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The Sephora sale is here once again! And with so many amazing products, it can be hard to know where to start or what to grab for a steal. So today, I’m going to take you through my clean beauty & skincare essentials. Everything I’ve repurchased a million times, the products I think are worth trying and what’s on my wishlist. Grab your wine or tea babe. We’ve got some shopping to do!

Sephora Sale- My Top Clean Beauty & Skincare Picks #whatsavvysaid #cleanbeauty #cleanskincare

My Most Repurchased

Tata Harper Clarifying Cleanser

I’m a major fan of Tata’s cleansers. This product was one that really helped shift my perspective with my skin when I was working to heal my hormonal acne. It’s calming but not overly drying. Your skin feels clean but not striped. Easily on the top of my holy grail list.

Farmacy Green Defense Daily Mineral Sunscreen

I’ve gone through several bottles of this SPF since I first discovered it. It’s light weight, adds a bit of glow to my skin but also keeps it protected. I’ve worn it under makeup as a bridesmaid, paired with my bronzi drops daily and as the base of my foundation. If you haven’t invested in an spf for your routine, this is one I’d highly recommend snagging during the Sephora sale. 

Farmacy Vitamin C Serum

Before I really dived into the skincare side of acne, I didn’t really understand the importance of serums in a skincare routine. They are a very essential piece of the puzzle. Each one can help heal or erase a problem.Vitamin C is one that does a load of things. I use it to brighten my skin and heal my acne scars. If you think your skin is dull, I’d recommend snagging one in the Sephora sale. It’s also great for reversing dark spots and pigmentation. I’ve gone through a few bottles of this one from Farmacy and it’s still a favorite. 

The Ordinary Rosehip Oil *BUDGET BUY*

Depending on the time of the year, my skincare routine changes. But you can pretty much guarantee that there’s an oil floating around all year. Whether it’s being used with my gua sha tool or in conjunction with a balm to fight off winter dryness, this budget buy from The Ordinary is a great moisturizer to keep in your rotation.

Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Drops

I love these drops for a lot of reasons. However, I think you have to find how they work for you. They are great for creating my own little tinted moisturizer daily. You can also add them into a foundation that you need to make a little darker instead of having to buy an all new one. A little bit goes a long way so one bottle lasts for ages. I’ve tried other bronze drop versions but so far, this one is my favorite!

Lilah B. Bronzed Beauty

There’s a handful of products in today’s Sephora sale list that I didn’t repurchase. I really enjoyed them but I opted to try something new so I had more things to share with you babes. But I immediately repurchased this bronzer once I finally hit pan. It’s the perfect color duo that gives you that warm glow during summer. It’s got both the cooler toned bronzer and the more orangey warm side. I also love using it for eyeshadow. 

Lashfoods Conditioning Primer

Years ago, I was introduced to using an eyelash primer before mascara and I’ve never looked back. It makes SUCH a difference. My eyes are rather sensitive. It’s one of the many reasons I love using clean beauty. The lack of fragrance means they don’t get irritated as easily. I’ve gone through a few tubes of this primer. It helps give life to my lashes setting me up for the almost fake lash look I strive for daily.

Coola Dawn Patrol Primer

I tend to reach for this primer most when I need my makeup to last ALL day. Or you know in the summer in Florida because humidity is tough on foundation. It has that smoothing silicone look from traditional primers but without the silicone. I’ve put this one through the test with loads of events, outdoor shoots and weddings and have continued to repurchase it over & over again. Highly highly recommend.

Farmacy Coconut Gel Sheet Mask

One of my travel essentials is hydrating sheet masks. I always tend to need them after loads of events, not enough water or just landing in a place that my skin doesn’t love. I’ve learned the hard way that it’s just better to be prepared. This one from Farmacy is one of my faves and a great steal during the Sephora sale. Hydrating, cooling and a nice way to pamper when you need a pick me up.

Indie Lee Co-Q 10 Toner

If you read my recent updated skincare post, you’ll know that this is one of my essentials. I use it a few ways. The Co-10 makes it very hydrating so I use it either after my Paula’s Choice toner, on its own or whenever my skin needs a refresh. It’s a great option to have on hand whenever my skin just needs a little pick me up. Highly recommend!

