Sealight Festival: What To Do In March In Destin

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It’s festival season in Florida aka the time of the year when tourism is lighter and more pop-up events are happening. This month (Feb 1st- March 31st) you can enjoy what is an unexpected and pleasant surprise in Destin, Florida: SeaLight Festival. But let’s talk more about what you can expect, how to plan for your evening out and all of the other most know details about this eye catching cultural display.

dragon in the sealight festival

Sealight Festival – Destin, Fl

When And Where?

The event is being hosted in front of the Seascape Resort. Tickets are available Thursday – Sunday, 5 pm – 10 pm from now until March 31st. *more on the best time to go below*

What Is The Sealight Festival?

Featuring over 1000 Chinese Lanterns, the festival is meant to celebrate Chinese culture and craftsmanship. It’s fully walkable with the occasional information board. However, the boards are easy to miss and a bit hard to read so if you really want to take it all in be prepared to shine a phone flashlight on them.

Who is it for?

It’s a perfect activity for all ages. There was a mix of babies to older grandparents during our stroll through the Sealight Festival. There are some kid-specific areas to help them get out their extra energy. 

Is It Wheelchair Friendly?

Yes, I was pleasantly surprised by this. Some of the path is a little challenging based on the angle at which they laid the plastic walkway. But if you’re looking to make sure no one gets stuck in the mud or grass, you’ll be good.

flowers in the sealight festival
sphynx in the sealight festival

How Long Does It Take To Complete?

The suggested time is around 45 minutes. It could be more or less depending on how much you stop or if you decide to grab a drink, snack, or souvenir. We did a casual stroll while also shooting content and finished in around 35 minutes.

Are There Restrooms On-Site?

Yes, the festival offers porta-potties in the back left corner behind the bar tent.

What Do I Need To Know About Parking And Planning Ahead?

Buying tickets online is easiest as well as parking. Your GPS will likely tell you to go past the guard shack but it’s actually the parking lot to the right before the shack. There seemed to be plenty of parking available when we went but there is also parking on the other side of the business complex (located behind the event) if you don’t mind walking.

tree of life in the sealight festival
bull in the sealight festival
tree on a dome for sealight festival

Anything else?

The festival is fully walkable but there are a few benches near the tent area if you need a break. Most people will go at a slow pace to take photos and take it in so expect that you’ll be moving at a casual wander pace. Given that the current local time for sunset is 5:41 pm, I’d suggest not booking a time before 6 pm if you want the maximum impact of the experience.


If you go, I’d love to know what you think! For more 30a and Destin/Panama City Beach content, make sure you’ve signed up for our weekly newsletter or come follow me on Instagram. I always share snippets in stories before I do a deep dive on the blog. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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