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Rent The Runway Review: Is Renting Your Clothes Better Than Owning Them?

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One of my favorite things about reviewing things for WSS is that I’m often afforded the opportunity to revisit businesses and products with fresh eyes. And today’s Rent The Runway review is one I’m excited to update 3 years later.

Over the years, the plans for Rent The Runway have evolved. The brand has continuously listened to feed back and created options that make it even more accessible to rent your favorite pieces without the hassle of dry cleaning. So today I’m going to dive into what I love about it, how I use Rent The Runway and why I think it’s one of the best investments for a more sustainable and stylish wardrobe.

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What is Rent The Runway?

Rent the Runway is a company that allows you to rent designer clothes for a much more affordable price. Everything from shipping to dry cleaning to insurance is included with your plan. You save time. You save money. So, you get the to wear the newest fashion, accessories and more. It’s a win, win, win.

What are the different programs?

The initial plans start with the option of 5, 10, 15 or 20 items a month. However, there’s a bit a flexibility after the initial trial. Each plan as 1 – 4 swaps available with the option to add an additional swap if needed. This is great if you end up with a few items that don’t fit but aren’t ready to send back your entire set.

Which one did I try?

I’ve tried 3 different plans over the years. But my current plan is 10 items. However, I could happily do 15 and choose more matching accessories.

What’s the cost?

Rent The Runway starts with a trial of $94 – $169. However, I’ve found the regular shipments of clothes average from $94 – $ 235. You can easily adjust this month to month if you need less clothes. But if you’re looking to have more than 10 items a month, you can expect to pay over $144.

Rent The Runway Review- Is Renting Your Clothes The Next Big Thing- #whatsavvysaid #styleblogger #petitestyle #petiteblogger #petitecurves #rentherunway
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Shipping is free. Previous plans offered a garment style bag. Thankfully, they’ve gone for an upgrade. The large bag option now make it’s easier to fit everything including dry cleaning covers and accessories. Once you’re done with your items, you drop them off at UPS and ship them back. Or if you live somewhere that has a Rent The Runway storefront, you can go in and exchange items there.


As a creator the initial draw for me was the option of new things to play with. But for myself and other friends, it’s been a great way to supplement wardrobes when traveling. With several weddings and colder weather adventures happening over the holiday season, it was nice to always have something that fit the outfit’s need.

Additionally, one of the original draws to Rent The Runway for me was the designers. Brands like Self Portrait, Draper James, and Reformation had all been on my list to try for years. I love that I had access to higher-end brands and could try them without worrying about investing in an item that I wouldn’t like a year from now. 

Plus, I love that you can really keep your clothes and accessories on a constant rotation. Picking and outfit that makes you feel good is such a powerful way to support your mental health daily. Plus, you didn’t have to worry about washing anything Dry cleaning and insurance are included in your subscription. 

And if you decide you’ve fallen in love with something you’ve rented, you can keep it and get an amazing deal on the original retail price. I think this is the perfect way to discover new accessories or even your next go-to event dress. Who doesn’t love a good deal on a designer item?


(Original review) There’s one big caveat for me that made renting my clothes with Rent The Runway challenging: knowing my size. If you read through reviews and check the details, you can somewhat find out if a piece will fit you. But even doing my due diligence, I sent back more than one item right after I got it because it just didn’t work for me. 

I consistently shop with the same brands when I’m buying clothes which means I’ve learned my sizes. I know that while I might be one top size at J Crew, I should probably consider a different one at another store. If you’re renting your clothes from new brands, it’s a lot harder to get it right every time. The learning curve is a bit steeper. And if you’re only trying it for one month, it’s hard to gage your love for the program when clothes don’t fit. 

(The Update) It’s signifcantly easier to navigate sizing with the exception of pieces that are new to the collection. I added a piece from the Ashley Park x Rent The Runway collab but ended up with something slightly too small. And of all the items I’ve rented over the last 2 rounds, this was the only issue. Otherwise, the sizing recommendations are incredibly spot on. You will need to be patient as it may take some trial and error. But this is an area where the brand has taken feedback and grown significantly.

My other regret was not really getting to try everything I wanted because of availability. There were a couple of items I’d hope to try with the strong potential of buying but they weren’t available to rent. Plus there’s never really a timetable of when things will be available again. There’s no waitlist option. So you just have to hope it becomes available eventually or find something else you like instead. 

The lesson here being: if you see it, snag it. I do love adding things to my wishlist. But if you really want an item, it may be worth adding the extra spot because it doesn’t always come back in quickly.

Rent The Runway Review - Is The Rental Service Worth The Hype? #whatsavvysaid
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Rent The Runway Review- Is Renting Your Clothes The Next Big Thing- #whatsavvysaid #styleblogger #petitestyle #petiteblogger #petitecurves #rentherunway
Rent The Runway Review- Is Renting Your Clothes The Next Big Thing- #whatsavvysaid #styleblogger #petitestyle #petiteblogger #petitecurves #rentherunway


Absolutely. I think like any subscription service there will be times when I want to utilize it more. But as someone who loves to dress up, it’s lovely to explore new styles without the limitations of budget. It also gives me the freedom to express myself with fashion without worrying about pieces that I may only really want to style once.


I do, often! I would and have recommended Rent The Runway to many friends. Whether you’re a busy mom/boss lady who doesn’t have time to shop or someone looking for a few supplemental, quality pieces for your next trip. There are a million and 1 reasons to fall in love with Rent The Runway. 

I think it’s great for someone who wants to stick to a budget or is looking to go more sustainable with their clothing. I also think it’s great for those who are constantly changing clothing sizes but still want to look cute. If you’re pregnant, postpartum or even those who have weight loss as a goal, Rent The Runway is a great way to rock cute clothes without shelling out tons and tons of money on stuff that won’t fit in a month.


If you haven’t tried Rent The Runway, I would recommend giving it at least the first two months (especially if you’re opting for designers that are new to you). You’ll learn how to find the best pieces for you and match the right fit. There are also some amazing accessory options available. So definitely browse the purse section.

And if you’re worried about fit for an event, there is always the option to rent individual items with a few sizes. Or as I did for a recent wedding, choosing a few different dress styles. 

What about you? Have you tried Rent The Runway? Are you thinking about testing out the luxury rental program? I’d love to know what you gals think! Be sure to leave me a comment below and let me know. If you want to see what else I’ve rented, all of my items can be found here. And if you’re looking for style inspo, be sure to come follow along on Instagram. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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