Slip Scrunchies
After I went off birth control, my hair and I went through a journey. There are some not so lovely photos of my very damaged hair floating all around the blog. And during my efforts to bring it back to life, I dived into changing everything in my haircare routine. Scrunchies are one of those things that can majorly impact you without you realizing it. I’ve gone through a few bundles of these from slip. They are worth it.
Lord Jones CBD Lotion
On my list of posts to write over the next few month is all the items in my holistic medicine cabinet. But since that’s still to come, let’s talk about the cbd lotion you can snag during the Sephora sale that I’m obsessed with. I use this along with my heating pad to break up any muscle tension post run. I find it works a bit quicker than anti-inflammatory medicine. It’s become a personal essential that I can’t live without.
Bite Beauty Outburst Longwear Lip Stain
Bite Beauty has several amazing lip products. But their outburst longwear lip stains are my favorite. There are three different colors: Sangria Slush, Orange Fizz and Strawberry Froze. You get a lovely lipstick finish that wears down to an all day stain. It’s like having the hydration from a lipstick but the staying power of a matte lip. I wear all three regularly and can’t say enough wonderful things about them. So so good!
Kopari Coconut Deodorant
It took me a long time to find a natural deodorant that actually worked for me. I’ve found that a lot of them are either very hard to apply or irritate the mess out of my skin. I’ve gone through more than one of these with no issues. It wears nicely, doesn’t make my armpits angry and smells lovely. Definitely something to grab during the Sephora sale.
Drunk Elephant Retinol
Another post on the list of upcoming things is one dedicated to retinol. But for now, this is the one I’ve been using for several months. She’s a beast. My skin can only tolerate it once MAYBE twice a week. However, it’s an essential for keeping hormonal acne at bay and helping to fight skins of aging. We’re starting the routine young friends.
Ilia True Skin Serum Foundation
When my skin was really struggling, I leaned into the heavy coverage foundations to erase anything I didn’t like. Slowly but surely, I was able to scale that back and wanted my routine to be a bit more my skin but better. I love a glowy natural look. On the days I want more coverage, I reach for this foundation. It’s gorgeous, blends in so beautifully and gives your skin that extra bit of love. You don’t look like you’re wearing loads of makeup but it smooths everything out. Highly recommend snagging this during the Sephora sale. 
Ilia Limitless Mascara
Clean mascara is a bit hit and miss. You can find ones that give volume. But finding the ones that give length and seperation is like looking for a unicorn. I love the wand on this mascara because it helps define but also lets you easily coat your bottom lashes. I’d add this one to the holy grail list. It’s so so good. I will definitely be buying this one for myself during the sale!
Aether Beauty Rose Quartz Palette
I’ve done an entire blog post on this palette. It’s also the feature of this week’s IGTV 3 looks 1 palette video. If you love a natural look or just want to invest in one really nice eyeshadow palette for your clean makeup bag, this is the one I’d recommend. The colors are gorgeous, they last all day and the palette is fully recyclable. 
Rms Uncover Up Concealer
This concealer has become an everyday staple in my routine. It always ends up in my bag when I travel. It’s light enough that it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a pound of makeup. But it also sits well around my eye without highlighting any dry patches I may have neglected. I recommend this to everyone.


