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Happy Sunday friends! I’m so excited to share the first Small Business Sunday with you! In light of everything going on, I thought this would be a good way for us all to discover new brands and find small businesses we might not stumbled onto other wise. Because this is new, we will adapt as we go. But for our first round, I’ve gathered some of my personal faves and chatted with some of you on instagram. Let’s get to know a few small businesses!

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A Pink Petal

I recently connected with Kaitlyn on instagram. Her etsy shop is adorable and has loads of cute goodies (a few of them are in today’s giveaway). I love getting to know the owners behind businesses and why they do what they do! Here’s a little more info on Kaitlyn:

Hi I’m Kaitlyn! I am a dental hygienist from the suburbs of Philly and live with my fiancé and golden Retriever puppy, Summer. Being engaged has reopened my creative side and has inspired me to open an Etsy shop that I have had for just under 5 months. I love designing and creating different pieces for my friends, family, and fellow brides. I design anything from wedding invitation templates to dog bandanas and many things in between. Check me out on Instagram and see my latest designs!

Doors To Healing

As we know, I’m all about finding ways to heal your body naturally. There’s so much to be discovered and I love how Amie is helping people offering so many different programs. If you’re looking to start healing your relationship with yourself, become a better communicator or just move forward with some extra help in your life, be sure to check out her website!

Amavida Coffee

The angels at Amavida will always have a special place in my heart. There’s just something about a local coffee shop that can’t be beat. But when that local shop is also B Corp Certified (meaning that they are transparent and sustainable) there’s more to love. They use organic & fair trade coffee that is also available for sale online. I love supporting businesses that understand operating for more than just the bottom line. And Amavida is one of my all time faves.


I’ve only recently started testing out Cocokind’s products but it’s been nothing but love so far. You can find so many amazing clean skincare products on their website. My current fave is their oil to milk cleanser. They also have a grant that helps female entrepreneurs in health, wellness and sustainable industries focused on having a social impact with their business. Just another reason to shop and love them!

Out Of The Box Gifts & More

If you love a good boutique, you’ll love Caroline’s store. She’s got the eye for fashion that you see with the largest instagram fashion bloggers. But you’re also supporting a local girl who runs the most adorable shop with her mom. 

Base Culture

We are a base culture household. It’s become a staple brand in our house. Nut butters, breads, brownies, and everything else galore! We love it all. Everything is paleo friendly. So many amazing foods and you’re supporting a female founded company! PS. using my link saves you $10 off your first order.


I frequently rave about SmartSweets on instagram. They one of my favorite healthy alternatives that’s come on the market. If you’re missing candy since making the switch to being refined sugar free, you need these in your life. I’ve converted so many friends. [CODE: whatsavvysaid gets you 10% off your $30 order and supports my small business as well. ]


Whenever I’m in Atlanta, I always pop into Aillea. They are one of my favorite places to snag clean beauty and the girls are incredibly knowledgable about products. They are the reason I learned about Kjaer Weis’ translucent powder. And if you’ve read my seasonal clean makeup bag posts, you’ll know that I’m obsessed. I know how much going clean has transformed my own skin & health. But I’m also a massive fan of Aillea and the products they carry.

Bite Beauty

Day to day, I’m a fairly simple makeup gal. I love a bit of glam. But with all the time & energy spent healing my hormonal acne and getting glowing skin, I like it let it breathe. However even on those basic days, I still love to wear a fun lip color. Bite Beauty makes my go to pick. I own all three colors and I’ve been obsessed for over a year. Clean products that perform. Yes please!

Sitka Salmon Shares

I recently discovered Sitka Salmon Shares when they reached out to me earlier this year. And while I’m fortunate enough to leave near water, the quality of their fish has converted us. Sitka works with small fisherman and offers seasonal shares. So the fish you’re getting is both sustainable and supports small business. I currently have a discount code with them that saves you money and supports me at check out. Use code: whatsavvysaid


When I learned a few years ago what was really in most non-toxic coatings on fry pans, I knew we needed to make a change. But if I had to do it again, I would start with OurPlace. Their Always Pan is the perfect solution for minimal kitchens or those looking to go clean on a budget. [Code: Savvy10 saves you $10 and supports my small business]


I’ve been praising Seed for what feels like years now (see: this post, this post, & this post). But when a company is willing to do the work to have the science to back their supplements, it’s easy to love them. Their synbiotic helped transform my gut health. If you haven’t added a probiotic into your supplement routine, I’d highly recommend checking them out!

Vital Proteins

I mentioned in my supplement post this week that I’ve been using collagen for a year or so now. And Vital Proteins makes my favorite marine collagen as well as matcha collagen. I love using collagen to support my gut health but also hair, skin & nails. My hair has been through a journey & a half post BC and this is one of the things that’s helped bring it back to life.


Female founded. Science backed. Packed with amazing ingredients. I was totally influenced into this multi-vitamin and haven’t look back. 

Primal Kitchen

Another female founded company, I’m a big fan of all things Primal Kitchen. I’m constantly eating their salad dressings, protein powders and bar. So many great products without the crappy additives and addictive sugars.

The Hidden Lantern

There’s something about a local book store that will always bring me joy. With such a curated selection, I always find that I discover new things because I’m not so overwhelmed. The Hidden Lantern has been one of my faves for years. And by shopping online with them, you’re supporting their store and other independent book stores.

Vin’Tij Food & Wine

We are not a family that eats out often. With dietary restrictions and life in a small town, it’s incredibly challenging to find food that is worth it. Vin’Tij is the exception. I will happily dine with them any chance I get because the food is amazing. I’m obsessed with their prosecco. And now that outdoor seating is an option, I’ll be making my way over to them, hopefully soon, for lunch!


Now in the grand scheme of things, Beautycounter is not totally a small business. But if you want to know exactly who you’re supporting right now, this is a great option. I’m still working my way through their product line. However, if you need something to start with I highly recommend their body butter. It’s incredible.

Clove + Hallow

I first discovered Clove + Hallow thanks to the lovely ladies at Aillea. They have a smaller collection of products. But everything I’ve tried from them I love. They are affordable, designed by a professional makeup artist and definitely don’t get enough love! Their foundation powder and concealer are staples in my rotation. 

Sun Basket

If you’ve officially reached the point in quarantine where you can no longer come up with meal ideas, let me introduce you to Sun Basket. Aka the only meal service I recommend. They have all the different dietary options. Plus, their app is easy to use. I’ve recently set us up to add them in once a month again as a little mental break for myself. Definitely a small business worth checking out!


If you have a small business and want to be included in the next round up (in 2 weeks), email me at And be sure to check out the items in this week’s giveaway on my IGTV. I’m so excited to learn about more small businesses to share with you! Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy


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