfast. I also try to avoid snacking between meals. My digestion is grateful and it seems to be what works best for me. However, for my sanity, health and developing a healthy relationship with food, I had to ditch the 8 hour eating window. 

From what I’ve learned post-IF attempt, intermittent fasting tends to work for about 25% of women. I learned a lot while doing it and it showed me how important it is for me to give my digestion proper time to work. But for my current goals and the sake of my health, it’s no longer something I practice. And I’m perfectly happy with this choice.

Healthy Things I Don't Do Anymore #whatsavvysaid #baytownwharfe #wellnessblogger #healthyhabits #badhabits
Healthy Things I Don't Do Anymore #whatsavvysaid #baytownwharfe #wellnessblogger #healthyhabits #badhabits
Healthy Things I Don't Do Anymore #whatsavvysaid #baytownwharfe #wellnessblogger #healthyhabits #badhabits


Ya’ll I have tried for years to be a runner. I MEAN YEARS. And maybe some day I’ll be able to make it my thing. But these days I’m removing it off my list of healthy things for a while. Firstly, I get shin splints really easily. Until I have the time to really dedicate to learning how to run, it’s almost always a painful workout. Secondly, I’m really enjoying my current workout routine in the gym. It’s been incredible for my mental health.

Does this mean I’ll give up my dream of running? Never. The current workout program I’m doing has the occasional sprint built in. However, for now I’m acknowledging that there’s a bit of work that will need to be done before I can consider myself a runner. And I look forward to doing that work in the future.


I’ve never particularly been a fan of counting calories. Is it effective for those wanting to lose weight? It can be, however, it’s been my personal experience that it takes away from how I view food. I’ve always tried to build a healthy lifestyle that didn’t involve counting ever thing or tracking. It’s important to me that I have freedom in my food choices and to honor my body. Tracking calories has never been something on the list of healthy things that’s truly worked for me. 

These days I’d much rather take Kelly Leveque’s approach*. It’s less about being perfect and more about eating in a way that nourishes your body. Slowly but surely I’m start to heal my body and my mind. Ditching a life of counting is easily one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

Healthy Things I Don't Do Anymore #whatsavvysaid #baytownwharfe #wellnessblogger #healthyhabits #badhabits
Healthy Things I Don't Do Anymore #whatsavvysaid #baytownwharfe #wellnessblogger #healthyhabits #badhabits


Along with counting, I’ve taken weighing myself off the healthy things list. I’m not sure many people would consider this habit healthy. But I’ve had to learn the hard way how easy it is for me to get stuck on the numbers. I’ve spent a lot of effort lately on focusing on where I receiving my validation and joy from. And every time I encounter and overcome something new, I’ve taken back a bit of my power in my journey to be my happiest, healthiest self.

There has never been a healthy relationship for me and the scale. Or with the size of my pants for that matter. The number becomes something to compare to other people’s numbers so that I can validate my self worth against theirs. I lose every time. Loving myself is about more than the numbers. So I’ve had to learn that getting on the scale isn’t something that makes me worth any more or any less. It just makes me a person with a number that I gave far too much power. 

There you have it babes. I hope that as you’re building your healthy lifestyle you’ll remember that not every healthy trend is meant for you. It’s okay to respect and acknowledge that what works for someone else isn’t meant to be in your life. But remember, it is your life. Don’t spend it trying to let everyone else live it for you. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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