Kosas Lipstick in Rosewater
When I made the switch to clean beauty, I tried to replace the essential colors in my lip collection first. This nude lipstick from Kosas is one I reach for constantly. It’s got a slight blue tint in it but pairs beautifully with almost everything. It feels lovely on your lips but also nourishes while you’re wearing it. If you haven’t found a favorite nude clean lip, this is one to grab during the Sephora sale.  
Kosas Lipstick in Electra
Along with my nude lip, replacing my red lipstick was next. I love a good red lip. But for it to work right with my skin tone, I need a smidge of blue in the mix. This one from Kosas is perfect!
Ilia Clean Liquid Eyeliner
While I once was a regular eyeliner girl, these days I find that I reach for it less and less. However, when I do, I want one that can last! Loads of clean eyeliners budge with the slightest teary eye. This one doesn’t. I’ve tested it through movie marathons with all the tears, workouts and long days in Florida humidity. It stays put. If you’re looking for an amazing clean liquid liner to snag during the Sephora sale, this is the one!
RMS Uncover Up Foundation
With as much as I love their concealer, there was no question I had to get my hands on the foundation as soon as it launched. There’s an entire review on Youtube for this one. It’s dewy with buildable coverage. You can easily travel with it because you can pack small portions without worrying it will spill everywhere. It gives you a glow while also providing coverage. So good!
RMS Living Luminzer
I’d say my makeup looks are split between basic every day glow up and full glam. And the living luminzer is one of my favorite products to use for the every day glow up. You get just that extra bit of glow without it being too over powering. Such a gorgeous shine. I will forever recommend this one to the massages. 
Lilah B. Flawless Finish Foundation
Once upon a time, I was a Bare Minerals girl. But these days, I reach for liquid and cream foundations most often. However, I do always have at least one powder foundation in my collection to set my eye makeup or any other areas of the face where I want to control shine. And this foundation powder is one that I adored. It’s not too much for the skin but it gives you a bit of color. It wears nicely around the eye and all over the face. I would happily repurchase this again when my current powder runs out.
Ilia Multi Stick
Multi use products are my FAVE for travel because it means you have a quick look when you need to rush out the door. Ilia has so many amazing cream colors that I use for blush & lipstick. I’m currently loving I Put A Spell On You for it’s a more peachy toned spring look. 
Aether Beauty Solistic Eye Shadow Palette
The other Aether Beauty palette I would recommend snagging during the Sephora sale is one they launched last summer. It’s got the mix of golden and warm tones that means it’s perfect for everyday use. If you’re looking to really swap over to clean beauty, I can’t recommend these palettes enough. Gorgeous, high quality and they are great for creating all kinds of looks!
Kosas 10 Second Liquid Eyeshadow 
There are so many colors of this liquid eyeshadow that I would recommend snagging in the Sephora sale. My current fave is using cobalt blue as an eyeliner for a pop of color. The pigment is buildable and lasts all day. And they have everything from your more neutral browns/creams to the fun pops of color like purples and blues. 
Kosas Blush in Papaya 1972
Can we tell I have a thing for Kosas yet? Because I’m a girl who loves her options, I also need a peachy blush that comes in powder form. This combo from Kosas is great because you’re getting both the blush and highlighter in one. It also makes a fab eye shadow when you want the pop of color that’s easy in your crease quickly. 
Drunk Elephant Vitamin C Serum
I honestly could have made this skincare list a million miles long. There are so many that I want to try as well. But there’s also quite a few products I don’t think are worth the $$. This one gets the job done and is also clean. It’s not in the lower budget range but this is the perfect time to try it for a steal!
Biossance Squalane + Marine Algae Eye Cream 
I’m incredibly picky about eye cream. I want it to hydrate, not irritate and work well under my makeup. And when my eye area doesn’t get the hydration it needs, things start looking rough. This one from Biossance is a favorite. One pot has lasted me several months because a little goes a long way. It’s checked all the boxes and will be one I’ll happily repurchase during the Sephora sale. It’s that good.

My Wishlist

REN Perfect Canvas Clean Primer

I’m always on the hunt for good, long lasting clean primers. And this one from REN has amazing reviews. In general, I tend to love their products. So I’ll definitely be adding this to my Sephora sale wishlist.

Lilah B. Priming Oil

And for the days that I’m at home and just want a gorgeous glow, this priming oil is also on the list. Every product I’ve tried from Lilah B so far as won me over. I have high hopes for this one.

Bite Beauty Pressed Powder

My love for Bite Beauty and my curoiousity with regards to all things clean makeup means my interested in definitely peaked by this product. Again, I’m going off my love of other products they’ve created. But this one will end up in my collection sooner or later. 

