Snacks On The Go- My Top Picks For Staying Healthy #whatsavvysaid #healthysnacks #girlonthego #mysnacks #gts #hukitchen #proteinball #livingintentions #vegansnacks

Snacks On The Go: My Top Picks To Stay Healthy

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My season of home bound life is coming to a close and quite frankly, I couldn’t be more excited. I find a need a balance of both in my life to stay sane. But I’m more excited than ever to start traveling again and to see friends & family.

With my ever evolving diet and currently doing vegan month, I’ve made sure to pack extra snacks wherever I go. A few of these are old loves and some are recent discoveries. But time and time again these are the items I packs as my snacks on the go. Super easy to throw in your bag, these snacks help me maintain my healthy lifestyle no matter where I am. Plus, they are really tasty!

Snacks On The Go- My Top Picks For Staying Healthy #whatsavvysaid #healthysnacks #girlonthego #mysnacks #gts #hukitchen #proteinball #livingintentions

Living Intentions Superfood Trail Mix in Wild Berry*

To be quite honest, I have no idea what promoted me to pick this one up. But it’s been a top favorite in the snack department ever since. It’s a trail mix with a bit of a sweet, savory and tart combo. I love Living Intentions because their foods tend to be easier on the digestion. And this mix also happens to fill most of the cravings I have come 2/3pm. I’ll throw some of this a small bowl and I’m good until dinner. It’s a genius blend and easily one of my most frequent snacks!

Living Intentions Superfood Trail Mix in Dark Cacao*

I actually discovered this one the day we shot these photos. I needed a few last minute props and of course some more snacks for on the go so I snagged this mix. It’s the perfect combo of sweet & chocolatey with a bit of crunch. I loved it so much I went back a few days later and grab another bag. It’s been perfect for helping me curb any sweets craving while also satisfying my need for crunchy snacks. Plus it’s got a good mix of healthy fats in it so my blood sugar stays stable!

Living Raw Organic Dark Chocolate Truffle*

Long ago in my days of living in Atlanta, I remember staring at the superfoods wall in Whole Foods looking for something that would fit my chocolate craving. As a vegan then I struggled to find a chocolate I liked but decided to throw this in my basket on a whim. Every time I’d travel, I’d do a sweep of the stores to pick up my snacks on the go list. Often times, I’d eat a bag of Earth Balance cheddar puffs* and other randomness. But I quickly fell in love with these chocolate truffles and their ability to satisfy with just two bites. They are super rich but so so good. Trust me, you need these in your life.


Snacks On The Go- My Top Picks For Staying Healthy #whatsavvysaid #healthysnacks #girlonthego #mysnacks #gts #hukitchen #proteinball #livingintentions
Snacks On The Go- My Top Picks For Staying Healthy #whatsavvysaid #healthysnacks #girlonthego #mysnacks #gts #hukitchen #proteinball #livingintentions
Snacks On The Go- My Top Picks For Staying Healthy #whatsavvysaid #healthysnacks #girlonthego #mysnacks #gts #hukitchen #proteinball #livingintentions


There’s no rule that says eating healthy has to be difficult. And what makes for easier snacks on the go than an apple + nut butter. Justin’s almond* or peanut butter packs have been a regular over the years. But I’ve also grown to love the artisana ones when I can find them. A nice balance of fiber, fat and protein all in one snack. Plus it’s fairly affordable and is easy to pack!


I’ve loved kombucha for years but I think my love grew even more during dry January. So much so it’s become a bit of a habit to sip on a glass while I make dinner at night. But it’s also great for giving me an extra boost when I’m looking for snacks on the go. There’s ton of brands on the market just be sure to read the labels. Loads of them have added sugars meaning you’re not really getting the best benefits for your body. My personal preference is either GTS or Wild Tonic. But just be extra careful when you open it in the car because the one I snagged here definitely exploded everywhere!


If you have digestion issues, bloat easily or just find nuts & seeds make you gassy, I’d recommend trying sprouted ones. Go Raw* has a ton of them that are perfect for adding into your salads, breads and mixes. You can create your on trail mix for your snacks on the go bag or just stick with one. I tend to do a mix of both and love that the sprouted version has the extra crunch!


I go through phases with protein balls but lately I’ve been loving them again. I recently made a version that’s closer to a cookie dough than anything else. Recipe will be up next week. But my go to energy ball recipe is a favorite to keep on hand for a quick snack option. It’s easy, affordable and I control the quality of ingredients that goes in it. So I know it’s always going to be amazing!

Snacks On The Go- My Top Picks For Staying Healthy #whatsavvysaid #healthysnacks #girlonthego #mysnacks #gts #hukitchen #proteinball #livingintentions
Snacks On The Go- My Top Picks For Staying Healthy #whatsavvysaid #healthysnacks #girlonthego #mysnacks #gts #hukitchen #proteinball #livingintentions


There are a lot of dried fruits I don’t like. There’s just something about dried banana I can’t get behind. But give me a basket of dried organic mango* and we will be friends forever. Seriously that mess is expensive and I just want to eat it all! If you tend to enjoy a tart or chewy snack, dried mango is perfect for the snacks on the go list. Packed with loads of vitamins, easy to find and even easier to pack! Just be sure to get the unsweetened version and save me some. Girl’s gotta have her snacks.


Ever since I read the back of the Hu Kitchen’s Chocolate Covered Almonds bag* and learned confectioner’s glaze was made from bugs, life hasn’t been the same. Luckily Hu doesn’t use any of that for their chocolate covered foods and they taste amazing! If you’re looking for a sweet & salty combo without the refined sugar, this is your winner. They aren’t as readily available as I’d like but they are definitely ones I love to keep on hand. You can find a few different options but the chocolate covered almonds are one of my absolutely faves!


There are so many bar options on the market these days. I mean have you seen the bar section in Whole Foods. It’s crazy. Over the years, I’ve tried quite a few. But time and time again I come back to Go Marco. If I’m traveling or have a busy week, these are at the top of the list of snacks I pack. I know they are filled with ingredients my body likes and missing the ones it doesn’t. They are gluten free, vegan and mostly refined sugar free. My personal preference is the peanut butter flavor* but there are so many to choose from! 


What about you? What are your favorites for snacks on the go? Are there any I’m missing from the list? Leave a comment below and let me know! Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy


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