How To Identify Limiting Beliefs That Aren’t Obvious

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When it comes to limiting beliefs, it’s almost like driving a car with the GPS. Sometimes, if we’re going somewhere new, we don’t think too much about getting to our destination. Our concern is simply arriving there safely so we don’t consider there’s another way or that there might be roadblocks ahead.

But say we’re sitting in traffic on the interstate for an ungodly amount of time. We’ve run out of snacks. We have to pee. We’ve maybe moved 10 feet in 10 minutes. Now we’re thinking there has to be a better option. There has to be more than one way to get where we want to go, right?

How To Identify Limiting Beliefs That Aren't Obvious

How To Identify Limiting Beliefs

In life, our limiting beliefs look much like the roadblocks, hitting every red light or stand-still traffic moment. They all serve a purpose in teaching us what we believe we are capable of having. Sometimes they are very obvious. We aren’t having success in relationships or manifesting our dream partner because we are still telling ourselves the story that we will never be good enough because it was repeated to us over and over again in some other relationship. 

And sometimes, we’ve been in the car so long that we don’t realize we’ve got a headlight out or our brake lights aren’t working – yes, we are committed to this car analogy now, enjoy. We don’t know what we don’t know simply because we’re too close. We need perspective that we can’t get sitting in the car. 

Unbeknownst to us, we’re making it much harder on ourselves simply to get where we want to go because we don’t know there’s a problem. So today is all about how to identify the limiting beliefs that represent the missing headlights in our life. We’re going to unearth the unknowing things that keep you from the life you want. And we’re going to establish a few things you can do to get you on your way!

Get Clear On Your Own Voice

We’re going to start with one of the hardest ones because this is a battle I think we all face without knowing. And depending on how much time you spend on social media or who’s in your inner circle, you may be carrying voices that limit your belief in yourself and your ability to clearly know your desires.

Now, if you’ve hopped around the blog a bit, you’ll probably have seen me chatting about money. It’s something I’ve really enjoyed expanding on over the last few years and more heavily in the last 12 months.

When I really started doing the work around manifesting money, I realized I was fortunate in that I’d grown up with mostly okay behavior around what it means to have money. But there are certain people in my circle whose thoughts don’t align with the beliefs I have and am working to establish as my ultimate truth.

And if you spend enough time in the comments section on any platform, it’s easy to see that limiting beliefs around money are standard. 

Set Boundaries

Part of being able to rework our thoughts is to understand the limiting beliefs we’ve absorbed as our own and to set boundaries with them. This might mean taking a step back from certain spaces or people while you’re giving strength to your own voice. As an example, say you’re working towards a goal of being free. You’ve got some positive energy around it and feel excited. It feels like God and the universe have given you the guidance you need to make it happen.

But your bestie or you TikTok algorithm are filled with all the voices saying getting out of debt is hard. You have to sacrifice. Money is hard. You can’t just decide to do that. This is the story you hear on repeat daily. It’s going to be a lot harder to live in your more positive belief that clearing debt can be easy and fun. And you find yourself making what could be simple extra hard because you’re hearing all this noise that says otherwise. 

Until you can unearth your own voice for the GPS, you’re going to be stuck driving the car with everyone else’s limiting beliefs. Unless they have a really killer accent and the ability to teleport, I don’t think you want that.

how to identify limiting beliefs that aren't obvious

Journal Out Your Day As Though You Have The Thing

I’m a big fan of using scripting when it comes to manifesting. But really you don’t have to be aboard the manifestation train for this to work. This is also something that can be a bit more time consuming when it comes to identity limiting beliefs but it does the trick every time if you’re willing to slow down to do the work.

For example, I’ve been focused on getting clarity with what it means for me to have fame. What do I want it to look like? How does it impact my day? Who do I interact with? How does it change my life? Etc.

So this morning I sat down and wrote out my day in my journal as though I had 1 million followers. I’ll do this for different times of day for clarity and as a way to discover new things I might be subconsciously avoiding. For you this might be writing our your day as someone who owns their own business, has x job, or is in a relationship with your dream partner.

Don’t rush this

Now as you’re going, I want you to think about how you feel with each step. Like write one step and stop to feel what it would feel like to do that thing. Ex. I wake up at 6am – How do you feel when you wake up at 6am? Refreshed? Stressed? Ready to tackle the day? Calm?

Is There Something You’d Enjoy More

It’s a process to really connect with your intuition and be okay with creating a routine that hasn’t been stamped by the internet for approval. As an example, I had quite a bit of resistance internally around shifting my morning routine to later when it truly supported me. I felt more rested. Less stressed. But my internal story was still that I needed to be up at 5am to be successful. You might find it takes a few tries or you nail it one. It’s also helpful to write this for a few versions of yourself. Aka you now with the thing, and at the next goal and the one after. 

Rewrite As You Go

The more I’ve healed, the quicker practice has become for me. I can instinctively feel when things aren’t right now and will choose a new line in my story until it sits right. But don’t be afraid to write something that feels completely off the wall – we’re not going for what’s possible, we’re going for what feels right for us.

My Journal Entry

As an example, there’s this idea to be a successful influence you have to work 24/7. There are plenty of people who portray that narrative online. And it can create a disconnect if that’s not who you want to become. At least for me. So instead of writing a story about my day as though I woke up and I got on socials. And I spent all this time in emails and I can’t keep up with my life. My narrative looks much different.

It reads more like I woke up at 6am today. I spent 15 minutes reading and settling in for my morning. Then I did my workout and warmed up for the day. I am so grateful I get to start my day in a quiet, energetic and peaceful way. After my workout, I shower, do my skincare and spend some time journaling. I love using this time as my way to bring clarity to my life and my content. And then I get ready. My team joins me as I’m doing my hair and makeup to go through things for the day. I’m so grateful I have incredible people who can support me.

This is a practice that can take some time and I find myself rewriting the limiting beliefs as I go. So yours might look like I woke up. Got ready. Did a workout. And it feels completely wrong to you or like lots of anxiety. That’s your cue to dig into why you feel that way. Don’t skip over the details here because this is where those limiting beliefs are hiding.

how to identify limiting beliefs that aren't obvious

Practice Telling A Friend

Now this can work a few ways depending on the people have in your life. I often find that when I say something out loud I can feel the emotion of my inner voice. If there’s a dissonance between what I’m saying and where I’m being led, I can feel that discomfort in my chest.

For you this might be asking a friend to help you get clarity by listening to you talk and having them tell it back to you. Their interpretation of your energy and story can provide clarity by showing how you’re communicating things without even realizing it.

Listen To How They Respond To You

The other suggestion would be to listen to how they respond to what you’re saying naturally. For example, say you’re working through limiting beliefs around relationships. You’re telling a friend a story and you say I just feel like dating is impossible. And they respond, yeah it feels like I’m going to be single forever.

Now you have two limiting beliefs to identity and work through that you might now have realized existed. It’s now your job to establish affirmations, create new beliefs and find people who have done the thing you believe is impossible to tell a new story. 

Easy peasy, right?


At the end of the day, working through limiting beliefs is a lifelong process. Part of growth means that we are always expanding on what we believe is possible for us while creating new belief systems and telling new stories to make the impossible a reality. And while there are countless ways to identify those pesky roadblocks and GPS woes, I hope that today’s tip gave you a bit more clarity on things you can do today to have a breakthrough.

If you want more tips on manifesting and breakthrough limiting beliefs, make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter. And let me know in the comments below what breakthroughs you’re having this week. I love being able to celebrate your wins with you and the rest of our community. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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