Ilia Liquid Light Serum Highlighter

I have to say that I’ve tested this before but only with a sample size. The beauty of makeup is that once you get a basic understanding of how formulas work, you can really mix and play with products. There’s not really a one set way to do things. It depends on the look you’re trying to achieve. And since I’ve been loving a bit more of a dewy look with cream products lately, I think that I’ll find this fits right in.

Aether Beauty Supernova Crushed Diamond Highlighter

As noted, I love Aether Beauty. I also really do love a full on glam look when I’m in the mood. And this highlight is calling my name.

Lilah B. Concealer & Primer

Ages ago, I was a stickler for an eye primer. But once I realized that I could use concealer & powder to get my shadow to last, the game changed. And I’m definitely curious about this primer from Lilah B.

Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm

I could lie and say I’m just picky about lip balms. I’m particular about pretty much everything. But because I tend to be a color girl, I really only reach for lip balms when I NEED hydration. I want them to really moisturizer. This one has been popping up all over lately so I’m very much intrigiued. 

Kosas Wet Lip Oil Gloss

At one point a few years ago, I would have been exclusively a matte lip girl. However, I tend to go with my mood/eye look a little more these days. Kosas makes some of my favorite products including my go to lip sticks. So of course, I had this lip oil on my Sephora sale wishlist. Need.

Kora Organics Noni Lip Tint

And because a girl can never have too many options, I’ve also added this beautiful color from Kora Organics. I’ve tried several things from their skincare line and love them. They didn’t make the list today for one reason of other (not available, high $$ for the amount of product). But I’m curious enough to give this one a go!

Roen Beauty 75° Warm Eye Shadow Palette

I’m always on the hunt for eye shadow palettes that I can recommend to you babes. I know that some prefer a few colors while others want a full spectrum of colors. This eyeshadow quad from Roen Beauty gives you a basic set of warm colors that can be worn daily. And since I haven’t tried anything from their line yet, I feel like now is the time to snag something during the Sephora sale.

Lawless The One Eyeshadow Palette

One of the things that is most rare with clean eyeshadow is finding incredibly vibrant colors. So if you needs a really strong pop of pink or a deep blue, it might take some time to hunt it down. I’ve had my eye on this palette for a while for those days where I just want to PLAY with makeup. It will definitely find it’s way into my collection soon enough.

Roen Beauty Vow Brow Eyebrow Pencil

Despite my love for several brow pomades, I always find my way back to a good pencil. The front of my brow is a bit sparse and it needs the extra help. So of course, I had to add this clean beauty option to the Sephora wishlist. 

Kosas Sun Show Moisturizing Baked Bronzer

Bronzer has become such a staple in my routine/makeup bag over the last few years because it’s just so versatile. If you like to keep minimal products in your collection, it’s a good idea to invest in bronzer because it can fill in the gaps when you need a basic liner or eyeshadow. And as we’ve already seen, I love Kosas. So these new bronzers are high on the list!

Aether Beauty Crystal Charged Cheek Palette

To be honest, I don’t think Aether Beauty will ever make a product I don’t want to try. I love a good face trio of products. It makes traveling easier. But in general, I just think the colors for this palette are gorgeous. 

RMS Beauty Eye Polish

One of my favorite things do when I’m doing a more simple eye look or even with wedding makeup is to add a pop of color at the center of the eye. I often find that the tendency to want to go dramatic with eye makeup means that we go really dark. And if you’re rocking hooded eye lids like me, then your eyes almost look closed in photos. A little bit of sparkle or lightness in the center helps. RMS Beauty has so many eye polish colors but I’ve yet to try any of them. It’s safe to say they are all on the list!

Tower 28 Beauty SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray

I tend to reach for facial spray most often when my skin needs a pick me up. It’s great for setting makeup but also when you just need to add the glow back in midday. I’ve heard loads of great things about Tower 28 but I’ve yet to try anything. This feels like a great product to start with!


Alright friends. That’s a lot to shop but there are so many amazing clean products out there! I’d love to know what you end up snagging during the sale. So be sure to leave us a comment below so we can all know what we need to try next!! Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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